Shopping guide 2021

This is a placeholder page for the Shopping Guide of 2021.

Alphabetical List of Stores at Fantasy Faire 2021

This year the Shopping Guide leaves Pinterest and will be right here on the website!

In addition to the galleries of new releases in RFL vendors, there will also be galleries for all the Fairelanders who are not human women. Why is that, you may ask? Because 95% of all the items for sale are made for human women. It is easy to shop as a human woman, there is something in pretty much every store! But what if you are a man, looking for some menswear? Do you want to go through 300 stores to find the few who make things that fit you? Or what if you are a tiny? Or a dinkie? Or a clip-clop unicorn? We will have separate galleries for each of these. The items in these galleries do not have to be new, nor do they have to be in a RFL vendor. There will be just one sample picture per store, just enough to guide you to a store that does have at least something for you.

This is the first time we are doing this, and the first time we are hosting the shopping guide’s pictures on the website, so patience is advised! Naturally there cannot be any pictures anywhere until the Faire merchants have access to the Fairelands, have set up, and the shopping guide people have taken pictures of their wares, and then until the said pictures have been added, coded and wrangled into something that might even make some sense.

There will also be an alphabetical list of all the shops at the Faire, including a straight slurl to them in the Fairelands, just in case you have a list of shops you want to visit without even needing to see what they have in their vendors. Obviously making that list will also take time, so all in all… more patience! We’ll get there!

A RFL of SL Event

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