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Summoning Spirits of Sharing: Blogger Applications Open!

FF Blogger Applications 2

Every year we welcome almost a hundred bloggers into the early access to the Fairelands, to photograph and capture their beauty when they are still pristine and free from the Lag Monster. This year is no exception.

The Fairelands are wrapped in magic, and we wish to see photographers and writers embracing this spirit: embracing and sharing it with the rest of the world. Eleven days fly by every year too fast and so it is extremely important to spread the word, to invite people to come and enjoy the Faire while they still can.

We moved away from the obligatory assignments several years ago and are instead excited to offer you a variety of blogger challenges to inspire you, and to make your visit to the Fairelands more enchanting. Find your inner Faire Folk or new shinies, reminisce about the Fairelands past or share your reasons to relay! You can browse last year’s challenge responses in our Pinterest Board.

You can find the Blogger Info & Application here, come join us in the Fairelands!



Calling for Songweavers!


You know the Sound of the Fairelands, you know it well. It raises spirits, it soothes souls, it calls to arms, it inspires hope. It plays in your dreams, calls you to a briefly shared home of fantasy continent.

It consists of many sounds, woven together into a symphony. It sings in many voices, joined together for a purpose. It turns the magic of visuals into enchantment of music, the two complementing each other perfectly.

Do you want to join the Sound of the Fairelands, be one of the voices weaving songs together to conjure audible magic? This is your chance!

DJ Application for Fantasy Faire Radio

Last Chance to Book a Slot At Fantasy Faire’s Literary Festival!

(See what we did there?)

Er hmm …

In an enchanted grove at this year’s Fantasy Faire, there will be a special place for literary events. Here we shall stage readings, workshops, story-telling sessions and discussion groups, all around the theme of Fantasy.

We already have an exciting program of literary events that will run throughout the Faire – and thank you to everyone who has applied! There are a few more time slots available, but we will be closing applications on Wednesday 15th April at 11.59pm – just before midnight.

So, if you would like to be a part of this Literary Fantasy Festival that will accompany the Faire but haven’t yet applied, please complete our simple form before midnight on Wednesday 15th April, and we will be in touch, as if by magic.

Blogger Applications Open!

Bloggers at work during Fantasy Faire 2014: Duchess Flux & Irina Strazytski.

Do you love Fantasy Faire? Do you consider yourself homeless the rest of the year because you feel the Fairelands are your true home? (Shamelessly yoinking this wonderful expression from Caitlin Tobias.)

Do you also happen to blog fantasy regularly? Are you squeeing in advance just thinking about the chance to explore the Fairelands and to immerse yourself into them, to indulge in the inspiration they radiate and turn it into pictures and words?

If so, you might want to read this and then apply away:

Blogger Applications Are Open!

That’s right. We have a month to go before the Fairelands emerge from the mists and so it’s time to look for people to record their brief-lived splendor and to spread the word so that no one misses their chance for a visit.

This year we are going to do things a bit differently. There won’t be any obligatory assignments, instead there’s blogger challenges. You can read more about them in here: Faire Folk | My New Shiny | Why I Relay

We are looking for bloggers who love what they do and who love fantasy, bloggers who live fantasy and cannot wait to explore the Fairelands. We want bloggers who are searching for new looks for their characters (or more permanent selves) and wish to dive straight into the Fairelands for eleven days like the lost fantasy kingdom it is, returning every year to us briefly. We are looking for bloggers who indulge in the whole experience, not just the new shinies, no matter how shiny they might be. (And they are.)

Without further ado, here be the faq and application.
Also possibly dragons.