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The sound of Serpents

The sibilant sound reverberated around the bayou, licking over leaves and Phyllomedusa alike.

It hadn’t been long since the mists had cleared, well, mostly cleared. Patches lingered here and there, as things were wont to do. Strands of spanish moss clung to branch and rigging; giving foot, toe and claw holds to all manner of creatures making their way through an environment never clear, never obviously dangerous or benign.

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All Builders Together

by Elizabeth Tinsley, Zander Greene and Da5id Abbot

As we write this, Elizabeth’s chasing late-arriving merchants, Zander’s in studio producing pieces for FFR and David’s on top of a tower watching the check-in team working to help those merchants who’ve already arrived and set up their stores. It’s the Faire in a nutshell: everyone working in their own tasks to create a larger whole, and that again is a snapshot of Relay, which is a snapshot of the fight against cancer.

Last year, we said “We’re all builders now.” It’s still true: the Hope Hostel at Kenyatta National Hospital is almost ready to begin, and by the end of this Relay season we’re pretty confident that they’ll be ready to break ground, but we’re building – and we have built – more than a place for people to stay. We’ve built a home here in the Fairelands that we each take with us when the mists return and we go our separate ways for another year. We’ve built a dream of a better world – one where cancer is easily treated and where survivors and caregivers no longer have to face the struggles they do now.

Most importantly, though, we’ve built a community.

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An Update on the KNH Hope Hostel from Kristen Solt, American Cancer Society

Kristen Solt of the American Cancer Society, with the staff of the Kenyatta National Hospital Hope Hostel, Nairobi, Kenya.

Dear Fairelanders,

Last year, we at the American Cancer Society asked you to pioneer an innovative approach to fundraising for a project of global importance. As the time draws near for another Faire, I wanted to give you an update on where that project now stands.

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A Message to the Fairelands from Kristen Solt, American Cancer Society

Dear Fairelanders,

In the past year, I’ve learned so much about Fantasy Faire and I’ve been amazed by the similarities between your story and that of the American Cancer Society. I’ve seen that the same themes, the themes of innovation, community and kindness, exist in both stories and define us both just as clearly. As I’ve shared in your tale and proudly made it part of my own, it’s been clear to me again and again that the tales of the Fairelands and the American Cancer Society are actually one and the same.

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A Word from the Management

by Elizabeth Tinsley, Da5id Abbot and Zander Greene

For She is Sovereign, and Her Word is Law

Cancer treatment sucks.

We’re pretty sure it does, anyway: we’ve seen friends and family go through it and the phrase “Laugh a minute” really doesn’t spring to mind anywhere along the way. It’s just one reason why being a Caregiver is hard, because you have to watch as someone you love goes through that. For the survivor actually going through it? We can only imagine. So many of us in the Faire community – and within the Relay – have our own tales of seeing or experiencing that journey, and there’s no doubt in our minds that if we can’t quite yet prevent it all of us want to make the next person’s journey a little easier.

That’s just the treatment, though. Now imagine that you’ve got to travel to get to that treatment, because the nearest centre is a hundred miles away, or two, or three…

That’s where Hope Lodge comes in.

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ACS: Not JUST American!


Fantasy Faire raises money for Relay For Life, and Relay For Life supports and raises funds for the American Cancer Society. This much we all know, but there’s an assumption on some people’s parts, crossing all nationalities, that the money ACS raises stays entirely within the United States. While it’s not an unreasonable conclusion to draw from the name, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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