Roleplay Extra Events

Read all about two EXTRA events that have been added to the Roleplay events at Fantasy Faire – Meet and Greets with the Duchy of Lundy, and the Riverside Roleplay Market, a centaur market in Wandering Woods, where all are welcome!

Duchy of Lundy Meet and Greet

Saturday 24th April 11am – 1pm
Saturday 1st May 11am – 12noon

Duchy of Lundy

The Duchy of Lundy is an immersive role-play community inviting new and veteran players to step back in time to the era of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Under the stewardship of the House of Winters, this sovereign realm has begun to transform itself from an obscure isle into a center of culture and commerce.

Duchy of Lundy

Visit us for our Meet and Greet at embassy on Vallhalla
For more information visit us at in Second Life or online at our website.

Duchy of Lundy


Riverside Roleplay Market

Thursday 29th April 11am – 1 pm

Riverside Roleplay Market

Riverside Market is a roleplay market that takes place weekly at the Ancient Order of Centaurs, where trading of goods takes place via the Unity Empires system and some good old paraRP. 

This week we bring the market to The Wandering Woods at Fantasy Faire. Come watch or take part as you like. Tends to include some humour. 

 Dare you trade for your fortune told from our resident teller? Or some fine seafood or some balms and tinctures perhaps?

Join us for the Riverside Market in Wandering Woods!

A RFL of SL Event

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