Sponsors 2017

Our sponsors make the Faire possible, supporting the Fairelands year after year.

We’re looking for sponsors for Fantasy Faire Radio, which will be live all year round! You can find more information and the application here.

In 2017 the sim sponsors are Dandelion Daydreams Factory, DRD, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., The Looking Glass, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, Merchants of Dreams, The NeoVictoria Project, Rivendale, Roawenwood, Ruins of Xenark RP Community, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium and Titans.

Fantasy Faire Radio sponsors are Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Little, Big Designs and TIS Club Equipment and Animations.

The event sponsors are Abstract Soul, [ Aleutia ], AviewTV, Building Daydreams, Dragon Magick Wares, Faida, Kei Spot, Kingdom of Steelwood, MacMoragh an Gabha, meadowWorks, OtherSkin, Poliak’s Emporium, Satyr’s Moon, Silvan Moon Designs, Spyralle, Velvet Whip and Vengeful Threads.

Our media partners are Designing Worlds, Prim Perfect and Radio Riel.

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A RFL of SL Event

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