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Welcome to the tabletop games section of the Fantasy Faire website. Here you will find all information pertaining to our game sessions that are being hosted at the Faire. Please note that much of this information is subject to change as needed, so it’s important to come back here prior to game day to get the final word on the schedule. If you have any questions, you may contact one of our staff members (listed below) pertaining to your specific question subject. Otherwise, you may contact the Tabletop Games General Manager, Chuu Hikari Akamine (chuuakamine), in-world, or via e-mail at, or via Discord: Chuu Hikari Akamine#9255

When making inquiries in-world, please be sure to send in a notecard followed by a message to ensure that your message is received.



Since 2018, Fantasy Faire has hosted a series of tabletop gaming sessions that have been open to the general public. Games provide a unique opportunity for players to tell a story together while having a good time. Much like the bands of nobles who gather to solve a murder mystery of the lord, or a novice adventurers to dive recklessly into a cave that promises treasure, or a horde of goblins going about their shenanigans, games that spark the imagination,  and everyone contributes to the team effort regardless of their overall abilities.

In 2019, we continued to open our arms to welcome many talented story-tellers and Gamemasters from all around Second Life to come over and held amazing game sessions. And for the first time ever, we allowed all members of the audience the ability to alter the story as a mark of divine power for their charitable contributions, such powers may come in the form of granting player character’s new abilities, sudden and unexpected celebrity encounters,  dice re-rolls, and so on. And these powers did not stop with the story itself, the audience was able to alter the accents from a serious to a funny one of both the characters and the GMs through the session as well. 

For 2020, building on the success of 2019, we are going to introduce Tabletop Game Classes to the general audience and newcomers who haven’t had any experience with several specific Tabletop games while keeping most of the successful aspects that have been built upon in the past. This year, we are once again introducing new tools to aids with the communications and reinforcing the general rules to minimize the interruptions to the story-telling session while bringing in exciting gifts from multiple fantastic Second Life creators to reward the generosity of the donors who contributes to the charitable cause. Much like an experience bar, we are experimenting with a milestone or tier, so with a minimum of 250L$ (or 1USD) donated to the Fantasy Faire kiosk, donors and participants will gain access to the gift room with certain gifts depending on the milestone that we have reached together. Together, we will go home with great times while doing the world well.


Chuu (Raw)

Chuu Hikari Akamine (chuuakamine) – Tabletop General Manager, Lead

Chuu is the General Manager for Fantasy Faire 2020 Tabletop Games events, so Chuu is your general primary point of contacts. They are in charge of administration, plannings, recruitments and more. For 2020, Chuu will be bringing to you classes about Dungeons & Dragons 5e character creations, along with seminars on Tabletop Games in Second Life with Remnant Ashbourne. Furthermore, Chuu is also the creator of Mini A Chuu’s Tabletop Dioramas compatible with /studioDire/’s Tabletop System and the photographer who is taking a commission on cardboard miniatures in exchange for a donation to Fantasy Faire Relay For Life. Look forward to seeing their dioramas display at the sim.

Send Chuu a butterfly (and potato) if you have a question related to:

  • General Information, Rules, Requirements, Volunteering, etc.
  • Game Sessions – General Assistance & Advisor
  • Scheduling
  • Mini A Chuu’s Tabletop Dioramas Helps, Assistance and Commissions
  • Photography for your Cardboard Miniatures
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • Tabletop Games in Second Life
  • Sponsorships (if you are a creator who would like to donate a gift to give back to the generous souls who donated to the cause)

Nyza (Raw)

Nyza Stillwater – Tabletop Assistant, Consultant, and Head GM

Nyza was the founder of the Virtual Tabletop Gaming Society (VTGS) (Discord channel: and along with Kitori Skeleton, they laid out the foundations for Tabletop Games events at Fantasy Faire for 2 years in a row with remarkable successes. For 2020, he assisted Chuu on all fronts while setting up the Tabletop events for Fantasy Faire 2020. With his excellency of being a GM, he will bring to you a wide variety of games while also teaching classes on Tiny Dungeons 2nd edition and FATE Core/Accelerated/Condensed.

If you need assistance or GM tips or have any question regarding the games at the Faire, you may direct your question to Nyza. He will assist you regarding the following:

  • Game Sessions – General Assistance & Advisor
  • GM (Game Master) Assistance & Advisor
  • Scheduling​
  • Tiny Dungeons 2nd Edition
  • FATE Core/Accelerated/Condensed
  • Tabletop Games in Second Life

Kitori (Raw)

Skeleton (kitori.unplugged) – Tabletop Assistant, Consultant, and Head GM

Skeleton has always been the wonderful overseer who helped out with everything regarding Tabletop Games events at Fantasy Faire. In 2020, she will continue to assist the Tabletop team with all of her enthusiasm. One exciting piece of news is that she is the main part of the sim building teams to prepare the Tabletop Centre for us all to enjoy (so definitely look forward to it :D). She is also the owner of The Nerdy Birdy store; look forward to her wonderful creations at the sim this year.

​If you need assistance or GM tips or have any question regarding the games at the Faire, you may direct your questions to “Kit” inworld or via Discord: Skeleton#1402. She will assist you with the followings:

  • Game Sessions – General Assistance & Advisor
  • GM (Game Master) Assistance & Advisor
  • Scheduling​
  • Honey Heist
  • Tabletop Games in Second Life

Remnant (Raw)

Remnant Ashbourne – /studioDire/’s Support and Tabletop Technician

Remnant is the brilliant inventor of the /studioDire/’s Tabletop Game System that we apply to all of our games. With great improvements, this system script is now made available for anyone who wishes to create miniatures or sceneries for their own games. In 2020, Remnant and Chuu will collaborate to bring you a seminar about Tabletop Games in Second Life using this wondrous system. Check out his amazing wares of miniatures and kits that will help you kickstart your very own games at the sim this year.

Send Remnant a pigeon if you have a question related to:

  • Technical Problems
  • /studioDire/’s Help & Assistance
  • Tabletop Games in Second Life

For technical problems outside of Tabletop Central, contact a member of the Fantasy Faire Staff.


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