Sanctuary at Agra Adara: Updates

Friday April 24th
Meet The Cast

Meet The Cast 4

On the first day of the play, the actors, roleplayers of Sanctuary, introduced themselves and the characters that they would be playing. There were minor delays mostly due to a certain goblin being a bit drunk. Afterward though everything went off without a hitch. The introductions were made as music played in the background, each song carefully chosen, by the very talented DJ Zander Greene.

Tanith, the prosecutor and executioner of Sanctuary, our generally friendly, sadistic neighborhood half vampire, half succubus, half human, was introduced to play Otrera, a strong-willed and courageous house wife locked in an arranged marriage.  She is the future Amazon Queen, and a woman with a lot of halves.

We had Lilithkittenness,  the little sister of Belial, who’s a succubus, playing the abusive husband to Otrera and Rachel.

Gabrielle Novelli is also playing the future Queen of the Amazons. An interesting factoid is that she is actually related to Otrera!  Gabrielle Novelli is a Sanctuary NPC that has a long history in Sanctuary’s 12 years of existence. She is being used in this play by Martine Serpente, a long time rper of Sanctuary and overall leg hugging enthusiast.
Ginhama plays the long suffering wife and soon to be transformed Amazon. Little is known about Ginhama, but her hunger for chinchillas is legendary.

Sanctuary Play_005

Rutger Coakes plays sharp tongued husband number two and one of the One Eye Jack gang members, Judas, husband and ruler of Lulu and supposed slave owner. Let’s just hope the amazons don’t find where One Eye Jacks is!

Then there is Jules as an Amazon understudy. She is half angel and half human and has an addiction to sweets. Jules is an artist,  so it’s only natural to see her stretch her literal wings onto the acting stage.

ElanDeJunae, the Goblin Queen with all the honor, mirth, terror, and cruelty that it implies, is playing one of the mistreated wives as well as one of the Amazons.

Vincentrenoir, AKA Amarok, Harbormaster of Zantosa is Cherubim, a celestial born from a thought in the mind of the almighty, playing the role of One Eyed Jack.

And finally we have Belial Darwinian, the director – producer of Amazons of Sanctuary. This is the very first play that Belial has produced that didn’t mysteriously burn down for insurance money.  Will he be up to the part? I guess we will all find out.

Sanctuary Play_006

After the ragtag team of  terrib… err  fantastic actors introduced themselves,  a coming out of sorts, all joined the party, music played by DJ Zander…and so far the opening of the play looked very promising.  Hopefully nothing horrible will happen as the play continues, but you know how these things go.

Meet The Cast 2


Saturday April 25th
Scene One And……. ACTION!

The play started out well enough. In our first scene, Otrera was played by Tanith, and the abusive husband played by Lilith. The scene showed disrespectful behavior of the husband toward Otrera, sparking her desire to train to be stronger, and to be treated equally, but soon things begin to derail.

Otrera's Abusive Husband

The First problem to present itself was a mischievous fae named Maeve, who thought it was a great idea to sell rotten veggies to the audience. Even Papi, a wanted criminal from Sanctuary showed up with his own supply. Soon the entire audience seemed to be armed with rotted vegetables and began throwing them at the actors. At first, the mighty and powerful Amazon Lottie attempted to stop them and even Belial threatened the audience with being sent to the farm, but it only slowed it down as the play continued.

The next scene was Otrera meeting with the other women of the village who’d caught her training. Gin gave a fantastic performance but as tomatoes were flying she slipped and fell out of character sending a stream of colorful language out into the audience. ElanDeJunae the goblin queen, was so drunk that she forgot half of her lines. Belial in an attempt to save the play began slamming his stick against the stage screaming at them. As the scene ended, the stage was covered with more tomato juice than a pizzeria.

Snapshot _ Agra Adara ~ Sponsored by United Inshcon & Bad Katz,
With a quick break and a clean up the next scene began. The scene opened with Lilith,  and Rutger playing the offensive husbands meeting in secret.  Rutger’s character was  the husband of Gin’s character. The actors did a fantastic job. The scene consisted of the two men discussing seeing the women training. They then decided to stop the women and take control over the situation. As the curtain closed, less rotten veggies were thrown. This was either due to the better performance or the audience running out of produce.

