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Welcome to the tabletop games section of the Fantasy Faire website. Here you will find all information pertaining to our game sessions that are being hosted at the Faire. Please note that much of this information is subject to change as needed, so it’s important to come back here prior to game day to get the final word on the schedule. If you have any questions, you may contact one of our staff members (listed below) pertaining to your specific question subject. Otherwise, you may contact the Tabletop Games General Manager, Chuu Hikari Akamine (chuuakamine), in-world, or via e-mail at, or via Discord: Chuu Hikari Akamine#9255

When making inquiries in-world, please be sure to send in a notecard followed by a message to ensure that your message is received.



Since 2018, The Virtual Tabletop Gaming Society has organized Tabletop Programming at Fantasy Faire. The event would not be possible without the dedicated staff and event volunteers who step up every year to bring this unique form of entertainment to the Faire and to Second Life. Games in particular provide a unique opportunity for players to come together to tell a story while having a good time. Much like a band of nobles who gather to solve a monarch’s murder mystery of the lord, or novice adventurers that dive recklessly into a cave that promises treasure, games spark the imagination, and everyone contributes to the team effort regardless of their overall abilities. In 2018, Nyza and Kitori started things off in “The Bazaar Dungeon”, hosting well over 40 hours of entertainment, and being able to raise over 25,000 Lindens.

In 2019, “story-altering powers” were added which allowed all members of the audience the ability to alter the story or add some unique flair to a game session. Such powers may come in the form of granting player character new abilities, sudden and unexpected celebrity encounters, dice re-rolls, and so on. There was also a unique public auction that consisted of many real-life products up for grabs from well-known tabletop publishers. There was also the “Choose the Villain” contest devised by Kitori for her game campaign. Over 35,000 Lindens were raised in 2019, and Tabletop Central was located on two sims: Thornfast (that year’s Quest Sim) and Tensors’ Flying Market.

In 2020, despite the hardship of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Tabletop Central was able to raise nearly 100,000 Lindens. New for 2020 was the inclusion of tabletop classes and the “Milestones” event, which allowed talented creators to join together with the tabletop community to offer some gifts to donors who helped fundraise for Tabletop Central. In 2020, Tabletop Central has located on the sim Lamented Fens.

For 2021, much of what has made Tabletop Central successful in the past returned with a few modifications and at a larger scale. The Milestones incentives expanded much greater, reaching 17 unique creators from RL to SL, offering back to the community some of the loveliest appreciative gifts for the community’s generosities. The new touch that is expected to become a yearly tradition at Fantasy Faire was the introduction of “Avatar Chess” and the chance to participate in the silent auction to become one of the Chess pieces and listen to some fantasy-style commentaries. Our home in 2021 during Fantasy Faire will be at Scrimshaw Warrens. When Fantasy Faire is concluded, we managed to raise 145,000 Lindens.

For 2022, taking into account everything that is going on in the world, the Milestones incentives will take a break for this year in preparation for the expansion expected in the coming years. Avatar Chess and its Silent Auction will make a return this year along with many series of fun tabletop games this year. Stay tuned, let the dice roll and your stories unfold.


Chuu (Raw)

Chuu Hikari Akamine (chuuakamine) – Tabletop General Director, Lead

Chuu returns in 2022 as the Tabletop Games Director for Tabletop Central so they will be your general point of contact. They are in charge of administration, planning, recruitment and more. For 2021, Chuu will be bringing you some exciting fantasy storytelling commetaries at the Avatar Chess along with a few Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition sessions with storyline inspired by their work-in-progress book “Wandering into Adelsalium”. Chuu is also the creator of Mini A Chuu’s Tabletop Dioramas compatible with /studioDire/’s Tabletop System, they also offer dice accessories along with photography sessions to create cardboard miniatures in exchange for charitable donations for Fantasy Faire. Look forward to seeing their displays at the Faire.

Send Chuu a butterfly (and potato) if you have a question related to:

  • General Information, Rules, Requirements, Volunteering, etc.
  • Game Sessions – General Assistance & Advisor
  • GM (Game Master) Assistance & Advisor
  • Scheduling
  • Mini A Chuu’s Tabletop Dioramas Helps, Assistance and Commissions
  • Photography for your Cardboard Miniatures
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Nyza (Raw)

Nyza Stillwater – Tabletop Assistant, Consultant, and Head GM

Nyza was the founder of the Virtual Tabletop Gaming Society (VTGS) (Discord channel: and along with Kitori Skeleton, they laid out the foundations for Tabletop Games events at Fantasy Faire for 3 years in a row with remarkable successes. For 2020, he assisted Chuu on all fronts while setting up the Tabletop events for Fantasy Faire 2020. With his excellency of being a GM, he will be offering several game sessions as well so be on the lookout when the final draft of the schedule comes out.

If you need assistance or GM tips or have any question regarding the games at the Faire, you may direct your question to Nyza. He will assist you regarding the following:

  • General Information, Rules, Requirements, Volunteering, etc. (Most of the “behind the scenes” work)
  • Game Sessions – General Assistance & Advisor
  • GM (Game Master) Assistance & Advisor
  • Scheduling​

Remnant (Raw)

Remnant Ashbourne – /studioDire/’s Support and Tabletop Technician

Remnant is the brilliant inventor of the /studioDire/’s Tabletop Game System that we apply to all of our games. With great improvements, this system script is now made available for anyone who wishes to create miniatures or sceneries for their own games. Remnant creates some of the custom scripts that are used for programming or other things. In 2022, Remnant will be offering some greatly surprising gaming sessions. Check out his amazing wares of miniatures and kits that will help you kickstart your very own games at the sim this year.

Send Remnant a pigeon if you have a question related to:

  • Technical Problems
  • /studioDire/’s Help & Assistance
  • Tabletop Games in Second Life

Heather Melune – Consultant

A new face that has become part of the crew at our Tabletop Game team since 2020. Heather is a Tabletop Game enthusiast with lots of ideas that gives spark to new things. 

Send Heather a message if you have a question related to:

  • Game Sessions – General Assistance & Advisor
  • Scheduling
  • Tabletop Games in Second Life

For technical problems or other questions outside of Tabletop Central, please contact a member of the Fantasy Faire Staff. 


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