Quest Credits 2023

Organizer & Main Contact:
Aisling Sinclair

The Fairelands Quest: The Magic of Dragons

Produced, written, and directed by
Aisling Sinclair

Technical Director
Terra Volitant

Nova Nadiya region designed and built by
Elizabeth Tinsley

The Heart Chamber designed and built by
Garvie Garzo

Associate Producer
Judi Newall

Story contributions by
Sonya Marmurek
Judi Newall
Elizabeth Tinsley
Terra Volitant

Video production by
Bain Finch

Audio production by
Zander Greene

Soundscapes designed by
Lorin Tone

The Bard Queen voiced by
Aisling Sinclair

Shahara voiced by
Jemila Ericson

Cyra companion created by
Calli Kit for CKit Falconry

Quest HUD design by
Kilik Lekvoda

Promotion graphic design by
Alia Baroque

Promotion photography by
Caitlin Tobias

Radio promotion by
Aoife Lorefield

Website management by
Sonya Marmurek

Quest prize preview team
Aznana Shieldmaiden
Melyna Foxclaw

The New Hope Set
(Deluxe HUD gift outfits)
Created by Janire Coba for Belle Epoque

A RFL of SL Event

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