Shopping Guide 2022


Welcome to the Shopping Guide of Fantasy Faire 2022!

This page contains a directory of galleries of Relay For Life benefit items that are sold at the Faire, organized by region. Click on the region names or the album titles below to be transported to the full galleries, which are hosted on the official Fantasy Faire in SL Facebook page. Pictures in the albums include direct booth SLURLs.

Please note that these galleries represent only a fraction of goodies available at the Faire—think of them more as a sample than a complete catalog.

We also have a gallery for men’s shopping and special galleries for children and non-human avatars.

For a complete list of all the stores at the Faire and their booth SLURLs, visit the Fantasy Faire 2022 Alphabetical Store List.

All of the galleries will be updated throughout the Faire, so check back often!

You do not need to have a Facebook account or be logged into Facebook to view the albums, but Facebook may prompt you to create an account if you are not not signed in. To proceed to the albums, simply close the pop-up that appears.



Bassett Town


The Carnelian Archive

The Chrysalis Gardens



The Hunros Mine

Effervescent Clefs

Living Echoes

Mythspire Ridge

Necturn Moon




Men’s Shopping

Special Galleries

A RFL of SL Event

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