SHB Gems

Most of us on this team have been touched by Cancer. Lost a friend, parent, family member or we are battling or are a survivor. But the founders of this team were blessed to have met a man here in SL named Julian.

He was the image of love. He supported us through life’s battles in RL and in SL. He had so many people who loved him. He was a big supporter of RFL. He was active, on a team and I remember walking laps with him. When he was diagnosed with cancer it didn’t stop him from asking how we are and wanting to take care of us. He battled hard, but ultimately lost the battle leaving us lost.

A few of us wanted to do something to honor him so we decided to start a team in his memory. Now we knew if we called it the Julian’s he would haunt us, he never wanted to be in the spot light, but a few close to him called him Jules. We decided we would be his Gems. We still still miss him and always will but his memory will continue to go with RFL.

We are now coming together to raise money to Celebrate those who have won the battle, Remember those we have lost and help those currently in the fight and help fund research so that we one day have a cure for cancer.

A RFL of SL Event

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