Tabletop Game Highlights (Summaries 2018)

Some Game Highlights (Summaries)

1. Dungeons & Dragons 5E, April 20, 2018 – The Wild Sheep Chase
Hosted by Kitori

Players: Dyisi (played the high elf druid Ellanduin Selas), Riven (played the human barbarian Mireih Mutu), Passion (who played a human bard Kelton Knupp), Nyza (who played the Hill Dwarf Rogue Atil Varthurth), and Mia (who played the lightfoot halfling Cleric Nyli Galmero).

As the party of traveling adventurers studied the quest board they heard a distant shriek and clopping of hooves approach from behind them at an alarmingly fast rate. As they turned around ready to combat whatever was there they found a sheep with a scroll in its mouth. The party decided to ignore said sheep and continue to check out the quest board. After much headbutting from the sheep the druid took the scroll out of its mouth and read it out loud. Luckily it was a scroll of speak with animals. The sheep began to then talk to the group and politely introduce themselves as Finethir Shinebright. Shinebright then continues to say that he needs the group’s help. The group decides to turn around and walk away but as the group begins to walk away Shinebright says that he will reward them handsomely as he is actually a great and powerful wizard. That gets the groups attention. It isn’t long, though, that the group hears shrieking again but this time of pain and fear. Suddenly a large half-orc approaches the group followed by a pack of wolves and a large bear, and demands that they give the sheep back to him as it is “Master Noke’s”. The group refuses and so Guz the half-orc attacks.

After a long and tremendous battle (and bear shaming), Guz realizes that he is on the losing end of this battle and offers the group a deal. The rogue takes him up on the offer and offers a game of chance, little to Guz’s knowledge that the game is rigged (never play dice with a rogue folks). Guz walks away in shame and defeat, as the rest of the party is lead by the sheep to Shinebright’s home. Shinebright tells everyone the story of how he is a great wizard of transmogrification, however, his student stole his wand of true polymorph and turned him into a sheep. Forced to forever graze on grass and be chased by animal guards. He informed the group that usually Noke (his apprentice) left the house locked up so he couldn’t leave, however, one day Noke forgot. So Shinebright grabbed a scroll of true polymorph and sought out those who had the correct aura to help him. Which is what led him to the party.

When the party arrives they attempt to sneak in through the front door, thanks to the help of their rogue’s lockpicking skills. However, they were not ready to find that Noke was in the room they entered. Upon Noke noticing the party he offers them to give the sheep over and he will let them leave, he explains to the party the reason why he transformed his master. That he was getting frustrated with the menial tasks and the length it was taking for his master to teach him anything. After pleading with his master to teach him faster and getting no response, he realized that his master’s success relied heavily on the wand and that if he had it, he will be equally as powerful. Even after hearing Noke’s story the party still refuses to give the sheep back and instead fights Noke and his animal guards (that were once human, but Noke turned them into animals out of paranoia). After a very long battle and a couple of close calls the group defeats the guards and nearly defeats Noke, however, he runs away and into his room locking the door behind him. When he returns out he is riding a wooden wyrmling. The group still defeats his wyrmling, and so out of desperation, Noke attempts polymorph on himself, though the wand breaks and turns him into a Gibbering Mouther. The group has no option but to kill Noke. After Noke’s defeat, the sheep pleads with the group to use the wand on him to return him back. The group tries to talk him out of it but Shinebright insists, and so the Cleric of the group attempts to use it, but the wand breaks again and turns Shinebright into a Gibbering Mouther and attacks the party. The party kills him and after feeling like everything was a total waste, they return to the tavern for a drink.

2. Kobold Story, April 21st and April 28th, 2018
Hosted by Nyza

Session 1: The Necromancer is losing his marbles. Someone ate the list of required reagents he gave you earlier and nobody could read it anyway. Now he demands a bucket of spider venom, three frozen giggles and a pound of silk. Why does he go crazy during every thunderstorm?

