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This year Fantasy Faire will once again be offering Roleplay classes for those who aren’t familiar with or don’t feel quite comfortable with Roleplay.  Come, listen in and hopefully next time you are offered an opportunity to RP, you will be able to jump right in!

Roleplay Classes at Bayounimba

Roleplay Classes Sponsored by Sanctuary RP Community

Classes Are Here

Thursday, April 18th at 3pm slt:
Unity Maxim RP & Combat Meter ~
Taught by the Sanctuary and Sindaria Roleplay Groups
In this class, we will briefly explain the Unity Maxim combat meter and the Unity Empire pouch system for new RP players who either don’t know what a combat meter is in the first place or don’t have one set up yet, and will help those who don’t have one set up with the setup procedure. These systems are used in Sanctuary’s and Sindaria’s RPs at the Fantasy Faire. They are not strictly required for either RP, but they are recommended so you can enjoy the full extend of the RPs. So if you don’t know what a combat meter or pouch system is or need help setting yours up, come to this class.

Friday, April 19th at 9am slt:
Character Arcs ~
Taught by MadMechaMessiah Resident of the NeoVictoria Roleplay group
Throughout fiction, we regularly encounter three basic character arcs: Positive, Negative, and Flat. This class is devoted to breaking down these character arcs, explaining while they all can make for satisfying character progression, and discussing why not only writers should make use of them but us roleplayers.

Friday, April 19th at 8pm slt:
Roleplay Etiquette 101 ~
Taught by Oliviermadeileine Resident of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
One of the more important things when you manage to create a character, as important to the process of thinking into existence an interesting original character, is the fact  that you are part of an environment. The freedom creative of novelist sadly is not the same as player or role-playing game, the secret about this beyond Good and Evil or Chaotic or Lawful is the chance to let yourself become an adventurer and find for yourself that all the people, or in the case of Second Life all the avatars matter.

Saturday, April 20th at 7pm slt:
IC Versus OOC, Relationships, And Playing With Ethics. A Class For All Levels of RP ~
Taught by Martine Serpente of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
First and foremost in importance is one of the most difficult concepts for many to grasp: IC or IN character, versus OUT of character. Even those who get it can tend to forget at times. It is vital to get this one straight though for the sake of good RP and peace. Too, ethics. RP is about the journey, not the destination. It’s not about winning, it is about playing. To do this well, we need to treat each other well, and get where others are coming from. All levels need this! Key differences to understand: IC versus OOC relationships, and when it’s a romance for YOU or for your character!

Sunday, April 21st at 7pm slt:
Mesh and Textures: Basic Tools and Tips to Get Started! ~
Taught by Solasnagealai and Bee Dumpling of Silvan Moon Designs
Have you ever wanted to build in Second Life but don’t know how to get started? Join Solasnagealai and Bee Dumpling of Silvan Moon Designs for basic tips and tricks to get you up and running! A Q&A session will follow.

Monday, April 22nd at 10:00am slt:
Combat Without Meters ~
Taught by Tanith Rosenbaum of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
While combat meters are fun, the more traditional approach to combat in RP is either dice or even just RP based, which may be the preferred options for a variety of reasons. Join Tanith Rosenbaum for a comprehensive introduction into both methods along with a discussion of advantages and disadvantages, and a short demonstration of both.

Tuesday, April 23rd at 9:30am slt:
Why Do Sim-Wides ~
Taught by Asil Ares of the NeoVictoria Roleplay group
Many groups do them; some folks love them and others avoid them like plague. This class will delve into how SIM-wides can be used to bring communities together, how they can be abused, and what we can do as players and admins, to make them better!

Tuesday, April 23rd at 6pm slt:
Characterization Via Appearance And Action ~
Taught by Martine Serpente of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
Characterization: Who is your character? How do you show this? In Sl it can be both visual and via actions and thoughts represented. What does your character like? Dislike? Wear? How do they appear? You can be straightforward on the humanoids, or no. Are they gloriously lovely but awful villains? Or monstrous in appearance, and the sweetest ‘person’ that you could ever meet. What do you hide? (Even from yourself) What does the world know? Talk on shopping tips included!

Wednesday, April 24th 2:30pm slt:
What Is This Role Playing Thing Anyway? ~
Taught by Scarlet Fey of Sindaria
If you’ve been wanting to get into Role play but you aren’t sure how to go about it, then this is the class for you. This high level overview of Role Play in Second Life will leave you with a solid understanding of why it is so popular and so fun to be a part of.

Wednesday, April 24th 8:30pm slt:
Enhancing And Enabling RP With Scripts And Experiences ~
Taught by Tanith Rosenbaum of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
Enhancing and enabling RP with scripts and experiences: An overview and introduction for non-scripters on what scripts can and can’t do.

Thursday, April 25th at 10:00am slt:
Roleplay Etiquette 102 ~
Taught by Oliviermadeileine Resident of the Sanctuary Roleplay Group
We all want the character that we create to be engaging, interesting, and have a wonderful back story. But we may need to remember we are in a Social Environment bound by a Social Contract. Let’s remember what the social contract around roleplaying was.

Thursday, April 25th at 6pm slt:                         
Advanced Roleplay 102 ~
Taught by 420Nyts Resident of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
Differences between ParaRp and Interactive styles (First person). Do’s and Don’ts.

Friday April 26th at 10:00am:
How To Prevent/Decrease Lag In A Roleplay Environment ~
Taught by Bluezy Bleac of Firestorm Support
Are you thinking of creating a detailed roleplay environment and also want to actually be able to walk around in it and roleplay? Bluezy from Firestorm Support will be here to speak about the best ways of keeping the lag down in your space!

Friday April 26th at 8pm slt:
RP Do’s and Don’ts – LotRp : One Rule to Rule Them All ~
Taught by Osiris LeShelle of Avilion
We’ll look at do’s and don’ts for roleplayers, based on examples from more than 12 years of Avilion Roleplay History. But don’t let those 12 years scare you. Everyone can roleplay and today’s lesson will help you realize YOU can roleplay too! You just have to remember the One Rule to rule them all….
Curious? Travel with us through roleplay land to find the One Rule.

Saturday, April 27th at 11:30am slt
Your Burning Role Play Questions ~
A discussion with Bastcat Magic of the Sanctuary Roleplay group
Interested in role playing but not sure what it’s all about?  Have specific questions on how certain things are best done? Bring all of your burning questions to the session and BastCat Magic will attempt to answer them for you!

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