Roleplayer Credits 2019

Bubo Owls

Prominent Owls
Loki Eliot: One of the oldest Bubo’s, some of the other children treat him as one of their leaders. However, he doesn’t get why as he’s almost never there for the most important things. In any case, he believe seniority hasn’t made him any different from the others. He is a decent mechanic though.

Tepic Harlequin: An energetic eight year old that is supremely proud of his fox tail. He doesn’t know how he got here, but that doesn’t stop him from making up stories about it. A cunning lad with a flair for impractical childlike plans, but when the chips are down you hope he hasn’t run off for the night

Nat Merit: A lost child who seems to have been born under an unlucky star. He found his way to the Bubo’s after a grand series of misadventures, and still doesn’t know everything about their purpose in this city. Fortunately, they’re a quick learner. He’s always searching for meaning and patterns in the events around him. Despite his bad luck, he seems to think there’s a purpose behind everything.

And there are many more diverse Bubo’s happy to introduce themselves including: Taylor Muggings, Freya Ruebens, Candance, Kibblemouse, Leon Starstrider, Jimmy Branaugh, Cyan Rayna, and a number of allies such as Lynx Tree, and Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe, and of course the Guardians who guide the lost children on their journeys

Guardians of the Elemental Stones
Strifeclaw: Guardian of the Earth Stone, is a giant panther towering above the children she protects. She spends most of her time in nature, but the flying market is outside her element. Some consider her wise and grounded compared to the Guardian of the Air.

Avariel Falcon Guardian of the Air Stone, is a Unicorn who is often very befuddled and sometimes even forgetful. She comes and goes with the wind, and even she does not know where it will take her. The happy go lucky spirit is in her true element surrounded by aetheric crystals and the wind. She is still relatively new as a Guardian and is not entirely sure why she was chosen. As always though, she is happy to see what adventures the Owls will uncover.

Cale Firesong Guardian of the Fire Stone, was a dying boy who was reborn as a phoenix. His experience and transformation has made him distant and somewhat aloof compared to the other Guardians, but his heart remains in the right place.

Sanctuary RP Community

Major Roles
Bastcat Magic: Luminous Mages’ Guild Leader
Belial Darwinian: Infamous Thieves’ Guild leader
KatManDo0 Resident: Shadowy Follower of Tiamat
Martine Serpente: Sparkling Mage
Stevie Basevi: The Princess. Nuff’ Said
Tanith Rosenbaum: Dark Government Official
TiamatAlal Resident: Lovesick Elder Goddess


Major Roles
Scarlet Fey (sari6t resident )–Queen
Merwann (leguenn resident) –Renegade Dwarf/ or Renegade Elven
Lady (adoveea.rau)-Chief Mischief Maker
Dreamsphere Zeimer -Voice of the Queen and personal guard
ℬanshee (abinathra resident ) Chronicler

Fhionn (ciebhfhionn Resident ) Sindarin Citizen
Lilith (samantha0540 resident )–Head of the Guards
Lyra (gena.littlebird)-Elven ranger
DESS (odessajo Resident ) — Sindarin Citizen
Rayven Firebrand—Ranger/ Sindarin Citizen
Holly (hollysilva resident) Sindaria Outlander

The NeoVictoria Project

Group Lead
Asil Karu

Key Players
Asil Karu
Asil Emor
Jhaesoph Foxdale

Roleplay Classes

MadMechaMessiah Resident of the NeoVictoria Roleplay group
Oliviermadeileine Resident of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
Martine Serpente of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
Solasnagealai and Bee Dumpling of Silvan Moon Designs
Tanith Rosenbaum of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
Asil Ares of the NeoVictoria Roleplay group
Scarlet Fey of Sindaria
420Nyts Resident of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
Bluezy Bleac of Firestorm Support
Osiris LeShelle of Avilion
Bastcat Magic of the Sanctuary Roleplay group

Tabletop Gaming

Nyza Stillwater – General Manager
Skeleton (Kitori Unplugged) – Assistant, Consultant, and Head Game Master
Remnant Ashbourne – Tabletop Technician
Ascot Stormcrow (Kane Stormcrow) – Game Master

Eagle’s Photo Studio – Vecchio Barbosa and Alli J Barbosa (Alliah Jewell)
studioDire – Remnant Ashbourne
The Nerdy Birdy – Skeleton (Kitori Unplugged)
Rivendale – Riven (LRRiven Resident)
Chuu Hikari Akamine (chuuakamine)
Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Elicio Ember

SmiteWorks / Fantasy Grounds
Chaosium Inc.
Rowan, Rook and Decard
Evil Hat Productions
Engine Publishing
Frog God Games
Pelegrane Press

A RFL of SL Event

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