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Carving the Eternal: Jailing of Alia Baroque

Carving the Eternal

Hear Ye There Ye! Be it known throughout the lands Faire that the Fallen God known as Alia Baroque stands this day accused of a list of offenses so long that it makes the Silmarillion seem positively zippy!

Ergo and to wit, thusly and whatnot, the Faireland Sheriffs do accuse the…..well, the accused of the offenses below. which are by far the worst of the worst of the – well you get it. They’re BAD!

Firstly: Interfering with VERY OFFICIAL Pawlice business. Note that we use ALL CAPS. That is how official we are talking!

Mr. Baroque on Monday the 25th of April created a scene of complete chaos by turning a perfectly lovely Jailing of another Faireland scoundrel into some kind of weird Jail house disco scene! I mean, really! Where was the justice in any of that???

Secondly: Inciting Extreme Chaffing. Have you been to Golden Delta on a windy day? Some of us wear jodhpurs and other items that easily trap sand in places not even the Lindens have looked!

Finally, and perhaps MOST serious of all, is it just us or is he WAY too nice for a Fallen God! We demand an alignment penalty of minus four on saving throws versus huggies and snugglez. Yes! Both!

We iz de law. We haz spoken!


The Faireland Sheriffs Association

The Jailing of Alia Baroque will take place 1-3 PM in The Golden Delta. Choose his fate and receive the Blessing of Isis or Anubis in the form of exclusive unique incarnation of a skin that is available only during this event.

Join Me On My Journey To Ithaca

This year, for me, the Faire will be different. This year, I am on a journey… an odyssey, if you like it. A long, perilous trip, filled with adventure, moments of desperation, monsters, pain and danger, and… and yes, merry encounters as well, moments of serenity, quiet talks with people I have known and loved for years, and people I have met recently, yet with whom a silent alliance has been forged in an eyeblink.

During the past years, Reader, I had been a frolicking presence at the Faire. Carrying some memories and worries, mind you, yet… essentially carefree. This time, I am one of those for whom the crowds have gathered. This year, I have cancer.

My Odyssey

This year, I am going to tell you about my travels in this new realm, carrying landmarks such as “IDC”, “HER Status”, “SERMs”, and so on… yet, despair not, o Reader. It is not going to be a grim tale; quite to the contrary. Please grace me with your precious company, and I shall do everything in order to make your time worthwhile.

Please join me on my long journey to Ithaca, the isle with the endless sunsets and perfumed evenings.

Meet Our Sponsors: Fallen Gods Inc.

Alia Baroque, creator of Fallen Gods Inc., sim builder and sponsor of Sanctum.
Alia Baroque, creator of Fallen Gods Inc., sim builder and sponsor of Sanctum.

 Alia Baroque, the creator of Fallen Gods Inc., sim builder and sponsor of Sanctum, shares with us the process of creating Fairelands, the story behind Sanctum and his vision of the Faire, his reasons for returning to the Fairelands year after year. 

You are one of the true Faire veterans, your builds have been a part of the Fairelands for many years. You create a whole sim — a fantasy world — out of nothing in a short span of months and nerves. How do you do it every year? What makes you return and do it all over again?

As the years go by we learn the emotions and mind training that involves an effort like this; the biggest challenge about building for the Faire is not the actual prims nor the technique, but the expectations we lay upon ourselves. Building for Fantasy Faire itself is a chain of common support, it’s not about individual sims, it’s not a competition, but a dance. Every sim holds each other’s hand in a circle, it’s a mutual effort where the success of one world depends on the respect of the other one. We are all genuine fans of imagination and creativity resulting in art the winner over lag, restrictions, personal issues and low LOD factors.

The sims you visit every year are children created by our imagination, visually immersive stories adapted to SL capabilities where we become containers, they are a world for everyone, but they do not exist without the eye with which they are seen and experienced. This is mainly the reason that makes me come back: contributing with my imagination and giving a world for others to experience while being part of an incredible huge virtual effort that allows me to help in a consistent manner a cause I believe into.

Sanctum Sponsored by Fallen Gods_015 by Alisaundra Andel
Sanctum, picture by Alisaundra Andel.

How many Fairelands have you built? Tell us about them, is there something that ties them together as a theme, as a development?

This is the 4th year I build a sim (Enchanted Mysts, Tides, Magnificat, Sanctum), the 5th year I sponsor a sim, and 6thyear I participate to Fantasy Faire.

The thread that connects my worlds is visual and emotional, what I wish for visitors is immersion, a song that follows them through the walk, a poem of scenarios, colors, images and sounds to make them think, feel and live there, for a while. A living book where everyone can read what their mind is focused at.

