Sponsor Credits 2019

The Region Sponsors 2019
Curious Kitties – Thornfast
Dyisi – Tensor’s Flying Market
Elysion – The Celestial Plain
Epic Toy Factory – Dept. of Discarded Curiosities
Fallen Gods Inc. – Midas
Gwen Enchanted – Tensor’s Flying Market
Jinx – Faireholm
The Looking Glass – The Shrine Tree
The Lost Unicorn Gallery – Trollhaugen
The NeoVictoria Project – Fairelands Junction
The Nerdy Bird – Tensor’s Flying Market
Rivendale – Tensor’s Flying Market
Roawenwood – Twilight Spring
Safe Waters Foundation – Genesia
Secrets of Gaia – Nightshade Blossoms
Spyralle – Urafiki
Sweet Revolutions – Bayounimba
Titans & Solarium – The Light of Valoth
United InshCon – Sanguinely Garden

The Event Sponsors 2019
[ Aleutia ] – Live at the Fairechylde
Building Hope Together – Fantasy Art Gallery
Eagle’s Photo Studio – Tabletop Gaming
Elven Forest – Literary Festival
E.V.E – Arts & Entertainment
A Fantasy Creators’ Collective – The Final Shindig
~Jeanette’s Joint~ – LitFest Region Tours
Plastik – Shopping Guide
Sanctuary RP Community – Roleplay Classes
Silvan Moon Designs – The Fairelanders’ Ball

The Sponsors for Fantasy Faire Radio 2019
Dark Unicorns of Lovelace
Little, Big Designs
Seanchai Library
Team Shadow

The Sponsors for the Fairelands Quest 2019
Cerridwen’s Cauldron
Realm of Rosehaven

Media Partners
Designing Worlds
The Little Red Pen
Prim Perfect
Radio Riel

A RFL of SL Event

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