Quest Credits 2018

The Fairelands Quest: The House of Garland

Produced, directed, and written by
Aisling Sinclair

Based on a story by
Zander Greene

Scripted by
Encaitaron Korobase

Region designed and built by
Eclair Martinek

Cutscene still photography
Lucavi Couturier

Cutscene machinima and editing
Petlove Petshop

Sound production and mastering
Zander Greene

The Bard Queen
Aisling Sinclair

Zander Greene

Cheer created by
Kilik Lekvoda

Cheer’s voice
Christy Grantham

Young Maia Evangeline
Crystal Lapis

Associate Producers
Amethyst Dovgal
Lucavi Couturier

Graphic Design
Kilik Lekvoda
Alia Baroque

NPC construction
Kilik Lekvoda

Publicity and Promotion
Amethyst Dovgal
Lucavi Couturier

Website management
Sonya Marmurek

Promotion photography
Alisaundra Andel

External servers supplied and supported by

Technical assistance
Madonna Daehlie

The Fairelands Traveler Set (Deluxe HUD gift outfit)
Designed by Bee Dumpling for Silvan Moon Designs

Quest Prize Catalogue Team
Aznana Shieldmaiden
Ruina Kessel 

The producers wish to thank all the many designers and creators
who provided gifts for Quest participants
and all the Fairelanders who offered hints and help to fellow questers


A RFL of SL Event

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