Spirit of the DragonRFL

Spirit of the DragonRFL is a Sophomore team but loaded with Senior Relayers. Our team is composed of Designers, Creators, Builders, Performers and MORE! Each member has their own strengths and we believe that is part of our secret to success.

Spirit of the Dragon wants everyone who attends our events to feel like family from the time they land and are greeted until the very last person leaves. We of course want to raise money and just as important is to inform our guests. If one person says “Wow, I didn’t know ACS had this or does that” than we have met our goal. In a time when the future is not always in our hands we want everyone to know we are here fighting for them.

New for Spirit of the Dragon this year is a subscriber. Everyone knows how precious group space is and we don’t anyone to feel left out for that reason. We also have a new “home” on the Heart of Dragons sim thanks to the generosity of a team member. We have also some exciting new gift card sponsors this year. Watch for those raffles!

Returning this year has been our hugely successful Spirit Gallery. We invite survivors and care givers to share their story with us through photography. We believe in supporting those who support us, so again this year, we have our sponsor board up at every venue. Simply click the board to get the our supports info or follow us on FB https://www.facebook.com/Spirit-of-the-Dragon-RFL-2184651208453906/

We Relay Because “WE CAN”

A RFL of SL Event

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