I enjoy reproducing classical architecture and landscaping I am familiar with, being European I love taking the heritage of old stones and ancient gardens and their growth and offer them virtually, then add a symbolic twist that is the tool to bring a concept to life, a metaphor.

I don’t believe much in explaining my creations as well as sim builds, I use too many metaphors and symbols that would make them look as intellectual philosophical exaggerations, prefer to let others see what they wish and enjoy perhaps a quiet garden or nice façade and wonder what is it all about, as we often do during our lifetimes: ask what it is all about afterall.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year?

Pieces of Sanctum stone brought to life, the Lacrimosa skin line, Anima petites, Ethos Purple auction skins and a live auction Sanctum memory, Enigma and Sanctum’s rest hunt gifts, jail and bail special edition Nirvana skins… and of course, Sanctum itself.

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

I fell into fantasy without warning, on personal liking I was always more of a science fiction fan, expecially concerning books. From Herbert, to Anderson, to Sturgeon and Van Vogt I stopped sometimes only a moment over Howard, Martin and Tolkien, to immediately grab my latin classics which are my main passion. I believe also my love for classical art forms pushed my illustrative style over fantasy which tends to use old school canons of aesthetics, so I ended up working as fantasy cover artist and character designer RL mainly for my painting style. But what still drives me genuinely to Fantasy it’s the connection with epic ballads and legends, our historical imagination that is the base of all contemporary fantasy: most of it you can find in greek, celtic or scandinavian legends, so I wonder: did we really add anything new in the past 2500 years?

Sanctum Sponsored by Fallen Gods 2 by Alisaundra Andel
Sanctum, picture by Alisaundra Andel.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Stability. The faire passed its initial newborn phase and started having solid foundations. A delicate phase of transformations made the Faire stronger and so all the backbone pieces that is the whole team is feeling more secure and less volatile. The faire is like a system of transparent layers, each of them is light and fragile, but when you merge them all it becomes a strong solid element. Fantasy Faire is all the selfless people taking part in it, from organizers to visitors, with visions, fantasies, emotions, battles and challenges: the real thing that glues us, we transparent layers, is the will to contribute and relay, giving further as an act of gratitude for being merely alive and able to imagine. I simply wish the Faire to live long and, well… prosper.

Friendship. Because it’s the most beautiful thing in the world and what makes Friends Fighting Cancer.

Good looking pretty girls. Because you expect me to say it and who am I to disappoint you.

Sanctum Sponsored by Fallen Gods_003 by Alisaundra Andel
Sanctum, picture by Alisaundra Andel.

How was Sanctum born? What inspired it, what is its story?

It was late January. I was taking 3 months of nomadic life in New Zealand, my personal other side of the world, mostly spending time in the rainforest, chasing penguins and whales and making the great tracks, trying to work along the way and paint non PG appliers in toilets with good wifi. While getting ready for the Milford sounds series of walks I got a very close encounter with some vampires (sandflies) that knocked me down for a week in bed drunk of antihistamines, and also simply drunk. Covered in plague and itching to the edge of insanity, sleep deprived most of time by getting woken up by the itch, in one of the rare spans I fell asleep I had a dream: I saw the Sanctum. It was louder, the chains were shaking, the souls were hovering and rotating in circles around the chapels and their noise and lament was unbearable. As I recovered, and happily continued my kiwi journey, Sanctum changed and became a land of peace. I gained consciousness that we all are heading for the same direction, the same journey, a shaky and unstable one between two fates, the hell of our regrets that keeps us chained and unhappy, or the one of acceptance, dancing with the scary death, which is the only big truth and final checkpoint. I realized that all I have to do is make it worth, my own journey, and try to contribute as best I can to improve life for others around me, which is all what life is it about.

Thank you, Alia, for taking the time to share your view of the Faire with us and thank you for bringing so many Fairelands to being.

Alia by Alisaundra Andel
Alia in Sanctum, picture by Alisaundra Andel.


The Flesh Carver’s Redemption

Flesh Carver's Redemption

Faire Folk, it is time to place Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc., otherwise known as The Flesh Carver, on trial. The Tiny Pawlice has kept the charges strictly on need-to-know basis to prevent wide-spread panic and chaos, but we suspect that if you come to the trial yourself, the accusations might be read aloud for all to hear.

The time is 2-4 PM SLT on Friday. The place is Sanctum.

Your mission should you choose to accept it? Decide whether he’ll fall into the Pit or ascend through the Gates! Cast your vote, pay your share of the bail and be rewarded accordingly.