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Enter the realm via stargate. Wormhole travel may leave you a little sick, but after your vision clears you find a very old universe. Some called it Sodom, but now it simply goes by the name “Sanctuary”.

Eons ago, man’s great age of technology and science came to an abrupt end. Evil burst forth and the world was torn asunder. Strange and exotic creatures were unleashed. The world was changed and struggled to survive against the legions of undead horrors.

Sanctuary was an enclave of safety on the new chaotic “Earth”. Or was it? The seat of power and Sanctuary’s only city is in fact Sodom, of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. Legend speaks of these twin cities of depravity and decadence being destroyed by a vengeful god. In fact, a pact was made which allowed only one city to be destroyed and the other to be spared. The great Sultan grieved for his lands and made a bargain with the Djinn, which he promptly broke. His punishment was having all that made him human, torn from him, his body forever encased in a crystal orb.

The great city of Sanctuary now resides in a hidden place, away from the world and reality. As time passed, magical beings flocked to it; vampyres, werewolves, elves, demons, angels and many others. In our city of Sanctuary, you will find great mysteries, horrors and pleasures, still awaiting discovery.

Come to the secret city of Sanctuary, and find what you have been searching for in the deepest recesses of the darkest parts of your soul, Where Dreams & Desires Come True, and Nightmares Are Brought to Life …

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