This year Fantasy Faire will once again be offering Roleplay classes for those who aren’t familiar with or don’t feel quite comfortable with Roleplay.  Come, listen in and hopefully next time you are offered an opportunity to RP, you will be able to jump right in!

Roleplay Classes at Falls of Hope

Roleplay Classes Sponsored by Sanctuary RP Community

RP Class 2018_002

Friday, April 20th at 11am slt:
Separating IC From OOC~
Taught by Asil Ares of the NeoVictoria Roleplay group
Knowing the difference between IC ((In Character) and OOC (Out of Character) is very important in Roleplay, in fact it’s one of the basics. In this class, the difference between the two will be explained, and also some of the issues that could arise when they are not kept separate.

Saturday, April 21st at 5pm slt:
Character Development~
Taught by Arctic Ranger & Harkon Benoir of the Lands of Luth
How do I approach developing a character that will be fun for me to play? How do I develop the elements of personality that will make them fun for other people to interact with. How do I bring some reality to my roleplay of this character I created? We will talk about some of the basics of character creation and development.

Sunday, April 22nd at 11am slt:
Conflict In Roleplay~
Taught by Emersonlanks Resident of Emerald Hurst
We will be showing how having conflict within your roleplay can be beneficial and fun. We will be giving examples of aggressive and passive aggressive conflict and how deflection and manipulation can be great tools.

Sunday, April 22nd at 9pm slt:
Proper Handling Of A Simwide Roleplay~
Taught by MzHeather Resident of Sanctuary
Group discussion about ways to focus and work a group sim wide roleplay, as well as how to work OOC Ims into IC RP. Discussion will open at the end for ideas on furthering the sim wide roleplay.

Monday, April 23rd at 8pm slt:
Playing Your Consequences~
Taught by Martine Serpente of Sanctuary
That horrible thing that happened to your character? Did you just get upset about it, or is it part of who that character is NOW, even years of RP later? Let’s talk about that!

Tuesday, April 24th at 11am slt:
Building is Roleplay~
Taught by Gager of The Magpies
In a 3-D environment where you can create anything, why would you ever just rely on text? Gager will be explaining the connection between building and roleplaying, and how to move smoothly between the two, making it believable.

Tuesday, April 24th at 8pm slt:
Playing it Easy, or Playing it Hard?~
Taught by Martine Serpente of Sanctuary
Who is your character, really? Playing a character doesn’t have to mean playing yourself, and can be even more deep when you don’t. It’s also far easier to not get upset if someone HATES your character and it’s not just like YOU. When does patterning after YOU start to be a problem in character and not just good flavor?

Wednesday, April 25th at 5pm slt:
Roleplay 101~
Taught by Viennala Beaumont & Arctic Ranger of the Lands of Luth
This class will discuss some of the basic roleplay do’s and don’ts, and offer some practical advice to new players. What are godmodding and metagaming, and why are they bad? What’s the best way to enter a scene? To leave one? Handouts will be offered, but this class will be taught in voice.

Thursday, April 26th at 7pm slt:
Advanced Roleplay 102~
Taught by 420Nyts Of Sanctuary
Differences between ParaRp and Interactive styles (First person). Do’s and Don’ts.

Friday, April 27th at 8am slt:
Roleplay Tropes~
Taught by MadMechaMessiah of the NeoVictoria Roleplay group 
Mostly those in character creations that tend to get overused and should be handled with care.

Friday, April 27th at 8pm slt:
Roleplay Etiquette~
Taught by Oliviermadeileine Resident Of Sanctuary
Roleplay is great fun, but best when served with a hefty portion of respect and generosity. In this class, you will gain an understanding of how to play nice, avoiding conflict and OOC or Out of Character issues.

Saturday, April 28th at 1pm slt:
There’s No Fear In Roleplay~
Taught by MeWonHungLo Of Sanctuary
A class to assure everyone that in short during RP there are no real “mistakes” just opportunities for fun and more RP exploration!

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