Sanoria Sponsors – Dragon Magick Wares, Spyralle, Tai’Dyed & Sandhands

Dragon Magick Wares, Spyralle, Tai’Dyed & Sandhands – Sim Sponsors for Sanoria.

Dragon Magick Wares by Dragonia DeCuir
I love creating, Dragon Magick Wares is a eclectic mix of low prim, magically unique & whimsical homes for all size avatars since 2009. Selling furnishings, decor, clothing & more! I make my items affordable so everybody can enjoy quality items with no sacrifice to detail. You can see my work at: Bright Blessings 🙂

Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal
For those who dream in color … Spyralle presents unique art to wear, to enhance roleplay, to embellish the home, enchant the garden and celebrate the seasons. Spyralle is an ongoing project to make fractal art manifest in its native universe, the virtual worlds of pixels and light. Original fractal art by Kerryth Tarantal…

Tai’Dyed by Tailahr Winnikow
I create things to entertain myself – usually colorful, having movement and ever changing. Formulas for randomness are the usual fare. Often, the goal is to make the object seem to be alive or enchanted. Sometimes the finished product will make it into a vendor, but I give away more than I sell and I’m okay with that.

Sandhands by Ktahdn Vesuvino
Music has colors, textures, shapes. I’d worked with those for years, making playlists that tell stories through time. Still, there are some stories that can be told more easily, and in more detail, with a photograph. That idea is the central concept of Sandhands Texture Lab. I started with sand sculptures, themselves experiments in making music visible.

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