Roleplay Classes at Fallen Sands

This year, the Fantasy Faire will be offering something new for you.  We have Roleplay classes which if you aren’t familiar with or feel comfortable with Role Play, will help you to be able to jump right in!
Roleplay Classes at Fallen Sands:

Fantasy Faire RP Class_001

Friday, April 21st at 11am slt:
Roleplaying And You~
Taught by Redbeauty Lytton
You’ve seen roleplay and would like to give it a try.  What kind of role would you like?  Where do you see yourself fitting in?  This class will help you find your roleplay niche.

Saturday, April 22nd at 8pm slt:
Tips On Building Your Character~
Taught by Ingerdenoapte Resident
Alright, now you know where your spot is in the world of roleplay.  Now who exactly are you?  How do you design a character that you can live with?

Sunday, April 23rd at 7pm slt:
Do’s And Don’ts of Roleplay~
Taught by CherryFizz Maltz
In this class we will discuss the best ways to fit in with those you roleplay with, and how to keep a happy roleplay environment without stepping on toes.

Monday, April 24th at 11am slt:
Roleplay Basics~
Taught by Laura Polke
What exactly is godmodding, and how is it different from metagaming?  What does post order mean?  How do you enter a roleplay scene without disrupting it?

Tuesday, April 25th at 11am slt:
Melding Character, Plot, and Setting in RP
Taught by Morgen Bookmite (and maybe a surprise guest or two).
In this RP workshop, you will learn the importance of building a character appropriate for a general plot and specific setting. You’ll also get a hands-on opportunity to roleplay a character of your choosing and practice incorporating plot and setting into your character’s paragraph-length posts.

Wednesday, April 26th at 7pm slt:
Building Is Roleplay~
Taught by Gager Resident
Gager will be explaining the connection between building and roleplaying, and how to move smoothly between the two, making it believable.

Thursday, April 27th at 11am slt:
The Ethics Of Roleplaying With Others~
Taught by Redbeauty Lytton
Red will be discussing the many ways to be true to your roleplay, how to develop and maintain the integrity of your roleplay and character, and how to be respectful of those that you roleplay with.

Saturday, April 29th at 7pm slt:
Roleplay Manners~
Taught by Martine Serpente
More on the proper etiquette of roleplay, or how to win friends and influence people in a roleplay setting.


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