Performance Groups 2021

Here is this years introductions to the dance and particle theater groups.


Alchemelic: music and art by d-oo-b & kalyca is a completely original and unique fusion of the arts, melding together streaming audio from producer d-oo-b with particle theatre and dance from Kalyca.




Regular theater:

This is Alcemelic

A live visual particle immersion experience by Kalyca & proton d-oo-b
Listen to the show on media to see the music perfectly in sync with the live visuals.
The music is also on the audio stream but with a 30-second delay so there’s no need to play both the audio and media.
Set your windlight to midnight and your particles to max.
View the live visual show here and show your friends what they’re missing:
❤ Thank you for being wonderful and Enjoy the show! ❤

Monday April 26th @ 10 am
Wednesday April 28th @ noon

The Avilion MerBallet Company

Avilion is a medieval fantasy community, home to dragon and drow, elven, land dwellers and winged fae, creatures of every kind and of course the merrow.

In addition to combat and role-play, Avilionians entertain their citizens with regular performances from the Avilion Merballet Company, Avilion Cameo Theatre and the Bards.

For 12 years the merballet has showcased the beauty and agility of the mer form more. Combining mer mystic and magic, we have made waves entertaining with this visually inspiring SL artform.

The Avilion MerBallet Company also performs to benefit Fantasy Faire, Relay for Life in Second Life and other charities.

Share this dream with us!


This is the 30th show brought to you by the Avilion MerBallet Company and is entitle “Here Comes the Sun”. The story is whimsical tale of Mermaid Molly. We encourage the audience to sing and clap along to the familiar tunes.

Saturday April 24th @ 5 pm slt
Saturday May 1st @ 9 am slt

Black Heart Theater

Black Heart Theater is an immersive dance & storyline – audience participation group experience.
Black Heart Theater was founded by Fifi Oh in November of 2019.
Fifi’s builds have been featured on Designing Worlds Prim Perfect and her events have been featured on the Destination Guide.
Fifi is a deepmix electronic DJ and global charting artist on MixCloud. Fifi’s specialty is immersive storyline sets. Fifi is an avid choreographer, choreographer instructor, and particle enthusiast.


Black Heart Theater: Three, Forgotten Sanity – A Cautionary Tale

“Forgotten Sanity” is chapter 3 of Black Heart Theater’s storyline series.
We will present to you an intense deep mixed storyline soundscape by global charting artist Fifi Oh, choreographed dances, original meshed builds, and particles created for this show as we sing using lyric gestures in local chat. You will dance with us & interact with us!
This show was conceived by & is directed by Fifi Oh, & is produced and performed by Ƒїƒї BlαcƙHєαrt σђ ღ (siouxsieincognita), вєєвs cαrfiєld (bb.schmooz), & Shesa Quandry.

Please remove scripted objects and remove all personal particles so that our performance tools may bring you the very best show possible!

Friday April 23rd @ 8 pm
Monday April 26th @ 8 pm
Wednesday April 28th @ 8 pm
Friday April 30th @ 9 pm

Centauria Cheer Crew:

The Centauria Cheer Crew is made up of residents and role players of the Ancient Order of Centaurs. Our goal is to bring a smile and brighten everyone’s day.

Home in Secondlife:



Debuting at the Fantasy Faire 2021 with happy cheers specially choreographed and written for the Fantasy Faire. Accompanied by the magical tunes of ColeMarie Soliel. A joyful performance not to be missed!

Monday April 26th @ 8 am

The ChangHigh Sisters of Light, Life & Love

We are 3 sisters who perform in rotating trapezes, on high wire, podiums, and on rolling balls.
We fire dance on walking elephants and do many very unique acrobatic animations, all colored by effects of many different kinds, all created, scripted and available inside Second Life.



Regular theater:
Poster exhibition:

A supreme circus acrobatic fire show with a mixture of highly spiritual music and cosmic speech blended with universal insight, wisdom and philosophy related to cosmic reality and to this day as EARTH spins in the universe of universes.

