Roleplayer Credits 2018

Liaison: Stevie Basevi

The Faculty of the Fairelands College for Roleplay

Asil Ares of NeoVictoria
Arctic Ranger & Harkon Benoir of The Lands of Luth
Emersonlanks Resident of Emerald Hurst
MzHeather Resident of Sanctuary
Stevie Basevi of Sanctuary
Martine Serpente of Sanctuary
Gager Resident of The Magpies
Viennala Beaumont of the Lands of Luth
420Nyts of Sanctuary
MadMechaMessiah Resident of NeoVictoria
Oliviermadeileine Resident of Sanctuary
MeWonHungLo of Sanctuary

The Lost Children of the Fairelands, known as the Magpies in 2018

Main Contributors
Loki Eliot – builder and chief story crafter
Beryl Strifeclaw (Gager Resident) – coordinator and Faire liaison, website-liaison, Guardian of the Earth Stone, Protector of Children
Avariel Falcon – Guardian of the Air, Protector of Children

Tepic Harlequin
Cyan Rayna
Candance (Candancetherunaway)
Tokada the Rebel
Sebi Edmund
Jimmy Branagh
Matthew Querion
Azura Kitty
Poe North
Margo December
Myrtil Iglay

Participants & Roles at the Sanctuary/Fantasy Faire Sim RP 2018

Major Roles
Stevie Basevi – The Princess – Badass
Belial Darwinian – Bad guy – Bad indeed, and good at it
MORGAN (Martine Serpente) – Member of the guard
Lut (Maltur Resident) – NPC
Slay Xue – NPC
THE ANGEL (Xenobia Jinx) – NPC

Players with Roles
Atli (jae.geraln)- Amazone
Bast (bastcat.magic) – Head of Mages
Bobby-Oji (bobbyvoudkolakik) – Troll at large
Dartan Solarmoon (DartanionTherandis Resident)
Dusty Sandstorm (Dusty Silvershade) – Bar ursurper
Echo ℳαýαкø (mzheather) – Healer
Kheira Tengu (freebird864 Resident) – Guard
LilithDracus Resident – Warrior at large, Amazon
Lottie (laffalott) – Warrior at large, Amazon
Matlokk (flamingtoaster0300) – Attorney at law, Hottie
Mizuku (semiramis1919) – Healer
One Eyed Banchō (oliviermadeileine) – Combative Troll
Ŝĥαďє χ Rαιη (420nyts) – Necromancer – Insane Dracolich, decidedly NOT the hero
T (tanith.rosenbaum) – Prosecutor
Val (valeforania) – Tentative healer robot-slash-angel
Xarabethe – Amazone

Players without specific (or with unknown) Role
Bisby du Lyon (AshleyduLyon Resident)
copper Convair
Daikini (daikinilove)
Grant Evermore
Magnek Fang
Mags Zuruchi
Misaki Moonchild (lucywantsyou)
Pєקקє尺 ℳαýαкø (pepper.mayako)
Storm Wind (mewonhunglo)
Whitewolf (whitewolf04)
Yanluo Wang (HenriettaVoudkolakik Resident)

The NeoVictoria Project

Asil Ares – Shopkeeper
Asil Karu – Healer Asil Karu
LadyLyndon – Jane Black
Paisley Dawes – Idalia Weed
TatianaRomanova – Essie
Tarquin Evermore – Roselyin , Bella Macabre’
snowjob – Lorelei
hmmmph.stenvaag – Hmmmph
MadMechaMessiah – Leander Hatfield , Haskell Faustus

A RFL of SL Event

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