Register of Exiles – Afterword

Register of Exiles-24 copy

The idea for the story of this Hunt has a grounding in reality, as anyone who has followed the terrible events in the Middle East and Europe will quickly realise.

Exiles have existed throughout time and place, in Reality as well as in Fantasy, and the stories they weave and that are woven about them are stories of loss and longing, but they are tales of hope as well—a hope that the future will bring a better life, and a brighter world.

In addition, as always, the Quest this year has an underlying allegory related to the nature of the event we are come together to enjoy, to celebrate and to serve. This allegory can be explored by those who wish to look deeper.

But we hope that the Quest will also bring pleasure to those who follow it from the first meeting with the Bard Queen until the final astounding cascade of gifts!



A RFL of SL Event

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