Sindaria at The Light of Valoth: Updates

Friday April 19th
The Gathering

Va'loth gathering

The Queen and her Rangers welcomed travelers from the four corners to the safe and wondrous forest in the Light of Va’loth. With open arms they were greeting one by one and brought together to enjoy a respite from the day in the calm cool shade of the forest.

Much talk of matter humorous and joyful where shared. Tales of good fortune and wondrous sights where shared by winged creatures and tiny ones, others who had more than a little Dragon blood in their veins, another albeit pesky pixie who taunted and dusted many in attendance.

There were many questions about what lurked hidden on the person of a traveler. While the answer has easy enough to understand, the banter yielded much frivolity in the crowd.

The gathered
Word came from the four corners, the great Centaur Rayven brought word that from the West at worst a band of pixies have gathered to cause mischief…
Yet all was not well in the lands as word from Lyra her trusted scout from the East bringing stories of a danger looming that is yet unknown and more from the South as Triss Nightshade shares tales of creatures lured out of their sleep once again.

The Queen and her Rangers assures one and all that no matter what may come there is peace now, and that her and her mighty Sword of Kings, an ancient relic of great power that has served to defend against such matters rests securely on her back and will be draw to service if required.
A great ease fell on those gathered and much light conversation and hilarity continued for the next day brings a celebration of song and dance to the forest in the Light of Va’loth…..


Saturday April 20th
Something of Great Value Goes Missing!

Vasa DJ2
And so it began…a wonderful sound echoing across the land of the Light of Va’loth drawing those who heard it to the forest where the Sindarin had promised a celebration of light to all.

Vasa conjured a hypnotic stream of rhythms and sound to tickle the most fickle of ear in the crowd.

Dancing Crowd2
More and more came to enjoy the sounds and dance and all became swept up in conversation and great mirth. Soon it was needed that the lands expand to allow even more to enter and rejoice with those in the beautiful forest of the Light of Va’loth.

Sword of Kings Dance2
Soon tales of great deeds swirled too and fro with many brandishing their most prized blades to create a throng of dancers with swords. The spectacle grew and grew with the Queen finally joining in wielding the Sword of Kings. Many were amazed at its crafting while others admired its ethereal shine…..

As the great creator of the music that all were enjoying had hinted at earlier, some think he an Oracle, not all was as it seemed… As celebration gave way to congratulation on the success of the occasion in raising the coffers for those in need there came an announcement of some concern……..

The Queens Sword of Kings had vanished…….


Sunday April 21st
Suspicion Grows In The Forest

The party has ended. The Sword of Kings is gone, but worse, the Queen is failing from the loss of its magic. She has withdrawn from Court. The Court itself is in shambles. The concern for the Queen and the loss of such a treasure is of paramount importance.


While members of the Queen’s Circle gather there are strangers there as well; foreign royalty, adventurers, hunters, and a wandering bard. They are now caught in the gravity of the loss and potential of impending tragedy. They know that they can’t leave without bringing suspicion to themselves.

The Voice of the Queen is quick to try to pull together information since “without a trace” would be an overstatement. The stress soon brings out the worst in all and with tensions high accusations begin to be thrown about, especially at the strangers in the group. Meanwhile, one of the Queen’s Guard seems amused by the chaos.


A pixie, Chief Trouble Maker of the Court, flies through the crowd sprinkling fairy dust and doubt as she goes. Each place she stops she whispers accusations until everyone is looking at the others with suspicion. Was the Sword of Kings stolen from within? The mischief making Pixie does seem to have one bit of important information, she has seen gold change hands in the forest in the dead of night. She says that several members of the court have paid a local blacksmith. But how reliable is she?

While the creatures of the Court continue to devolve, a squirrel approaches the Pixie. They climb into a tree where the squirrel shows the pixie a gold coin, which the Pixie then tries to steal. The Queen’s Guard captures the Pixie and threatens her with, what Pixies hate most… a bath but is saved when she promises to cooperate if she is given sweets.


As fate would decree, the golden coin is of Sindarian strike, marked with the tree of life. Such a coin would be unusual in Va’loth lending credence to the idea that the thief is inside the court. But according to the Pixie there is more than one coin.