The tribe of 12 set out to acquire the ingredients Their first challenge was to defeat a Spider Queen in her lair in order to acquire the spider venom. Only two kobolds lost their lives. Next, the tribe found themselves in the Forest of the Giggling Fae, where many were hypnotized by the Fae giggles. Easily dispatching the regular Fae, the Kobolds soonafter found themselves in the presence of the Fae Queen! The Queen pummeled at least two more of the Kobolds before being soundly defeated, thus ensuring the acquisition of the prized Giggles. Huzzah! The tribe, feeling like they could take on anything dared to venture towards the Arid Desert where they faced their greatest foe yet, the Legendary Earthworm of Doom! The worm easily ate several of the Kobolds, and just as it seemed like the entire tribe would become a delicious lunch, the bravest Kobolds of them all managed to team up together to slay the foul beast and acquire the pound of silk. Victorious, the remnants of the proud tribe returned home, much to the Necromancer’s delight.

Session 2: Another day, another group of adventurers are climbing down your hole in search of treasure. Treasure! What is this treasure they speak of? Surely they don’t mean Kobold eggs? To arms brothers and sisters! We must protect our home!

The Kobolds were victorious in defending their home from several waves of adversaries. From rats, to imps, to humans with Halloween masks, to giant tunnel whales, to God himself! The tribe of 27 squeaked out their survival and now to this day, their home is considered a sacred place. It is believed that the Necromancer’s chanting is somehow a sign of the impending apocalypse, and so every once in a while, there is a religious sacrifice of canned Spam.

3. Havoc Brigade, April 21, 2018
Hosted by Kitori

Have you ever wanted to be an orc (or a group of goblins) set out to ruin the stupid humans day? Well, that is exactly what this group did. They are known as the Havoc Brigade. The group was formed by four special orcs hand picked by the war-chief himself. Their goal? Hijack a shipment of owlbears and release them at the palace during the coronation ball of the stupid human prince turned king. “Sergeant” Shivvit Deadeye (played by Nyza) is a half-orc mercenary, and a loser, cause he is a human sympathizer. Next up, Moontoof (played by Savage), a Wyrdforest shaman who is a curmudgeonly old bastard set out to ruin the fun, but he can make the boo-boos less ouchies so he can stay I guess. THE OX (played by Corvi) this orc is big! I mean BIG!They is good at smashing and… shoutin’… and being tough! Yeah… And finally Wrench, aka Copper, aka Copper Wrench (played by Lyr) they’re fast. Like super fast like blink and… well, they will probably still be there but they will be moving fast. They also know things about things so yeah, watch out.

This group tried and succeeded to capture the owlbears though depending on who you ask, you might get a different story. However, the overall truth is one snuck in and found the owlbears while the others handled the guards outside. Then they hooked the owlbears to the carriage and road them towards the palace (maybe not all at once, one might have been in a tavern while this was happening, though eventually grouped up with the team). The group and carriage of owlbears approached a bridge, however guarding the bridge were hired hitmen. Who stopped the horse causing it to buck and knock the party off. The party had no choice but demoralize these hired hands, but giving them boo-boos on the knees. And boy did they booboo those knees. Once the guards were cleared out, they scouted ahead and was able to angle the owlbears cage precisely to release them right into the palace doors. Successfully ruining the stupid human celebration. War-Chief would reward them handsomely, but of course, they all ran back to get there first to tell the war-chief.

4. Honey Heist (With Bears), April 22, 2018
Hosted by Kitori

The bears of Astrid’s Nemeton got together to devise the best heist the world has ever seen. They were going to steal the black orchid honey (rumored to turn anyone who eats it into a dragon) from the mouse queen because she didn’t invite any bears to the party (on account of bears not being able to hold their honey). The mastermind bears that were part of this team were Ufar (played by Riven), a bear as unhinged as they are terrifying, but of course, it is all part of the plan. Clawed (played by Alya) a polar bear that can swim better than any boat and is a well-known thief, well known for always getting caught. Penelope the Panda, she can eat anything that looks like bamboo, and not because she has to but because she wants to. She may be new to the group but her hacker skills are unmatched. Hobear (played by LULU) this bear can do all the things! Climb and Drive, though they would like to leave that life behind them, Hobear will make an exception to come out of retirement this one last time. Scrubbles (played by Savage) can sense honey from miles away, and though he may be washed up from the circus, he still has the looks to make it to the top. And last but not least, Impawsible, a honey badger that is as slick as they are crazy for carnage, but also incredibly strong for their size. Together they make the B-Team (B for bear).

