Silent Auction Setup Guide

These instructions are still from 2017 and will be updated later.

Silent Auction – This year we will be using the RFL auction vendors. Their set up is very similar to the RFL sales vendors you are using for your store items. The RFL auction vendor can be obtained by using the Fantasy Faire RFL Tools HUD available in Fantasy Faire Backstage group notices. Attach the HUD, click the Tools option and then selection Auction Kit from the blue popup menu. An Auction Kit will be delivered to you which you will need to rez and unpack.

To set up your auction item you will use an RFL Auction Board along with an Auction Fullfillment Vendor. When you set up your auction item you will need to rez both the Auction Board and the Auction Fullfillment vendor. Follow these instructions for setting up your boxed auction item.

Rez your Auction Board and your Auction Fullfillment vendor. Please check the option to share with Group. We have provided frames for your use to setup the Auction Boards (larger frames) and the Auction Fullfillment vendors (small frames). Please use them as placement guides.

Rename the Auction Board to be the name of what you are auctioning off.

Click Auction Board to set up.

Place full perm texture IN AUCTION BOARD CONTENTS (not on) and click the board again.

Follow the link in local chat to set up your auction. You will get a webpage with numerous details to set. This is the information you want to supply.

TEAM: Please use the Fantasy Faire RFL Tools HUD to obtain your Auction Kit. When you Rez the Auction Board and Auction Fullfillment vendor from this kit they will automatically default to the Fantasy Faire team number.

AUCTION ENDS: BE SURE to change the DATE and TIME from the default to when the auction will actually end. The Silent Auction will end on Monday, May 1st, at 3 PM SLT.

FIRST BID: Default is 500L. This is what I recommend you leave it at.

BID INCREMENTS: Default is 50L. This is what I recommend you leave it at.

AUCTION DESCRIPTION: Please enter a short description of the item you are auctioning.

AUCTION TYPE: Select Display Last Bidder

EMAIL: You can use your own or

Be sure to click ‘done’

Touch the auction board inworld and it will load the information. TOUCH IT AGAIN and your auction has started!

If you have not rezzed your Auction Fullfillment Vendor, rez it now. Please check the option to share with Group

Put the boxed item (you are auctioning off) into it’s contents

Touch the Fulfillment vendor to activate it, approve debit permission, and click the matching Auction board.

The auction fulfillment vendor is an optional timesaver instead of IMing back and forth and rezzing a kiosk.

Within a minute of the auction ending, the fulfillment vendor will enable itself, only sell to the winner, and only at the winning bid price.

If you have questions please contact FantasyFaire Resident, Oldesoul Resident, or ask in the Backstage group 🙂

Thanks for your generosity and amazing creativity in the donation items you are sharing with us!

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