Monday April 22nd
Mystery and Magic

The day dawns with distrust on every level. There is no way to determine who can be trusted and who can’t. While Sindarian coins are rare, they aren’t completely unknown meaning that the they could come from members of the Court, the strangers visiting, or some wayward traveler. There are more questions than answers, and after a night of searching everyone is tired and on edge.

The Voice of the Queen confers with the Queen’s Ranger. He has found that there has been much activity in the village. It also seems that the village has been infused with gold. One of the visitors at Court has been given more Sindarian gold and been told to say it was obtained from the village blacksmith. However the coins also are declared to be counterfeit by the Voice of the Queen.

An additional search is mounted and a notice of reward posted.

Questions about who can be trusted bring interesting answers. The Queen’s Guard for example trusts only the Voice of the Queen and the Pixie. While the Voice of the Queen seems to trust those new and not in the Court itself. The Queen’s Ranger however has doubts an accuses one of the travelers of complicity when the coins she provided were marked with Pixie dust.

On the edges of the field a figure lurks. The village blacksmith seems to be waiting for someone but is careful to stay hidden from unwanted eyes. He is met by the Queen’s Guard. She takes possession of a blade when yet another stranger appears. A Norse Chieftain has also apparently been contracted to craft blades. However, these are to be a match for the stolen swords. The Queen’s Guard also orders poison tipped arrows.


The plot between the Queen’s Guard and the Chieftain continues ans they discuss the possibility of using pixie dust to lighten the weight of the contracted blade. During this exchange the Pixie inadvertently reveals her. An arrow is fired and the Pixie is wounded.

It seems the lost sword can only be welded by those of royal blood. The Queen’s Voice is quick to decry any desire to even test the blade. Speculation ranges as to the reason for the theft. Does someone want to wield the sword or siphon magic from the blade?

It is also revealed that the coins delivered earlier have been Pixie touched and not found by the traveler who brought time to light.

The meeting with the Queen’s Guard completed the Chieftain surprisingly introduces himself to the court. Causing speculation. Who is this stranger and why is he here?

At the very edge of the forest a squirrel transforms into a pony. The poet sees and walks over giving it an apple. This is the only being she trusts.



Tuesday April 23rd
Return of The Queen

While there is rejoicing that the Queen is once again to sit the throne, tensions remain high as the Queen’s Sword of Kings still has not been found. There are hundreds of administrative issues to be done and the Voice of the Queen is busy updating the Queen. Counterfeit coins, and unease about rumors of swords are troubling. There are even rumors that the Kings Sword have been split asunder.

Return of the Queen

The Queen’s Guard reports that nothing of consequence has been uncovered in the village. While Rayven reports nothing in the countryside has been discovered. Strangely, the Pixie is missing from Court.

However, among the counterfeit coins two real coins were found. They reside with one of the travelers. It is these two coins that were Pixie blessed.

The Queen decrees that another search be made. This time the results bring to light sword after sword.

In the mean time, the wandering poet seems worried. And as forgery after forgery is returned she become increasingly troubled. Especially in the light that the Queen also seems to be losing strength. Sword after sword is returned but the true sword is not found. However there seems to be some kind of magic in some of the found swords. With the magic the Queen regains a small amount of strength although the type of magic is unknown. Is it the work of elves, pixies, wizards, or worse. The Queen states that she can’t place the magic but knows it. The Queen’s Voice and The Captain of the Guard withdraw and talk alone.

The two foreigners meet with each other quietly. The knowledge of one stands the other in good stead. The poet goes to meet with the Queen, pulling from her pack yet another sword. This one she throws at the foot of the throne and comes with a tale.

While in the village the night before a very drunk smith tried to spend a gold coin. The poet gives the coin to the Queen. She also proves the sword matches those strewn around the throne obviously made by the same hand. The poet relates that the smith also had named the person who paid him in gold. She names the Queen’s Guard.


