Stormy’s Stars


We are Stormy’s Stars.
But, Who are we?
We are a small team made up of different communities for the same goal. We are Dinkies, Biggies, Pagans, Breeders, Creators and music lovers. We are family and we are Purring For A Cure!
Who is Stormy? Our dear black cat that died of Cancer! :cat2:

We were started at the End of RFL season in 2018.

We do things a little different than other teams. We are all outside of the litter box thinkers. We don’t do Bid us Bald, We had Bid us human or keep us Dinkie. Dinkies won of course.

Most of us breed Stray Cats and we raised over L$30K with a special Auction. All the cats were donated by our breeders.

Of course Stormy’s Stars and Stytchwytch Designs are linked as one as well. We try to bring both together as much as possible. Who else would make our team gear. This year, going along with the Game On Cancer theme, we have gone with a Mario 1UP theme as well. All of our events have 1UP displayed at them. Something to look for.

We may be small but we have the honor and privilege of being part of two other amazing teams. ACTS and Roos. You will see our Team Captain running around the Fairelands in a pawlice uniform or dancing on the stage as a Roo or even make sure things are square in the shop.

Now as for Stormy… our teams namesake. He was a beloved family pet that we lost too soon to cancer. He has been the name sake to out sims, breedable store and our RFL team. Now I know the ACS and RFL deal with humans, but we take the time to acknowledge our pets; our support animals, ESA (emotional support animal) , caretakers. Too many of us have lost pets from cancer. They are as much our family as our parents, children and siblings. To loose a pet to cancer is a terrible thing to have to endure. now cats can not be enlisted as a support animal, but they can be your ESA.


A RFL of SL Event

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