Roleplay: The Children of Stories – Explorers of the Rift

The Junior Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers
The Junior Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers

The Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers (the S.E.E) are a group of respected archaeologists who seek to unearth ancient secrets.  Hailing from a realm far distant to the Fairelands, their scholars and explorers have braved many a tomb and thwarted rivals both friendly and deadly.  They have even formed a Junior Society for young burgeoning minds.  However, the youths led by Professor Krakpotter are the black sheep of their order.  With a vast interest in the occult, and unorthodox methods, the Professor has entered the Fairelands with one destination in mind, the Amethyst Rift.

The Amethyst Rift is an abandoned, ancient, but mysteriously preserved home of powerful sorcerers who vanished long ago. It is believed the Rift was a city, or perhaps a temple complex, carved into the walls of a deep fissure of rock at the convergence of several major ley lines. The magic there is strong enough to flow in pulsing violet waves visible even to those without second sight. Scavengers and explorers have wondered for centuries over its strange glass-like walkways and suspended monoliths, and many attempts have been made over the years to discover the fate of its builders, but no trace of them remains besides their empty constructions in the Rift.

The junior explorers are excited by their chance, but may be biting off more than they can handle. Ancient creatures long dormant may be summoned by their tampering. Rival archeologists, even friendly ones, may beat them to their discoveries.  The Shadows of the Unweaver, his ancient spies, may be lurking behind any corner.

And there is one threat that must not be forgotten again…a Nordic Dark Elf who thrives in misery. A creature that is the enemy of truth and the reshapper of memories. There is always one figure that haunts the Children of Stories so they may become merely more Forgotten. The being who claims he was Bard King long before the New Bards brought the written word to share their stories widely.

These junior explorers are going to need all the help they can get as truths long buried are brought to the surface. Join the S.E.E. anytime at the Faire.

Once the Faire starts, you will be able to read daily updates here.
You can find out more about the Explorers here.

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