The Guard and Voice are escorted back to the throne. The Queen hands the coin back to Voice and the poet repeats her accusations. The Guard demands evidence. The poet speaks again about the coin. The Voice passes the coin to the Guard who sneers at the poet. However, this is not the same coin because the coin given to the Queen hand been marked by the poet.

With this the Queen requests the Guards sword which is placed on the ground. The Guard and poet stand side by side each maintaining their story is true. Since the poet has nothing the Guard is asked to turn out her purse. Which she does. She also detonates an orb which emits smoke. When the smoke clears the Guard is gone. Among the items left behind is the marked gold coin.

Exhausted the Queen withdraws.



Wednesday April 24th
An Icy Day In Va’loth

It seems that other forces are in play… After the Court adjourns secret meetings take place. The Unseelie Queen of Ice meets with the Pixie. The Pixie seems transfixed though struggles against unseen magic. With there forced gathered they confront the Sindarin Queen and challenge her place on the throne.

The Queen, having been concerned with growing dangers and the loss of the Sword of Kings at first finds this almost amusing. Who is this Ice Queen? Why do those who accompany her appear more bewitched than loyal from their hearts? These questions and more stream through her in a river of thoughts. It doesn’t take long before she considers the challenge valid and a likely consequence of recent events.

A brief and decisive battle ensues and the Ice Queen lay defeated at her feet along with those who followed her. The pixie, however, managed an escape….as a pixie might in such conflict.

Fallen Queen

Then, out of nowhere appeared the Queens Guard, the one sought after for the possible theft and forgeries of the Sword of Kings. In an instant, the Guard jumped into a portal and the Queen and her company followed.


They arrived in a dark deep cave filled with demon creatures that attacked them as soon as they appeared. They scattered, the Guard no longer on their minds, survival had taken precedent.


The sounds of arrows and slashing steel echoed throughout the caverns, the heavy scuffling of running and breath filled the ears of the Elven. Desperate to find a way out the caverns opened to a precarious patch of floating rock leading to another chamber. Off they went one by one, with feet like the claws of a dragon hugging each stone until the other side was reached.

Again they were confronted by fearsome beasts and again they fought through the ancient ruins to a mystical speaking door. A riddle was to be answered, and it was good fortune for them that one among them was gifted at riddles for the doorway opened none too soon and they escaped, battered and bloodied but alive…….. as the Guard watched in the shadows.



Thursday April 25th
Of Sword and Ice

The Search
With the Ice Queen captured the Court returns to Va’loth for the story isn’t over. The Ice Queen, held in magic manacles, and the traitors must be tried, but more importantly, the sword must be found and returned to its rightful owner. The cursed Pixie continues her attempts to free herself. The poet injured and cursed lays senseless at the foot of the throne.

The loyal Guard now reveals that she indeed sought forged swords, both from the local smith and from the Northern Chieftain. This was done by the order of the queen to help flush the guilty from their lairs. Thus proving she was mistakenly accused.

The foreign lady seeks to aid the Poet and brings all her healing strength to bear, healing the poet and lifting the guise. The poet rises to thank her friend.

The Ice Queen seeks to make a deal with any who will listen, her magic fading in this time and land. Fortunately, the ever-vigilant Guard has found a shard of ice. The Queen’s Voice divines the shard and the Queen’s strength begins to return.

The Pixie continue to try to escape and is put in a protective orb to protect others, but also to protect herself.

The Queen takes the shard and looks at the rainbowed prism. Feeling a surge of familiar power she knows this is the key and calls for all to follow her leaving the Pixie imprisoned in her sphere. While the Ranger and Guard call for the death of the enemy, the Queen’s mercy is bestowed. Through Va’loth they search every step closer, as the Queen regains more and more of herself. They find the sword beneath a bridge frozen in a block of ice. The Queen summons her blade, the ice breaks and the Queen reclaims her sword.

Sword and Ice

However, the Ice Queen has slipped her chains. In those moments of rejoicing, she slips away stopping only long enough to free the Pixie. Both disappear behind into an icy portal.

The poet apologizes to both the Queen and the maligned guard and gains at least the Queen’s forgiveness. The Queen then bestows everyone with royal bounty in celebration of regaining that which had been lost.

The End

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