Performance Groups 2022

Introductions to the dance and particle theater groups.


~~~~This is Alchemelic~~~~

Alchemelic has a one-of-a-kind aesthetic fusion that is absolutely unique.

Kalyca enhances the atmosphere with lighting and color, while d-oo-b entertains with his original music and media.

All while surrounded by playful stages, they have created.




Regular theater

Fantasy Frontier

A live visual particle immersion experience by Kalyca & d-oo-b

Listen to the show on media to see the music perfectly in sync with the media.

The music is also on the audio stream but with a 30-second delay so there’s no need to play both the audio and media.

Set your windlight to midnight and your particles to max.


Friday April 22nd @ 9am

Friday April 29th @ 10am

Tuesday May 3rd @ 9am

AOC – Ancient Order of Centaurs

We’re a small band of theater enthusiasts from the Ancient Order of Centaurs roleplay group.





A Centaurian Tale

A theatrical introduction to the history and setting of the Ancient Order of Centaurs. Join the ‘actaurs’ as they perform the tale of Centauria’s great war and the rise of Queen Julala. You won’t want to miss it!


Friday April 29th @ 2pm

Avilion Cameo Theater

The Avilion Cameo Theatre has been performing in Avilion, a medieval fantasy role play, combat and arts land, since 2015. We stage original plays, adaptations of novels and stories, poetry in performance pieces, musicals and dance works. Membership in the group is open to anyone who is interested in acting, dancing, writing and adapting scripts, directing, designing (sets, costumes, publicity) , creating choreography–and audience members who want to be informed of upcoming productions. No prior experience is necessary and newcomers are welcome! [Contact Bajoy for details]

‘The Wind in the Willows’

‘The Wind in the Willows’ is an adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s classic novel of life along the riverbank with Rat, Mole, Badger, Toad and friends. This version is performed by Tinies who act to a pre-recorded sound stream. The show was directed by Bajoy with assistance from Hollie Aluveaux and produced with a multi-purpose set by Serenek Timeless. Choreography was by Pipit Starlight. (Acknowledgment is given to the 1983 Cosgrove Hall Film Version that helped to shape the script and musical numbers.)


Friday April 22nd @ 11am

The Avilion MerBallet Company

Since 2009, The Avilion Merballet Company showcases the beauty and agility of the mer form. Our dancers are recruited from the Guardians of Avilion. By combining mer mystic and magic, we’ve made waves entertaining with this visually inspiring SL artform in over 35 unique shows. Share this dream with us!


Home theatre:

Love is the Seventh Wave

The performance “Love is the Seventh Wave” celebrates the musical genius of Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner or more popularly known as Sting. An is English musician, singer, songwriter and actor. He was the frontman, songwriter and bassist for new wave rock band the Police from 1977 to 1984. He launched a solo career in 1985 and has included elements of rock, jazz, reggae, classical, new-age and worldbeat in his music.


Saturday April 23rd @ 3pm

Black Heart Theater


Black Heart Theater was founded by Fifi Oh in November of 2019.

ღ°º.°.ƒїƒї σђ.°.º°ღ

Fifi’s builds have been featured on Designing Worlds Prim Perfect and her events have been featured on the Destination Guide.

► Fifi is a deepmix electronic DJ and global charting artist on MixCloud. Fifi’s specialty is immersive storyline sets. Fifi is an avid choreographer and particle enthusiast.




Lollipop, a Cautionary Tale

Black Heart Theater is an immersive particle show & storyline *nonstop* dance – audience participation group experience.

♥ Immersive shows ♥

with Audience participation


Friday April 22nd @ 9pm

Friday April 29th @ 8pm

Friday May 6th@ 8pm

ChangHigh Sisters of Light, Life & Love

We are 3 sisters, who since 2007 have done almost 400 live circus fire dancing shows on the grid, for all kinds of fundraising and catastrophic events and private people.

As members of the group The Children of The Most High, our main purpose is to create and make our performance a transcendent experience to present an enlighten revelation of The Most Highest Cosmic Consciousness to the people of this strife-torn world whether this be Real Life or Second Life…Smiles.




ChangHigh Sisters Fantasy Fireshow (of Light, Life & Love)

A supreme circus acrobatic fire show with a mixture of highly spiritual music and cosmic speech blended with universal insight, wisdom and philosophy.

