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Friday April 20th
Into A Terrible, Terrible Place From Which There Is No Escape!

The Princess Stevie, due to the foul machinations of Belial, power hungry snake that he is, has been set up to go through a magical gem to an ancient, and terrible prison, where life means forever…because no one can die!

FF2018 1

It is a most ancient place, this prison, from the days of the Sultan Lut being whole and alive, and ruling the great city on the sands, Sanctuary. Now Morgan of the Royal Guard, Bast and Shade of the Mage’s guild, and assorted others, having fought to take back the gem from Belial’s patsy thief, and from the snake man himself, have opened the prison gateway for themselves with spells and the blood of Maltur, ancient guardian of Sanctuary, and the better half of what is left of the Sultan Lut.

FF 2018 2

Into the terrible maze of the prison’s stone halls and caverns they go to find the Princess, battling horrors such as Liches and lycans so far, and seeking coins to pay off for potions and food one very bored prisoner, an ancient undead mage named Nastash (To whom Bast oddly referred to as NASCAR….) stood beside the prison guard Slay, half mad, bloody, and bearing many scars, after no relief from this place and what the prisoners have done to him herein for all the millenia since the days of Lut, and when this place was where the worst of the most horrible of prisoners were sent.

FF 2018 3

And so today, the hunt for and battle for the princess Stevie has begun!


Saturday April 21st
Another Day Of Combat

The adventurers have come again this day to do battle and to find the princess. Lycan brutes, Evil Liches, Demonesses. All such are passing time in this prison. Forever. Because nothing there can die.

Many Adventurers gathered with Nastash and Slay in a relatively safe place.

Fantasy Faire 2018 421#1

Today The adventurers also found out that once you die here, you are tied to the place. The ancient Lich mage Nastash revealed the secret that Slay had not yet, as the Princess must be saved. Her dagger was found this day. Morgan and many others have so far fallen, and of course, come back to fight again. There is a way out, but only Nastash knows it. And only Nastash can work his magics there.

Nastash, Slay, the lovely T, and a troll named One Eyed Banchō 

Fantasy Faire 2018 421#2
He might. He’s bored. Morgan begged most prettily. But will that help? Nastash after all has no soul. He’s different than the other prisoners there. It was his soul that FORGED the prison and the gem for some terrible offense after all…

Morgan down, raised again by Nastash, looked upon by Slay

Fantasy Faire 2018 421#3


Sunday April 22nd
Darker Truths

Today yet more secrets were revealed. Things just got worse. Nastash sent the adventurers out to find gems, which revealed terrible truths in flashes that enlightened them.
The reason why Nastash built the prison in part with his own soul, but also in part with the souls of others, on whom he feeds. The first Gem revealed that Nastash built an escape proof prison with the blessing of the ancient Sultan, to hold such powerful malcontents as Ifrit.

Darker truths 1

Morgan, the Amazons, Slay and T

The second revealed a guard telling him that one had set his daughter on fire while resisting arrest…and that she had died. He wept…and went mad for vengeance against them all. The third gem reveals that hundreds died, and that they all had been branded monsters by Nastash, regardless of the nature of a crime. The sultan was horrified. Nashtar said” I did what I had to do. I used these things to build the perfect prison. One that rewinds time and feeds off the souls of all that are trapped. Torturing all that go in for all eternity, and that he’d used his own soul to create it. The Sultan was even more horrified. He then had Nashtar imprisoned by waiting magi, in his own prison…still vowing revenge for the loss of his daughter.

Darker Truths 2

As we try to speak reason to Nastash

He then accused the heroes of the crown of being filth, and of deserving to be in the prison as well, for seeking the coins to gain armor and weapons and ways to better heal and eat, and to go on fighting. Morgan and the others tried to speak reason to him. He left them for the moment to suffer and do further battle.

Darker Truths 3

Another battle against the undead liches!


Monday April 23rd
Rolling The Rock Uphill For All Eternity; The Curse Of Sisyphus

Today no new secrets came to light, but Nastash showed his power to those who sought to rescue the Princess. He cast a foul gas upon the adventurers, then all Hades broke loose. There was battle throughout the entire maze for hours! Several lovely Fey, Seelie and Unseelie joined in.

Dark and Light Fey

Dark and Light Fey

Royal Fey

Royal Fey

Morgan begged him to take her and let the others go. Asked him if he liked chess, and promised to entertain him. Bast communed with the Mage’s Guild, then the fight was on.

Morgan Begs Nastash

Morgan begs Nastash

The rescuing heroes were in pursuit. Nastash put up a mighty battle against all of them before FINALLY falling to the blade of the One Eyed troll! Once he’d fallen however, he laughed at them all and poofed into dust. He’ll be back of course. They always come back here. Several tried to talk sense to him, yet still he is quite mad, and bent on vengeance for the loss of his beloved daughter!

Heroes And The Tall Blonde Is The Troll

Heroes, and the tall blond is the troll!


Tuesday April 24th
A Broken Heart, In Pieces

Slay and Morgan hatched a plan, and had the heroes go searching again in the halls and caverns. The heroes sought out all over the maze parts of the heart of Nashtar’s daughter. They played the music box song. They showed him the pieces of the heart, and he heard the music, and he REMEMBERED. He had summoned the Ifrit and could not control it, and his beloved child had died in fire because of this.

The Heroes Assemble

The Heroes Assemble for the Heart Search

After that he could not even recall why he’d built the prison, and he wept. And he wept more. And then Belial returned, and tore his heart out, demanding to know why he could not just go with the deal. The prison began to fail, and all the horrors within would be released! In his dying moments, Nashtar held up the prison to keep Belial contained, and not let the heroes and the princess be destroyed.

Nashtar Dying

Nashtar, Dying

Morgan and One Eye the troll, and others gave their word to help him and his daughter, then as he died, Morgan knelt beside him, and in his mind conjured the image of his child, happy and well. He had not been the monster after all, and deserved such mercies. Finally Bast, head of the Mage’s guild, read a book of spells as the very fabric of the prison trembled and shook, and Echo stepped in the green stuff.

Bast, Shade, Mages

Bast, Shade, Mages



The Green Stuff

The Green Stuff


Thursday April 26th
A Day Of Battle

This day there was much battle! The angel had departed to the site of the new prison to continue to build it, but the old prisoners were not making it easy! Bast did another ritual in which T had assisted, though at the moment that it went off, she was in the catacombs fighting.


All hell had broken out as Belial possessed Slay! He had him battling the others, but then laying in defeat, as One Eye bravely defeated him! Further destruction rained down when Shade went full draco-lich, having his own plans and purposes, and just went completely berserk, defeating all in the main chamber that was usually a safe place. The bodies hit the floor!


Morgan managed to only be stunned as Belial showed up, having a fit about his puppet and toy Slay, then doing battle with Shade. She positioned herself back around them again, and raised back up enough that Mizuku could then do some healing. In the end, Belial…for the moment, was defeated and Shade had disappeared into the maze.



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