About Sindaria

Sindaria 1024

Long ago, at the end of the age of Humans, magical creatures long hidden in shadow and whisper came into the light. All manner of creature blossomed in these lands, majestic winged angles, fierce prowling felines, Dwarven miners and smiths, the Elven and many more. In time it was the Elven who helped shape the world in to what was to be known as Sindaria. Conflict still remained yet it was managed by law and agreed that the benefit to all was to not repeat the past and yet the skies darkened once again…

War came to Sindaria, not from with in nor from across the seas but rather from a distant future.

High above the lands of Sindaria floats Cyber city. A technological world on its last legs, who’s inhabitants have long forgotten how they came to be where they are or who lead them. Rouge inhabitants loyal to no one scavenge to survive, some try to make peace with the world below others still long for all out war with the Sindarin….

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