Two Men Meet In Secret

In the next scene Otrera gave an awe inspiring speech to the women to fight for their freedom. Gin gave a good performance as well, although Elan seemed to be a bit confused. Perhaps that was due to the booze, or the possibility that she may have been hit over the head too many times with rotted fruit. As the curtain closed, the audience seemed to be laughing, making this drama seem more like a comedy!

In last scene, we saw a show down between the women and men, their fight resulting in the death of the men, though the scene seemed to be brought on more by Rutger overplaying his role than anything else. The one minute speech before his death seemed something out of a C movie, but the show had to go on; after all, this was the THEE AH TUH!


There were a few minor technical issues like when the back drop was a forest as Tanith spoke of being in a kitchen, resulting in Belial changing the scene from forest back to kitchen just as Tanith corrected her lines to reflect being in a forest.


At this point the audience was rolling in the aisles! The last scene was an announcement of the history of Otrera,  how she became queen of the Amazons and the bride of Ares, the god of war, thus ending the second day of our little play.


Monday April 27th
Amazons of Sanctuary – The Betrayal of Gabrielle Novelli

The Sanctuary actors took the stage to perform the story of Gabrielle Novelli, of love and betrayal by the devilish pirate One Eye Jack. The first part of the play showed the average life of Gabrielle and Rachel and the other Amazon’s training and being ever prepared for any war that might come to their shores.


The performance of the women was interrupted by VincentRenoir,  playing One Eye Jack, who for some odd reason, began screaming backstage.  Belial, of course being the kind and good producer, went back stage and asked him very nicely to stop making so much noise, or he’d send him to to some farm. Seems Vincent was not cut out for manual labor, because the screaming quickly stopped, and eventually quiet returned to the stage while the girls then continued without much interruption.

FF2020 Belial threatening to send people to the _farm_
The next scene was Rachel, played by Lilith, and Gabrielle sitting on a hill at night discussing their desire for adventure, and thoughts on love and of men, until suddenly one of them spies a ship out in sea. Lilith and Gab ran off to tell the queen of the Amazons about this development. While this was happening, One Eye Jack and the evil gang member played by Rutger, disembarked and talked about their plans to trick the amazons by pretending to be merchants, though apparently earlier in the day an arrow did get shot into Vincent, hence all the screaming, but him being a good sport continued to do the scene.


The next scene was One Eye Jack meeting with the Queen of the Amazons played by Tanith.  In this scene One Eye Jack convinces the queen that he is a trader and not of any threat, though the queen being cautious calls for Gabrielle to stand guard,  to make sure he wasn’t up to any funny business. Of course this was all part of the devilish One Eye Jack’s plan.


The next day the devilish leader of the One Eye Jack gang attempts to seduce Gabrielle enticing her about the world outside, and the adventures they could have with each other. Gabrielle being innocent and desiring adventure is pulled in by the shallow promises spoken by the devilish and good looking One Eye Jack, and for one moment they kissed.

Gabrielle and Vincent

Later that day One Eye Jack met up with his second in command to discuss how weak the Amazons were and how easy it would be to conquer them.  Jack ordered the ships that were in hiding to pull in and begin the attack, though he also gave an order that Gabrielle was to be his. And so while the amazons weren’t on guard they were attacked by One Eye Jack’s forces.

The battle was fierce and many Amazons died. Gabrielle feeling betrayed by Jack , screamed out in her pain and anger, and tried to understand why Jack would do such a thing, but as she did,  she noticed that her best friend Rachel was fighting the second in command of Jack’s forces. In that same moment, Rachel looked back at Gabrielle, and felt the pain of a sword piercing her chest, and was slain.  Rachel fell to the ground, and Gabrielle ran over, dropped to the ground and cradled her dear friend, crying over her loss while the city of the Amazons burnt.  There the curtain dropped and the story will continue very soon. Will the Amazons save their city and get revenge upon the evil leader of the One Eye Jacks or will he escape?  You’ll find the answer during the next act  of Amazon’s of Sanctuary!


