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Legends And Heroes

Ladies and Gentleman and boys and girls, Sanctuary is happy to present the grand opening of Sanctuary’s Legends and Heroes.

This year our first story, will be about the Amazons, the greatest female fighting force in history. The Amazons are truly legendary warriors, raised from birth to be soldiers, and training every day of their lives to be the strongest warriors they can be. They are virtuous, and kind, but unforgiving of their enemies.

The Amazons were said to have originated in Pontus, near the shore of the Black Sea. There they formed an independent kingdom under the government of Queen Hippolyta. The Amazons were supposed to have founded many towns, amongst them Smyrna, Ephesus, Sinope, and Paphos.

On the orders of Queen Hippolyta, Gabrielle Novelli and a secret group of Amazon warriors have come to Sanctuary and infiltrated the ranks of every clan and group here. They are here with the intention of killing slave traders who deal in women and to capture any men they feel will help them to grow or accomplish their tasks.

For years they have fought and protected the good people of Sanctuary from monsters and slavers to common thieves, never demanding anything in return. So to honor these legendary warriors we are glad to present 3 tales to show the genesis of the Amazons, love and betrayal and their arrival to Sanctuary.

So, come along and take a seat! We will excite and marvel you, sadden you and anger you with these many tales. Do not delay any further, and come to Sanctuary’s grand opening of Legends and Heroes!

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