Sanctuary at The Shrine Tree: Updates

Friday April 19th
A Quest of the Heart – Part 1: An Unexpected Arrival

Today, a group from the lands of Sanctuary arrived, looking for an artifact they had to cast through a portal to prevent an enemy from gaining possession. However, the group turned out to be quite confused, as they ended up on a lush estate situated in warm lands. It was not where they intended to go as they expected to be transported to a cold and barren plane of existence.

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As it would happen, an Entity which exists on memories and stories had redirected their travel portal to her realm. She had done so to acquire their story as subsistence for herself, weaving it into a loom.

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While not hostile, the Entity, known by the name of Erin, was plagued by an infestation of Rats. These foul creatures had scattered sheets of parchment with her memories across the lands. One of these lost parchments contained the key to reacquire the lost artifacts so our travelers, by necessity, agreed to help the entity. They would be forced to destroy the beasts and assist her in gathering the scattered sheets. After a short battle with a number of rats and after acclimatizing themselves to Erin’s realm however, they decided to rest before embarking on that second task.

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How will they fair? Will they be able to help Erin and regain their own lost artifacts? Only time will tell!


Sunday April 21st
Battling For Memories

After their night of rest, the group of adventurers awoke, and assembled themselves. A few skirmishes and several civilian casualties (which include Jules’ prospective pet skunk) later, the group made their way back to Erin, whom informed them that they needed to assist her with regaining the scattered parchments that were stolen from her, before she could in turn help them with opening the entrance to the cave.

Determining they needed to find the pieces of scrolls that were scattered by her, they set out on a quest to do just that, taking on a long and arduous battle against a number and variety of creatures which seem to have taken it upon themselves to steal and hoard parchments with Erin’s memories.


After a long search and battle, the group had finally managed to collect all parts of scrolls, which they returned to Erin, who in turn set about reassembling them over night.


FInally, our adventurers returned rested after a long day of work and battle and searching, waiting for the things that would come their way tomorrow.


Monday April 22nd
The Citizens of Sanctuary Attempt A Swift Getaway!

After giving Erin enough time to complete her loom, the time to move on had finally come. With her usual aplomb and flourish, Bast was able to call upon Ahanu, who in turn used his instrument to open the entrance to the cave. However, strange things were still laying ahead. As they entered the cave, they were met with intense hostility from a variety of creatures which supposedly lived there, and attacked on sight. Such is the nature of intruding into other people’s homes…


At the end of the path, they entered a purple cave which housed a Drow. While at first friendly, this Drow had, as it turned out, found one of the pieces they were after, and had it integrated into her body, for a reason they never really managed to find out. However, our adventurers actually managed to free the Drow after solving the riddle that freed her from her prison. Luckily, as she fled from her former prison, the Drow left the gem behind.


One down, but there are three to go. Slowly a considerable amount of distrust was spreading within the ranks of our adventurers, with Val questioning the motives of the mysterious traveler KatManDo0. And finally, to everyone’s chagrin, our adventurers were held up by yet another door, which they could not open at this time. Maybe tomorrow will bring a solution there? Stay tuned…


Tuesday April 23rd
Deep Drops, High Spirits, and a Bad Fall Towards the End

Oh, what a day our adventurers had. After finally compelling Ahanu to open the last door, our group fell head first into its next adventure. Literally! The tunnel went straight down after the door, dropping them to a new level. There they encountered an entire army of hell spawn trying to burn their way through the adventurers, who fought valiantly and through strength and determination, eventually prevailed. After that excitement, they were in high spirits as they found the remaining three gems fairly quickly. They were rather surprised, however, as out of nothing, Tiamat appeared – She whom they had fought only days ago at Sanctuary, and thought they had killed. Evidently not.


Even more surprisingly, Tiamat did not engage in her usual grandstanding and instead pled with them to give her the gems. She explained that they were actually the pieces of her husband’s heart, containing her love for him, and since she loved him so completely, they contained all of her ability to love and feel compassion.

While Miss Wa, Henrietta, and Bast fought over what to do, the mysterious traveler, KatManDo0 took action and drew Tiamat into a wooden box to imprisoning her. As he did that, Noh decided she would want to join the elder goddess, and managed to slip into the box as well.


The excitement wasn’t over just yet though as amidst the chaos, KatManDo0 took off with both the box and the stones, leaving everyone arguing over whose fault it was. What will happen next? Will they get the stones back? Only returning tomorrow will reveal the truth.


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