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Visit the LitFest of Fantasy Faire at SL17B!

LitFest at SL17B
LitFest at SL17B

We have a lovely site at the Second Life 17th Birthday celebrations!

Designed by Briony Writer and Dawny Daviau, it has key features of the LitFest to introduce newcomers to what the Literary and Fantasy Faire consists of and hopefully some injokes for regular LitFest visitors to enjoy!

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Chronicles of Adair: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

As the Faire enters its final days, celebrations have reached a feverish pitch. Lindens were jailed—and then bailed, wootberry juice was poured and consumed in quantities three times the daily value recommended by leading Dinkie medics, The Tale of the Three Apples was read aloud in lurid detail, and an epic battle between Chaos and Order erupted in a beam of light. Faire festivities are far from over, however. For one, a certain infamous penguin commits nightly vehicular homicide. It is on one such night that we spy a new—yet oddly familiar—face.


Oh dear. You seem to have caught me with my pants down, so to speak. Wait, they’re not actually down, are they? Good. You can never tell with these side-cut pants—or hakama, whatever they’re called. Sakka Flow told me that ninjas wear them, but I can’t imagine how someone could skulk around in the shadows when they’re one misstep away from mooning the world.

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Awakening: Jail & Bail of Alia Baroque

Somewhere within the ancient city of Midas a hungry power stirs. A power the city was once named after. He awakens, and the city is not golden enough for his taste. Too much green. Too much growth. Too much life. He knows just how to fix that… with a Touch.

The goddess of life and growth, Ishtar, will not stand by and let him ruin her hanging gardens. She calls upon the Fairelanders to help her in this fight. Will you answer?

Alia Baroque is caught between the battle of wills of these two ancient beings, sworn to follow the designs of whoever wins.

Join us in Midas today at 4 – 6 PM SLT to pick your side and choose what will happen to the city.

Two special edition skin-sets will be available as donation rewards: one at the kiosk supporting Midas, another at the kiosk supporting Ishtar. Minimum donation to receive a skin is 990 linden dollars. You can choose to support one of the sides, or even both, for these skins will never be available again.

The Stage in Midas – Main Location
Overflow Stage in Junction | Overflow Stage in Twilight Spring