The B-Team was able to slip past the mouse guards (by some clever disguises) and escape the hippocampus, all while dancing the rumba to win the incredible black orchid, honey. However, when they returned back to their camp, they found out that the other party members had other plans. One wanted to sell it on the honey market, while some wanted to share, and others wanted it just for themselves. After some fighting over the honey, the jar fell and shattered against the floor, they all rushed in ate the honey. As they lapped it off their lips they were surprised to find that the honey was regular honey mixed with charcoal, it had absolutely no magical properties to it at all. This honey was a fake!

5. One Night: Ultimate Werewolf, April 28, 2018
Hosted by Nyza

This was the only actual session of Ultimate Werewolf where we were able to procure enough participants, but oh what a session it was! We played the “One Night” version which goes much quicker, and we were able to play 2 sessions. The players were: Kitori, Savage, Zoe, and Vylna. The highlight without a doubt was the second game which went to FOUR nights, and the Werewolf card moved around a few times thanks to the Robber card. Also, Kitori insisted that at all times, Savage was the werewolf, because, well, he was wearing a werewolf avatar during the game… (in the second game, he was in fact the Werewolf!) In both games, the players were able to figure out who the werewolf was, but not before several rounds of accusations!

6. Honey Heist (Deer Heist), April 28, 2018
Hosted by Kitori

For this session we rolled it back to Fantasy Faire 2017, due to being suddenly inspired by Gwen Enchanted’s blog post last year ([Deer and Loafing in the Fairelands | Three Twisted Knots]( We had a full house that night with six players, all of which were GOD DAMN DEER. We had Lucifer the Demon Deer (played by Nyza), who is Terrifying, Incompetent, and a Thief. Silver John the Adventure Deer (played by Linn), the rookie of the group who is a good swimmer and can do math well. “Dear Cap’n” Raine the Pirate Deer (played by Mia), who lives by three rules, drink, drive (never drink and drive kids), and never get caught. Someone who may seem too good for the group, but is still here regardless, Precious! the Precious Deer (played by Gwen). She can climb and looks good doing it, and though she may be washed up from her days in the theater it just gives her better experience for the crime life. This next deer is out of this world (literally), Glitchy the Satyr Deer (played by Nisha). Glitchy has a sixth sense for berries, though sometimes can seem like they don’t have all the pieces together, it doesn’t stop them from being an excellent hacker. I almost skipped over this deer cause I didn’t see them for a second, Shadow the Drow Deer (played by Ayla). Shadow is known for their carnage capabilities, one would hope so being an ex-cage fighter.

This group had a plan to steal the cool “Fantasy Faire Bus” because they wanted their own deer joy ride. It wasn’t fair the two-leggers got to hog it all day long. So they set off to the land of San Mora, where the bus had a scheduled maintenance stop. However, the hard part was the mechanic who was obsessed with the bus and would never leave its side. Upon arrival to the land, the group found a group of zombies patrolling the mechanic’s station. After a quick and tactical plan of eliminating the zombies, they tried to sneak into the garage. However, they had made too much noise with the zombies and the mechanic Alia Baroque had noticed their arrival. What the group didn’t know was Alia was also a great and powerful necromancer (hence the zombies). Alia began to reanimate the zombies and the group tried their best to stop him. Suddenly, a countdown began, and it was discovered quickly that the bus was rigged to explode! If Alia couldn’t have the bus, no one else would! But the group planned this ahead of time and brought an awesome hacker to the group, who defused the bomb just by the skin of their hooves. Once the bomb was defused, Precious! hot-wired the bus, causing a lot of exhaust to build up in the garage. This renewed Lucifer (since he is a demon and breathes this on a daily) and he was able to steal Alia’s staff! Alia ran out of the garage to get air, and the group took off on the bus, party horns and loud noises filling the air.

This was the deer life.

