Roleplayer Credits 2020

Organizers & Main Contacts:

Stevie Basevi
Saffia Widdershins

Roleplay Groups

The Sanctuary Players of Agra Adara
The Grizzly Cubs of Spirit Valley of Kuruk

Roleplay Classes


Bluezy Bleac of Firestorm Support
Rutger Coakes of Sanctuary
Tanith Rosenbaum of Sanctuary
Martine Serpente of Sanctuary
Strifeclaw Resident of the Grizzly Cubs
Maxwell Graf of Rustica
Kaiila Mahoney, Elder Physician of Gor
Angela Carling (Angel Chauvert), Extraordinary Roleplayer
Colton Drechsler of The White Armory
Tea Gupte, Most Excellent Tiny Helper Person
ColeMarie Soleil, Particle Fae Queen Extraordinaire
Elicio Ember of Cerridwen’s Cauldron
Leander(MadMechaMessiah Resident) of NeoVictoria
Elayne Diavolo, Mover of Tall SL Event Mountains

Tabletop Gaming

Chuu Hikari Akamine (chuuakamine) – Tabletop Manager, Lead
Nyza Stillwater – Tabletop Assistant
Kitori Unplugged – Tabletop Assistant
Remnant Ashbourne – studioDire Support and Technician

A RFL of SL Event

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