Magpies at the Bazaar Dungeon

The Bazaar Dungeon is an ancient prison, once filled with shifting walls to trap the incarcerated, now breached, and opened for trade. It is a subterranean world, where the glowing path alone assures safety and passages remain as yet unexplored – perhaps trapped, perhaps filled with undiscovered treasures worthy of the risk. And at the centre of it all, the ever-watching eye, ancient guardian of this place, waiting to rest its gaze upon those who tread too carelessly.

It is here that a group of youth have gathered, known as the Magpies!

Who are the Magpies?

The Magpies have no home beyond these tunnels where they have set up their camp. Some are descendants of former convicts, while others have come here to seek adventure and fortune. The Magpies explore the tunnels looking for legendary artifacts while braving the dangers below under the watchful eye of their Guardians.

Their spiritual guardians are well known, Avariel of the Air and Strifeclaw of the Earth who will always guide and protect the children. Avariel has little influence under ground, but Strifeclaw is there to assist them while they remain under the watchful eye of the Stone Sentinel of the Bizaar.

Guardians of the Elemental Stones


Strifeclaw, the Guardian of the Earth Stone, is a giant panther towering above the children she protects. She spends most of her time in nature, but underground suits her well and she rarely has trouble fitting! Some consider her wise and grounded compared to the Guardian of the Air.


Avariel, Guardian of the Air Stone, is a Unicorn who is often very befuddled and sometimes even forgetful. She comes and goes with the wind, and even she does not know where it will take her. The happy go lucky spirit is not comfortable trapped underground where she is so limited. She is still relatively new as a Guardian and is not entirely sure why she was chosen. As always though, she is happy to see what adventures the Magpies will uncover.

The Stone Sentinel
The Stone Sentinel is no Guardian of the children, but rather the entire Dungeon. It was supposed to keep the prisoners trapped, a warden. It would be best not to disturb it if you can help it.

How can you join them?
Listen for the radio broadcasts each day and look for the Magpies in the Bazaar Dungeon around 1pm slt everyday for the adventures they will undoubtedly find themselves in. Perhaps there are ‘treasures’ there worth far more than gold…

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