Wednesday April 29th
A Hot Time in Agra Adara Tonight!

Today’s episode began in a very unusual manner. Instead of the actors coming out to continue the story of Gabrielle, Belial stepped out with a canister of gasoline. He began to pour gas on the stage, even though his actors were still in the back, not realizing what was going on. The audience thinking it was part of the show, didn’t say anything until they heard voices behind the curtain. At that point, they began to scream for the actors to run out.

Upon realizing Belial’s insane plot to burn them all alive and torch the stage, the actors rushed out from behind the curtain and began their chase. Belial, caught off guard, ran ahead of them and tripped over his cape, tumbling off the stage and onto the ground. This gave the actors enough time to hurry over and tie him up.

Belial Is Tied

The next moment the audience and actors inquired as to what was happening. Belial spilled the beans that Gabrielle, the actor, was kidnapped and that the play was ruined, but that still didn’t explain his drastic actions. So Elan, upon searching Belial found stacks of contracts selling 90 percent of the shares invested in the play to various people. It was then clear that Belial had committed fraud on a mass scale and the only way out of it for him was for the play to fail. He insisted though that he did not kidnap Gabrielle, explaining that he would have to pay back the money he was given if the play was canceled.

Rutger stepped forward and announced that every actor actually had a motive to screw over the play, so Belial suggested they use the audience to help with the investigation. Each member of the audience began putting their two cents in, as well as agreeing to help physically search each member of the cast. Some cast member rejected this idea, especially Votucu who said her outfit was too skimpy to hide anything.

Snapshot _ Agra Adara2

The second suspect was Amorak, aka the actor playing One Eye Jack. He was missing, oddly enough, and was a known kidnapper and womanizer of Sanctuary. There wasn’t a skirt this fallen angel wouldn’t chase. Him not being there would have put him on top of the list of suspects if Belial hadn’t gotten himself caught trying to murder the cast.


The next suspect was Lily, after a note was discovered about her jealousy of Gabrielle getting the star role of the play made it clear that she also had an interest in a sudden disappearance of Gabrielle. Was it enough to cause Lily to possibly destroy the play that her brother put together ? Who’s to say.

Then there was Rutger, searched by the audience and who apparently had a coded love letter, which didn’t make Gin very happy.. Could Rutger have gotten rid of Gabrielle to hide his dark secret?

Rutger in the spotlight

While audience members like Nicci Chau and Scooby Loochie-Doo were fanning the flames of suspicion and chaos, one audience member, Kouga Silverclaw, seemed to be leading the charge in the investigation, and truth be told, at times he seemed to want to be a bit too involved.

Last pic

While all of this was happening, Belial, the dishonest snake in the grass that he is, slithered away while tied up. With Belial gone everyone decided to look for more clues and meet up on Saturday to try to find Gab. Will there be enough evidence left by then to find her and will there be enough time to finish the play? I guess we’ll find out on Saturday. ?


Saturday May 2nd
Amazons Forever

Rutger steps before the audience and announces that the play cannot go forward because Gab is still missing. As the audience shows shock over this news, Rutger proposes a plan to continue the search for Gab. He, with the help of Lily, one of the Amazon actresses playing Rachel looked around the stage. Eventually they both came upon foot prints that led to the stage but stopped. Rutger carefully checked the stage, squatting down and banging on it a bit with his fists, and noticed it was hollow. He begins to break it open, thus revealing Gabrielle!

Rutger in the spotlight
Gab at first seemed thirsty and weak but after giving her fresh drink and time, she told her story, how she was suddenly taken by surprise by a man with white hair. Of course every one in the audience seemed to be looking for any one with white hair and the only one that fit her description was KougaSilverClaw!


