Sponsor Credits 2018

The Sim Sponsors 2018
BattleBeast Breedables – Severina
Cerridwen’s Cauldron – The Halls of Story
Dragon Magick Wares – Sanoria
Emerald Hurst – Ardessa
Fallen Gods Inc. – Aetherea
Gwen Enchanted – Astrid’s Nemeton
~Jeanette’s Joint~ Athenaeum Arcana
Jinx – Tiny Town
The Lands of Luth – Fairelands Junction
The Looking Glass – Erstwhile
Merchants of Dreams – Falls of Hope
Rivendale – Astrid’s Nemeton
Roawenwood – Pools of Ethuil
Sandhands – Sanoria
Secrets of Gaia – The Bazaar Dungeon
Spyralle – Sanoria
Swank – The Story Well
Tai’Dyed – Sanoria
Titans – The Willows of Nienna
Solarium – The Willows of Nienna

The Event Sponsors 2018
Eagle’s Photo Studio – Fantasy Art Gallery
Elven Forest – Literary Festival
FLAPSaC – Xanadu
The Lost Unicorn Gallery – Live at the Fairechylde
The Republic of Cala Mondrago – The Theater of the Mists
Sanctuary RP Community – Roleplay Classes
Silvan Moon Designs – April Showers Ball

The Sponsors for Fantasy Faire Radio 2018
Dark Unicorns of Lovelace
Little, Big Designs
Seanchai Library

The Sponsors for the Fairelands Quest 2018
A Fantasy Creators Collective
MacMoragh an Gabha
The NeoVictoria Project

Media Partners
Designing Worlds
Prim Perfect
Radio Riel

A RFL of SL Event

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