Roos with a Dream

‘Roos with a Dream’ is a Relay For Life team formed in 2018 by the music and dance troupe DJ Kayla and the Kangaroos.

We called our team ‘Roos with a Dream’ because we share a common dream, and we believe we share it with the Relay community.

We dream of a world:
without the crippling fear of a possible cancer diagnosis…
without the exhaustion of caring for loved ones…
without the anguish of losing our friends and loved ones before their time…

We believe that we can make the dream happen by raising money to fund the researchers and the support systems for survivors and caregivers through the American Cancer Society. Together we can eliminate the suffering caused by cancer.

The Roos believe in the FUN in FUNdraising.

We hold ‘Mondays With The Roos’ dance parties every 2nd Monday from 6-8 pm throughout the Relay season. Come dance with us and bring your friends (and their wallets). We put out a kiosk for every team there.

But equally as important to the Roos is doing what we can to supercharge every team’s fundraising.

Look for us at your team’s parties and events. We’ll bring our spirit and energy.

We’ll be the ones dancing together wherever you let us (hint: we are all divas who love to be invited on stage with your singer or dj).

Also, look for us at major RFL events where we will be performing and entertaining you to distract you while we empty your pockets of the money you were going to donate anyway.

You can follow us on Facebook at

Please come and support us in eliminating the suffering caused by cancer by donating generously to the Relay For Life.

Roos with a Dream

Captain Kangaroo: Ren Flow (dancemaster, seamstress)

Alison Flow
Kayla Flow (DJ)
Lorelei Kessel (dancemaster, seamstress)
Calli Flow
Aya Flow
Willow Seaburt
Chloe Anne Johnson

A RFL of SL Event

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