Gabrielle immediately identified him as the kidnapper and the audience converged to grab him and tie him up. At first Kouga denied any wrong doing, but as time went on he eventually admitted it and his motives. His motives were his anger of the play going on, debasing his family history. Kouga was related to one eye jack and felt the play was full of lies painting him as a villain and a monster, and the amazons as heroes. Thus he planned to tie Gabrielle up under the stage and keep her there until Belial would overreact and set fire to the stage. He figured it would be simple enough to frame Belial for the killing of Gab, forever putting off the Amazon play and keeping his family name clean.

Belial ordered him tied up and tossed into the play as background, then given an ‘inspiring’ speech about how the play had to go on because he didn’t want to go bankrupt. So the actors reluctantly went on stage to begin the final act of the play.

Things would start again where they left off before all the chaos erupted. Rachel lay dying in the arms of Gabrielle. With tears in her eyes Gabrielle gathered her weapon and went off to find One Eye Jack and slay the terrible villain. Of course to show off the fake blood, Gin threw rotten tomato sauce on Rachel and any one else who’d been supposedly stabbed, thus showing off cool special effects and being cost effective to boot.

Gabrielle would meet with One Eye Jack and then begin their combat. Jack tried to tempt Gabrielle to leave with him, explaining that they had enough wealth and power to live happy and comfortable, but Gabrielle, no longer blinded by her naivety saw through Jack and began the fight. The two fought an epic battle, but in the end Gabrielle defeated One Eye Jack and killed his subordinates. Too bad she didn’t do that earlier. Would have saved everyone a lot of time and trouble, but I digress. Later she gathered the Amazons and freed the captured prisoners.


After the battle, Gabrielle came to meet the queen of the Amazons and her warriors. Filled with guilt for allowing One Eye Jack to deceive her, Gab was ready for her punishment. The queen decided that her punishment was banishment, but would also offer a task to give her a chance to redeem herself. So it was that Gabrielle would have to go to the lost city of Sanctuary. There she would bring with her other Amazons and fight the slavers there, freeing any slaves that they might come across. Gabrielle, with a heavy heart left her and went to Sanctuary.

FF2020 Ladies of the Play

Many years passed and Gabrielle grew the number of Amazons in Sanctuary and used that force to stop the slave trade there. She did free the slaves and redeemed herself as well.






Snapshot _ Agra Adara ~ Sponsored by United Inshcon & Bad Katz,


Monday May 4th

The Amazons of Sanctuary was finally finished and all that was left was two things. One, to hold a party to celebrate the successful first play of Sanctuary, and two, to hold that no good Kouga accountable for his terrible act of trying to destroy the play by kidnapping Gabrielle. The Princess Regent, Stevie of Sanctuary decided to allow the people to decide on his punishment, and two booths were made to vote on his fate.

Sanctuary at FF 2020 Finale Party #2

The first booth was meant for those who wished to vote to punish Kouga by having him tarred, feathered and banished from Sanctuary.  It was placed near Belial, who wanted to do much more to Kouga but was stopped since all of the things he wanted to do would be classified as cruel and usual punishment.

Sanctuary at FF 2020 Finale party Belial
The booth where Kouga stood was for those who chose to vote to allow Kouga to run free and not get punished.  It would also allow him have a chance to get free and plead his case to the people of the party if he chose to.

Sanctuary at FF 2020 Capture kouga waiting to be tarred&feather

Earlier on Belial’s booth had the lead in the amount of votes to punish Kouga, but as time went on there was a group of Jawar that came and other associated creatures that seemed to really like the scoundrel a lot.  They voted to save him. Oh well, you all know what PT Barnum once said.

Sanctuary at FF 2020 Finale party

When the night came to the end and the votes were counted, Kouga won his freedom. He was so excited that he took off running around the party and dancing with the Jawar creatures. Belial in turn screamed, yelled and threw a giant sized tantrum angered by this development, then pouted, threatened the party goers and stormed off.  Nobody likes a sore loser, B!  And so this would conclude our very first successful play of the Amazons of Sanctuary.

A RFL of SL Event

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