Raven’s Perch

Ravens Perch by Caitlin Tobias
Raven’s Perch – picture by Caitlin Tobias.

Raven’s Perch (Kaelis Ember/lrriven) – SLURL
A place of beauty and mystery, this is a land that was once grand but has now been lost to the passage of time. Nothing remains untouched by the wild chaos of nature. The shadow of what it once was adds an element of Fae grace and elegance to the shell of a formerly great city. Walk its rose choked avenues, explore its Gothic ruins, and unveil the mystery of its fall to ruin.

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Rivendale lrriven Resident


Unzipped Destany Laval

*paper moon* / BluPrintZ sohma Dix / Mirajai Maven

Belle Epoque / **LUAS** Janire Coba / AinaraLuas

glYph< Cry Hawker

Syren’s Song xxsyrenxx Resident

The Annex theannex Resident

The Little Bat Drusilla Dethly

Dark Passions Bcreative Wilde

HarshLands Kadaj Yoshikawa

Moondrops atomicfaery

Roped Passions herpassion Resident

Get Frocked Vampira Voom

1313 Mockingbird Lane Blackmagix Resident

Endless Pain Tattoos Mae Jewell

Unknown Designs TaylaAtlantis Ashbourne

Attitude is an Artform Heceta Demina


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