7. Fate Accelerated – “The House of Garland” (Inspired by the Fairelands Quest), April 29, 2018
Hosted by Nyza

This particular session was inspired by the 2018 Fantasy Faire Fairelands Quest. Cheer, the dragonling has approached our would-be heroes (you can read the summary, which was the premise, right here: and asked them to help defeat The Unweaver, who had a dastardly plan to inflict a giant plague upon all the Fairelanders. Thus, our heroes were charged with entering the dread Caves of Nedra to stop him from summoning it in the first place.

Our merry band of adventurers consisted of Juliet, the Halfling, Grug, the Orc, Nilerea, the Dragonling, and cousin of Cheer, and Rashi, the Troll. (forgive me as I don’t have the actual names of our participants onhand, but they know who they are!)

On their way to the caves, the party was ambushed by a group of Thugs, who proved to be completely harmless in the thugging department. An hour later, everyone arrived at the Cave of the Unweaver, where a magical portal barrier impeded their progress, until brute strength and lack of other options helped them prevail. The exploision of the barrier alerted the “Were-Scorpion Brigade”, and the troops closed in on our heroes. The General quickly fled after our heroes proved to be quite adept at doing the “Macarena”. The infantry and archers followed suit. Next, our party overcome several passive challenges, including a downed bridge (which the dragon managed to acquire the downed end into its mouth, but not before being covered in bugs and other nasty things), a swinging pendulum, which was easily brushed aside thanks to the strength of the Orc and Troll, and a hallway fulls of poison darts (which the Halfling took some damage from).

After several hours in the caves, the group finally reached the inner chamber which housed The Unweaver himself! The Shrewd Mystic of Legend immediately lashed out against the heroes telling them it was already too late as he had already summoned the plaque! (As far as baddies go, he sure did like to talk a lot). The only way to stop the miasma of evil was to defeat him soundly. The battle raged on for what seemed like hours, and initially, our saviors proved to be hardly a match for the Sorcerer. However, with focused teamwork and determination, our Heroes narrowed the gap between the two forces, and with luck on their side, overcame The Unweaver, sending him back into the Void of Nothingness. Huzzah! At the moment of his demise, the caves became to rumble and cave in. With great haste, the band escaped from the collapsing earth and went back to the Fairelands to celebrate with everyone!

8. The Witch is Dead, April 29, 2018
Hosted by Nyza

Once upon a time, there was a kind and wise and beautiful witch who lived in the forest with her familiars, and her life was peaceful and happy until a ****ing Witch-Hunter broke into her cottage, and killed her. The Cute Woodland Animals all band together to try to exact revenge on the Witch-Hunter so they can save their beloved Witch Mother.

We had 6 players (they know who they are, and unfortunately, I don’t have their names off hand), who all contributed to making this game a lot of fun! The game was completely “winged” with no preparation at all. The animals that went along the journey were: A fox who could lock/unlock/open/close doors, a cat who could distract and confuse, a spider who could make flame, a hare who could summon plant growth, a magpie who could conjure light, a crow who could conjure dinner, and a rat who could make books read themselves aloud.

The animals eventually reached the Village, where it was said the Witch-Hunter had escaped to, which was incredibly superstitious. The Witch-Hunter himself was wizened and wise. Unbeknownst to the Animals, however, there were Two Rival Witch-Hunters in Town!

The village itself seemed to be filled to the brim with ninjas, and after the cat and the rat provided a distracted, the hare tied the ninjas down with vines. The fox then unlocked the gate, and the animals were in. The crow proceeded to drop poop on the towns-people in order to figure out the means for where the witch-hunter might be hiding himself. The spider also summoned fire to torch the straw and plaster cottages. Not long after, it was determined that the mansion at the end of the main avenue was the location where the hunter was. Thanks to the poop assault, the villagers scattered and left the door open for unlocking. Inside the house now, the animals proceeded to one of the nearby rooms which happened to be the kitchen. The crow proceeded to conjure making dinner, which had been learned thanks to the Rat’s power to have the cookbook read itself aloud, but the dinner was a failure and the kitchen itself became a war-zone.

Next they went into the weapons room, where the Rat got himself trapped in a rat trap. However, all the other animals procured weapons, and the rat was escorted thanks to the crow being able to carry the trap. Finally, the animals met the Witch-Hunter face to face, but alas, there were 3 of them! Only one of them would be able to cure the Witch from her demise. So the animals did what any good animal would do through the process of elimination: kill ’em all! The animals were successful in their quest to destroy all three witch-hunters, and after thoroughly testing the eyes of each one atop the witch’s corpse, the witch magically was brought back to life, and everything was right again!

