Relay for Christ

Relay for Christ is a team about acceptance – of any person, of any faith. “No matter who one prays to, faith is vital to recovery.” is part of our “Why We Relay” statement. We won’t ask you to pray to our God, but we will ask you to donate to our kiosk – or to any other kiosk should you not want to donate to ours. We’re not even very good at recruiting members, because we always say, “Well here’s the information about our team, but there are 181 other teams you could join. Any team would be glad to have you.”

We were a team first in 2018. Our team members attended some events. We had a campsite at RelayStock, and at Relay Weekend.
In 2019, all of our active members quit SL and one of them discouraged us from continuing the team. If it hadn’t been for the encouragement of other, more seasoned relayers, our team would have ended right then.

We decided to continue, and we thought we’d “do an event.” For us, that means dancing. We ended up hosting five dances with a live DJ, in addition to RelayStock and Relay Weekend.

Distraida’s Fishing Area (DFA) on the mainland in Alua becomes Relay for Christ’s headquarters during Relay Season. Our team captain will tell you, “Purple is the official color of Relay for Life of Second Life.” We turn the entire place purple for the duration of the season – even the snow and grass.

We’ve had four dances so far this year, with three more planned, as well as vendors and a gacha out at DFA. Also, our captain, a four year old child avatar, raffled herself off as Daughter for a Day. Don’t worry, we still plan on being at RelayStock and our team will be sharing a campsite at Relay Weekend.

Last year we learned that the Hebrew word translated as “dance” in the Bible is the same exact word translated as “rejoice”. It is our hope that everyone reading this will come rejoice with us at Fantasy Faire, and maybe even do some dancing. GO RELAY!

A RFL of SL Event

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