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Do you want a sneak peek into what kind of treasures await you? Check out our Pinterest Quest Prize Catalogue, divided into the Region Mementos that you get on your journey through the Fairelands, and the Treasure Hoard that is dropped on you at the very end of the Quest.

The prize catalogue at Pinterest.

From Nadjanator’s post “The Lair of Lantoris: Unpacking the Cache”

The treasure cache holds over 64 prizes for men, women, Dinkies, and even Teegle horses! Let’s take a closer look at some of the prizes, shall we?

I had the distinct pleasure of teaming up with Aznana Shieldmaiden and Laura (ArualBlues) to sort through all the prizes. While we were sorting, Aznana turned into a RFL mermaid, courtesy of **Tir Na Nog**, and I found myself a new mount named Murgatroid from Rainy Fey Creations. As you can see, though, Laura wasn’t too pleased with my widdle Murgatroid and gave chase through the Celestial Plane in a sultry dress by Tamiron Forge and a lethal pair of boots by *Cygnet’s Dreams*.

Aznana Shieldmaiden
by Aznana Shieldmaiden (Blog | Flickr)

Eventually, Murgatroid ran away, and we found ourselves in the thick of a crystal forest furnished by 3rd Eye Perceptions, Fae Fantasy Creations, Gypsy Wolf, HarshLands, and Simply Shelby.

by Laura (Blog | Flickr)

Nothing like the soft aura of healing crystals, phosphorescent mushrooms, and tropical flowers to temper our spirits and make fast friends of us all!

Like our swag? Then start the Lair of Lantoris quest right away (or finish it, if you’ve already started)! Your bardic duty awaits.

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