9. Dungeons & Dragons, April 29th & May 1st, Pixie Plot
Hosted by Kitori

So to challenge myself (like DMing a bunch of games I wasn’t familiar with wasn’t enough of a challenge) I decided to make a one shot. Which ended up splitting into a two-shot, which may end up being a campaign. I created this one shot to have a lot of puzzles rather than a lot of fighting (like the first one shot had). I am more of a role-player than a strategist anyway. So this group got all I could throw at them with some inspirations from Critical Role.

This campaign started with the group waking in another realm, and an elven tree spirit telling them that through manipulating fate (temporarily) she brought them all together to help her defeat a great evil that was feeding off the land, which was tied to her soul. The group was designated to be guardians of the realm but not for several decades to come, but this was an emergency. Since they arrived their prematurely they need the blessings from all that helped feed the land and fought to keep it alive, the druids, the Pixies, and the merfolk. The group did not know each other before today, but through a series of events were to meet each other over time. The group consisted of Celton (played by Lancer), a tiefling cleric, who apparently went to bed hungry and thought their deity was Braadworst in this realm. Drimathyl (played by Ayla) a Dragonborn Bard, who seemed very mysterious of their past. Egar (played by Passion) a high elf barbarian, who… likes to smash stuff and rage (also possibly Jehnny’s father). Jehnny (played by LadyRed) a half-elf rogue who had a rough life living in a tough neighborhood called “The Block”. She has been in search of her father cause she is mad at him for leaving her mother all alone. And finally Sebe the forest gnome druid, who is a bit of the silent type.

The group set off on the journey, though they noticed that even though they had been walking for 30 min toward a tower they saw in the distance, it didn’t seem to be getting any closer. So Celton knelt down and prayed to his deity, who revealed to him that he must focus on the tower in order to reach it. So the group sat down and meditated on the tower, and when they opened their eyes they were in front of the tower. When they entered the tower they were greeted by a set of unhelpful spiral stairs that they could not see the end too. After an hour of climbing the stairs and getting blisters on their feet, the group realized that they must ascend the stairs I total darkness, so they closed their eyes and began walking. Sure enough, they arrived at the top in the mater of a few steps. At the top were a grand tortle druid and her halfling apprentice. The tortle druid seemed to already know what they were there for and brought them to a room to test their capabilities as a group. The group had to place the correct statues on three pedestals based off a riddle that the tortle druid had given them. The group figured it out flawlessly and received three potions from the tortle druid and her blessing.

The next challenged was the Pixies, the pixie queen a little more cynical than the druids, had them play the curse challenge, in which the group had to figure out the curses they were given by touching three stones. After much screaming and various “S” words, and LOUD NOISES, the group figured it out. Jehnny was given a daisy chain that seemed to have magical powers to it, boosting her intelligence modifier.

Finally all that was left for blessings was the Merfolk, however, when they arrived at the clearing where the mer’s were, there was nothing to be found. When the group stepped into the lake they were at, the were pulled under and arrived in a cave in front of the Merking. After a closer look, the Merking looked corrupted, but not fully, he gave them a deal that if they failed the test then he could eat them, but if they didn’t then he would give them his blessing. The group took the chance and agreed, and were led to a stone room with a lever and a timer. As soon as the door closed the timer started and when the lever was pulled the timer restarted. The group found out that they must let the timer run out, and when it did the door opened and the group was led back to the merking. He gave them his blessing and gave the group a magical morning star to use against the evil of the land.

The group traveled to the far ends of the land to find a shadow demon and it’s imp minion feeding off the land. After a long battle, Celton defeated the imp by hitting it so hard in the head it twisted around to the other side. Sebe shifted to her eagle form and ripped the throat out of the shadow demon with her talons. As soon as the shadow demon was defeated, the land grew lush again, and a small tree sprouted, from which the elven figure arose and sent the group back on their way. Though they were all supposed to forget their time there, three managed to remember their time in Deeriniel.


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