We perform in rotating trapezes, on rolling balls, elephants and several special designed circus constructions such as triune rotating podiums as well as galaxy dome wheel.

We perform respectively 2,3,5,6 and 7 avatar types of acrobatic animations.

All is coloured by some of the best pyrotechnic effects made in SL and the show is done to music played by some of the world most qualified musicians and narrated by our DJ.


Sunday April 24th @ 10 am

Saturday May 7th @ 10 am


Dancer Friends is a new group of people that has one thing in common – Passion for Dance


Magic & Fantasy has 3 choreographers: Morganna Marenwolf; Ktahdn Versuvino and Sunset Quinnell.
They will perform dances about Fantasy, Imagination and Magic


Saturday April 30th @ 11 am

Fire Dancers

The Fire Dancers have their origin in Burning Man 2.0 as Lamplighters, performing at events prior to the burning of the effigy. Our routines are not pre-recorded, but follow the 10 Principles which are part of our involvement with Burning Man 2.0 as well as The Lamplighters. A priority principle for us is Immediacy, which reminds us that no idea can substitute for this experience.

The Lamplighter Fire Dancers

Members of the Lamplligher Fire Dancers participate collaboratively, blending talents of music, dance, and motion, Our performances are subtly different each time – the choreography is not pre-recorded. We hope you enjoy our performances as much as we enjoy providing them.


Thursday April 28th @ 3pm


What do you want others to know about your grp?:
FlyGearz is an interactive dance event focused on fun, great dancing that is choreographed to match the music and our fans the STARS of our show! At a FlyGearZ show – EVERYONE dances! We have a steampunk mindset and love the innovative vibe of those times! Costumes are encouraged but never required!



Home theatre:

FlyGearZ Interactive Dance Event

Wear your dancing shoes, because you are gonna dance your pixels off!
We’re very excited to announce the opening of FlyGearZ very own sim and theater this coming May 2022!


Friday April 22nd @ 7pm

Thursday April 28th @ 7pm

Saturday May 7th @ 7pm

InMotion Dance Group

InMotion is a showdance group, making their way around SL.

Dancing for your entertainment, your fun and your joy.

Their repertoire covers a wide range from gentle and

silent via loud and proud to hot and sexy.


Home Theatre:


InMotion’s Fantasy Show

To reduce lag, please remove all unnecessary huds, meters, collars and attachments and sit down.

Furthermore we recommend you to set windlight settings to midnight, enable ADVANCED LIGHTNING and set PARTICLES and COMPLEXITY TO MAXIMUM, for your best enjoyment.


Tuesday May 3rd @ Noon

Saturday May 7th @ Noon

La Coquette Cabaret

La Coquette Cabaret style! Our theatre has been bringing the next level of dance to the SL stage since its founding in 2016. We present a brand new themed show each month to delight and titillate our audience.

We ARE burlesque at its finest. with lots of class and that special touch of sass!!




Home Theatre:


Space, the final frontier

These are the voyages of the ladies of La Coquette

Its been a five year mission

and now off to explore strange new worlds

To seek out new life

And new civilizations

To boldly go and be sexy where no woman has gone before ………

Join us for some exploration you won’t soon forget!


Saturday April 23rd @ 7pm

The LUXE Girls

We are the talented, creative, dance Troupe at Elysion. We have been dancing together for 6 wonderful years! The talented ladies of The Luxe always dazzle a full Theater at fun, lively home shows at The Luxe.

We are honored to be a party of Fantasy Faire again this year! This year we have chosen the theme of Earlthy Elements, to celebrate Earth Day 2022! So all the acts will pay tribute to the elements of our home planet. Mother Earth.


Home Theater:


Sunday May 1st @ 1pm


We are MaHal from Japan. This is our 7th appearance in FF. Every year

we have just one performance abroad in FF. So we are very much

looking forward to it.


Home Theatre:

Haru (Spring)

“Haru” in Japanese means “Spring”. Through 14 dances we perform, .

we want you to feel our energy “spring” out!


Saturday April 23rd @ 8am

Melinda Nyn

Melinda Nyn is delighted to be invited back to the Fantasy Fair to perform her show for you – on two nights!

Melinda Nyn’s Las Vegas Style Magic Show

Melinda offers a unique Las Vegas Style Magic Illusion show – to the best of her knowledge the only one in SL. The show will entertain you, bringing gasps of amazement and laughter too. It is a text based show so all can be sure of a good time. Melinda will be performing her newest illusion so watch out for it!

