Shopping Guide: Men & Children

Let’s face it: majority of the shopping in Second Life is geared toward women. It can get a bit discouraging for men to try and find something that they could use. Same goes for children.


Attitude is an Artform at Spirit Valley of Kuruk

Bare Rose Tokyo at Autumnium

BauHaus at Mistakes Were Made!

Birth at Auxentios’ Pass

Bliensen + MaiTai & The Anteater Emporium at Mistakes Were Made!

Cutie Larks at Auxentios’ Pass

Eagle Designs at Elemaria

Elemental at Cassiopeia

:[Even~Tide]: at Lamented Fens

Fallen Gods Inc. at Zodiac

The Forge at Lamented Fens

Gypsy Wolf at Cassiopeia

Hawker’s House & Dragon Forge Weapons at Agra Adara

Hotdog at Auxentios’ Pass

House of RFyre at Zodiac

John Dee’s Emporium at Agra Adara

Kegel Clothing at Mistakes Were Made!

~Lantian/Flox~ at Mistakes Were Made!

Last Ride at Elemaria

MacMoragh an Gabha at Zodiac

Mishmash Fusion at Lamented Fens

Moonlitecat Creations & **DSO** at Lamented Fens

~Mystic Sky~ at Melusina’s Depths

NAMINOKE at Auxentios’ Pass

ND/MD at Cassiopeia

Nefekalum Tattoos at Lamented Fens

Petrichor at Sirens Lore

Prismatic Raven at Cassiopeia

Rainy Fey Creations at Heliodor

Raven Bell at Auxentios’ Pass

Realm of Dark Moons at Autumnium

!Reliquary! at Auxentios’ Pass

Sakka’s Studio at Agra Adara

Scarlet Fey at Heliodor

.:Soul:. at Zodiac

Spyralle at Spirit Valley of Kuruk

Stitched at Agra Adara

Tamiron Forge at Heliodor

[][]Trap[][]  at Sirens Lore

Trinity Clothing at Melusina’s Depths

Valkyr RP at Sirens Lore

.Viki. at Elemaria

Wasabi at Zodiac

Whymsical Marketplace at Melusina’s Depths

XPOSEure & SE at Heliodor

zan’s at Mistakes Were Made!


Hobo Cookie Monster at Mistakes Were Made!

Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru at Cassiopeia

Whymsical Marketplace at Melusina’s Depths

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