Saturday May 1 st @ 11 am slt

Logo CA transparant Colored no border

Color Alchemists

Delain Canucci is a particle creator that have a love for all that is shiny and light, I love doing shows and give people a different view on particles and take them with me into a fantasy place. Want to know more? Check out the link below:


Particle Store:

Friday April 30th @ 1 pm slt


~DRUM~ is a live high energy music group with many exciting sets, representing the drumming of countries around the world.

We play sets from African, Caribbean, Brazilian, Latin, and several others.

Saturday May 1st @ 3 pm


FlyGearz Entertainment

So you think you can’t dance? FlyGearz is hear to prove you wrong! What is FlyGearz you ask? First and foremost, we are a group of like minded, carefree dance oriented, party peeps! Think of your self as a passenger on board the magical steampunk Danceship “Alice III” where your in-flight entertainment is YOU; dancing like crazy! Award winning choreographer, Jenna Dirval has pre-choreographed each song so that you’re dancing in time with the music! AND speaking of music – we have DaveOSaurus as our magical minister of music (read Dj) too!


Our shows are interactive with the audience – they are our “Stars!” Our theme is steampunk / fantasy. Costumes are encouraged but never required. We ask that scripts are kept under 100 for everyone’s better enjoyment. When you arrive you will need to take the teleport ride to the Flight Deck and then sit on an orange dance pad and take the invite to dance.

Saturday April 24th @ 7 pm
Tuesday April 27th @ 7pm


InMotion is a showdance group, making their way around SL.
Dancing for your entertainment, your fun and your joy.
Their repertoire covers a wide range from gentle and silent via loud and proud to hot and sexy.


Regular theater:

To reduce lag, please remove all unnecessary huds, meters, collars and attachments and sit down.
Furthermore we recommend you to set windlight settings to midnight, enable ADVANCED LIGHTNING and set PARTICLES and COMPLEXITY TO MAXIMUM, for your best enjoyment.

Friday April 23rd @ 2 pm
Friday April 30th @ 10am

The LUXE Girls



Friday April 30th @ 3pm slt


We are from Japan.
This is our 167th dance event and the 6th appearance in Fantasy Faire.
Our stage is simple and small, but centered on choreo.
We usually have 3 dance shows a year.
Fantasy Faire is the only place we show our performance abroad, so we are very much looking forward to it! (Japanese)

Mahal presents: “Iro Iro”.
“Iro Iro” means “Colorful” or “Various” in Japanese language,
It is made of 14 solorful dances to various tunes.
The interval is very short (30 sec.)

Saturday April 24th @ 7 am

Melinda Nyn – Magician

Melinda’s Las Vegas Style Magic Illusion Show is available for all types of venues, openings, anniversaries, community events, private parties etc

The Las Vegas Style Magic Show is full of fun, amazement and laughter, even a ventriloquist doll!
Melinda has been a professional magician in RL until the pandemic wiped out her work and for thousands like her. Here she is able to fulfil her life again.


Monday April 26th @ 2 pm slt

Misfit Dance & Performance Art logo

Misfit Dance & Performance Art

We are a Theater Art Dance Troupe like no other! Join us to see for yourself! Music! Sets! Costumes! Special Effects & amazing choreographed Dance. Each routine tells a little story and takes you to a special place in your own heart. Think Broadway in a Virtual World!

YouTube channel :

Regular theater:

Misfit Dance & Performance Art Presents: Misfit Follies – Fantasy Faire 2021

2021 marks our 6th year of participation with RFL Fantasy Faire and we are so honored to be back! Come join the fun!


Sunday April 25th @ 5pm slt

Wednesday April 28th @ 5pm slt

The Night Theater
The Night Theater

A dance troupe that will bring you the magic possible only in sl…Come Play……

We have been performing at the Fantasy Faire since 2015 and hope to bring you yet another Faire Tale to enjoy. We have been involved in several projects and events over the years, all over the grid. Usually there are 3 brand new shows each year, one for Fantasy Faire, one for the Fallen Gods Anniversary in October and then a Christmas Show in December for the Fallen Gods Yule festivities. Usually we manage to squeeze in a couple of performances more, just for fun at random events.

For more details, and videos, check us here:

The Night Theater Presents: Yggi

Inspired by the sagas of Yggdrasil, the World Tree and its inhabitants, we present a show of mythology from the cold norht.