To see a sample of a small piece of my show, you can look at


Sunday April 24th @ 5pm

Thursday April 28th @ 5pm

Misfit Dance & Performance Art

We are a Theater Dance Art Troupe like no other – Think Broadway in SL!

Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents full scale Production Dance Shows at our home theater on Muse Isle twice monthly as well as various Awareness & Fund Raising events throughout the year.

We have been entertaining people in Second Life for 7 years and our fans will tell you that it is a magical, transformative experience every time! Join our Group and come experience the fun that everybody is talking about. You will find our Performance Dates each month in SL Search. Just type in Misfit Dance to track us down!

Misfit Dance & Performance Art in Second Life is a JenzZa Misfit VR Production.


Home Theatre:

Misfit Follies ~ Fantasy Faire 2022

2022 marks Misfit Dance & Performance Art’s 8th appearance at RFL Fantasy Faire in Second Life. We are so proud and honored to be back with this years “Misfit Follies Fantasy Faire 2022”. Each dance in the Production is a little “story” in itself featuring Awesome Music, Dance, Costumes, Special Effects & more. We use a controlled camera system ( via a small HUD we provide for you to add to your avatar) & JenzZa controls the audience cameras during the Show for a truly amazing Theatrical experience. We are here to rock you so eXpect the uneXpected!


Saturday April 23rd @ 5pm

Wednesday April 27th @ 4pm

Saturday May 7th @ 5pm

The Night Theater:

“Where the magic flows free between Dusk and Dawn….and tales take form from pixels….weaving a neverending tapestry of twighlight stories…..”

A dance troup that will bring you the magic possible only in sl.

…..Come Play……

We have been involved in various projects as RLF, The Dance Queens Dance Galaxy, The Scifi Con with Milkyway Cabaret 2015+2016, Fantasy Fairie 2015+2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 & 2022, SL B12+SL B13 and One Billion Rising. We have also guested LEA in the fall of 2015 and early spring 2016 where we held The Festival of the Wicked for halloween 2015 among other things.

For more details, and videos, check our blogg:

The Story Book

Out in the sea, at the edge of all land, there is a small windy island with a purpose grand.

It has a proud little lighthouse, that shines strong and true, to guide the ships at sea, safe into harbor and the evening fish stew.

But even if the task is important and grand, life at the lighthouse sometimes feels a bit lonely and terribly bland.

Except on the days granny comes to visit in her boat of paper sails.

With her bag full of books with stories and magical tales…


Thursday April 21st @ Noon – The StoryBook

Satursday April 30th @ 9am – The StoryBook

Sunday May 1st @ 9am – Beyond the Rays of Ra Encore

Oasis Dancers

We are the Oasis Dancers since 7 years now. We tell stories through our dances in the language Dancers know the best: Body Language. We believe in variety, passion and crativity for our work. We want quality and professionalism in our dance routines. And we have a lot of fun with what we do. Let us entertain you!



Home Theatre:

Colors of dance

The show will present you a variety of dances from choreographers among our dance group. Each choreographer chosed the dance and music by herself or himself. So it will be a variety of music genres too from different decades of the past and from present. Surprising routines and stunning costumes wait for you. Let´s have fun together.


Friday April 29th @ noon

: ☆═━┈ONE for ALL┈━═☆

☆═━┈ONE for ALL┈━═☆ by AxLyuMomo
the Dance event with amazing Particle Show!
costume show dance




Home Theatre:


Friday April 29th @ 8am

Saturday May 7th @ 8am

Second Life Cheerleading Squad

Second Life’s premiere professional cheer leading squad and dance team. Our squad members are some of the most talented entertainers in Second Life and enjoy being part of something that encourages teamwork and forges long-lasting friendships in a friendly sorority atmosphere. Our members learn how to preform perfectly synchronized dance routines and cheer leading stunts as well as appropriate customer and fan interaction.


Home theatre:


Wednesday April 27th @ 6pm


Born and raised in the south coast of Sweden,

the singer songwriter SEMINA have traveled the world

playing her music at clubs, festivals, living rooms and theaters around Scandinavia, Europe, UK and USA.

With a playful way of mixing genres and a voice that could mend a broken heart, she now comes to entertain in Second Life with covers from well knows artists.





