Sanctuary At The Shrine Tree

Tiamat’s Quest

A very long time ago, an entity was defeated, and forgotten.

The entity Tiamat stirs now, and returns to Sanctuary, as always seeking for new followers, but also for the heart of her deceased mate, in which is trapped her love. Odd travelers also come, seeking this item, as do many powerful forces from the past, including the rapacious destroyer, The Sultan Lut!

In a place long forgotten in time, lies a piece of Sanctuary history, never before discussed amongst the citizens. Could the riddles and puzzles be solved in time?

Watch carefully, see what there is to see! Dangers are all around, as always, and things may not be at all what you think them to be.

Mysteries abound and answers are sought. There is a search, and tantalizing discoveries are made at an empty camp site.

Soon warriors arrive, warriors on a quest for something precious, but beyond its name they give no information. There is talk of a maze with traps, and an ancient stone with graven and mighty words that must be read.

We do not know what side to take, to ally with. There are groups that seek to destroy the secret, others who wish to claim it as their own, yet others who wish to save it for Sanctuary. Which group shall you choose to follow?

You can visit Sanctuary on The Shrine Tree.

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