Thursday May 5th @ 11am


Sky Fire has been a performing duet offering unique particle shows in Second Life for the past 9 years.


“EQUILIBRIUM” is based upon the music of JaNa KYoMooN

JaNa KYoMooN’s music can be found on Bandcamp


Saturday April 23rd @ 11am

Soul Dancer`s

* We love, what we do *

Our show dance group blends passion, beauty and emotions to a very special dance experience!

Be enchanted and taken to our exciting world of music and motions.




Soul Dancer`s on Tour

Our stages are fresh and colorful, the dances and stage design are coordinated. consistently exciting and with great attention to detail.


Friday May 7th @ 11am

TerpsiCorps ARTWerks

TerpsiCorps ARTWerks is a small, select, visionary troupe of artists dedicated to the constant improvement and refinement of the arts in Second Life. The company was founded in 2015 to nurture and support creative artists on the grid with Terpsichore (delight in dancing), one of the nine Muses and the goddess of dance and chorus, as its inspiration. TerpsiCorps encourages the expression of ideas and thoughts, bigger than words, that can only be shared through music and movement.

The company’s mission is threefold:

    •    To innovate and produce performance art at the very highest level possible. 
    •    To nurture the development of artists and artistry in second life 
    •    To build a community that supports and fully participates in the world of the arts. 

The goal of TerpsiCorps ARTWerks is to exceed all expectations, to give audiences more than they expect (more than they have seen anywhere else), to create works that nobody else can do, and to be a destination sim for people with an interest in and a passion for the arts.



Home Theatre:

Terpsicorps ARTWerks is delighted to take part in this magical event, and our goal is to dazzle the eye, inspire the mind, and fuel our audiences’ creativity, with our Fantasy Faire inspired performances of Modern Fairy Tales, and Sword & Sorcery! Allow us to be your guide, and join us in the wonderment that is Second Life dance, on a journey through space and time for a mystical and supernatural adventure. See you at the theater!


Saturday April 23rd @ 1pm “Modern Fairy Tales” Director: Melli

Saturday April 30th @ 1pm “Sword & Sorcery” Director: Chrissy

Theater 6

Theatre 6 is located on the oxygenO2 and River regions in Second Life. :oxygen: is a destination sim created by SixDigital and Justice Vought, and where we have several event venues, weekly music events and bi-monthly burlesque shows at Theatre 6. Our shows are on the second Sunday at noon of each even numbered month. In addition to the bi-monthly shows, since Theatre 6’s inception in 2020, we have done a big Halloween show in collaboration with DRD|Death Row Designs and their Halloween release. We also do a show for the Fantasy Faire each year.



Home Theatre:

e n c h a n t e d

This year our theme is simply e n c h a n t e d. We chose a simple theme so the dancers/artists would have free reign to showcase their creativity!


Saturday May 7th @ 2pm

VM Productions

VM Productions is lead by Vickie Maidstone CEO and Resmay Bloodstorm COO. The group aim to be a leader of fashion shows by empowering its members. We hope to help spread the word about our ever changing environment and climate change in subtle ways in our shows. On the team is also our own DJ and a transcriptionists for the hard of hearing and deaf communities.

VM Productions encourages it’s models to think outside the box when designing their own outfits according to the event theme to create a show unlike any other fashion show. The team consists of both professional models and models in training for their certificates.

VM Productions supports the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Second Life and the Burning Man Project.

Fantasy Delights

The show will be a journey where we will tell a story about our outfits and what it means to us. We also have a concern about the environment to which we’ll be making some positive statements during the show. I hope that we can encourage others to think how thru our show we can bring hope for a brighter tomorrow for those we are supporting, The Survivors and Caregivers whom are on a journey to wellness.


Friday May 6th @ 1pm

Young Dreamers’ Dance Troupe

The Young Dreamers’ Dance Troupe are a grid-celebrated organization. We have performed at community celebrations in Antiquity, Cocoa Bay, TradeWinds, Musical Note Mall, and Willowdale, as well as in the Second Life Birthdays and for charity events such as the Relay for Life’s Fantasy Faire, Lighting the Way for Autism, and the Creations Park for Parkinson’s Research.


Home Theatre:


This year’s theme was created to concentrate on positivity and the gifts people preset to us. In addition we worked to find music which was created or inspired by autistic individuals.


Saturday April 30th @ 3pm

A RFL of SL Event

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