Who were these gods that ruled the world of the tree and faded into lore with the end of their world at Ragnarök? Come and see what is not yet all forgotten.

Friday April 23rd @ 10 am
Thursday April 29th @ Noon

Nouvelles Folies

Nouvelles Folies has been enchanting audiences since 2018 with talented dancers from all over the world. All our dancers have the same love and appreciation of dance and delight in their individual creative vision and love to share that vision with you.

Nouvelles Folies Present: Nouvelle Tales

A collection of the past years favorite stories of Ballerinas, Phantoms, Vikings and Fairies.

For the 4th year in a row wewill perform our best acts hoping to inspire and spellbind the visitors of the Faire with our magic touch.

Friday April 23rd @ noon slt

Oasis Dancers

We are the Oasis Dancers with passion for dance and music. From belly dance to modern group dances and romantic solos: We tell stories in our dances in the language dancers know the best: Bodylanguage.
During more than 5 years the Oasis Dancers improved to a professional dance team. We perform at many venues and are well known for our shows in Secondlife.


Blog: (German language)


Regular Theatre:

Oasis Dancers Present: “Storybook”

Different Choreographers among the team members create dance routines for all music genres. Our Show is a variety of dance stiles in combination with the technical capabilities of Secondlife. Expect a colorful show with magical lights and unexpected variations – Entertainment at it´s best.


Monday April 26th @ noon slt


QURUKA is a show dance group that was born in May 2020. The base is Japan.
The members are not fixed every time, and the performance beginners dance very vigorously !!

“QURUKA Dance Show in Fantasy Faire 2021”
This time, we are planning various performances such as mermaids, fairies, clowns, Japanese folk tales, and sweets country.
We look forward to meeting many people.


Saturday May 1st @ 7 am slt

Sky Fire

Sky Fire has been a performing duet offering unique particle shows in Second Life for the past 8 years. You can check us out here:


Sky Fire’s particle performance of “TRANSFORMATION” reflects the long journey we have walked during this past year of self isolation. We journey onward to a time filled with “normalcy”. Sky Fire’s Lexi Marshdevil and Particle Tom present particles accompanied by the ambient music of JaNa KYoMooN.


Friday April 23rd @ 6 pm

SLCS Alpha Logo
Second Life Cheerleading Squad

The Second Life Cheer leading Squad is SL’s LARGEST Professional Cheer leading group, performing all over the grid! Our Synchronized Cheer routines are amazing sights and can turn any event into an INCREDIBLE one!
With Hundreds of Cheerleaders in our group we can handle any size event, and we advertise our performances in our VIP group that has THOUSANDS of members, giving your event unparalleled exposure.
Also ask about our trained hosts! we can help ANY venue be a great venue!

Regular theater:

A fun filled show, with syncronised dance, stunts, and formations! CHEERLEADING!

Thursday April 29th @ 6 pm

Terps Corps ARTWerks logo
TerpsiCorps ARTWerks

TerpsiCorps ARTWerks is a small, select, visionary troupe of artists dedicated to the constant improvement and refinement of the arts in Second Life. The company was founded in 2015 to nurture and support creative artists on the grid with Terpsichore (delight in dancing), one of the nine Muses and the goddess of dance and chorus, as its inspiration. TerpsiCorps encourages the expression of ideas and thoughts, bigger than words, that can only be shared through music and movement.

The company’s mission is threefold:

• To innovate and produce performance art at the very highest level possible.
• To nurture the development of artists and artistry in second life
• To build a community that supports and fully participates in the world of the arts.

The goal of TerpsiCorps ARTWerks is to exceed all expectations, to give audiences more than they expect (more than they have seen anywhere else), to create works that nobody else can do, and to be a destination sim for people with an interest in and a passion for the arts.

TerpsiCorps ARTWerks encourages the expression of ideas and thoughts, bigger than words, that can only be shared with others through movement, as well as the artistic vision and support that brings that expression to life.


Regular theater:

TerpsiCorps ARTWerks & TerpsiCorps ARTWerks Roadshow present: In the Shadow of Mt.Olympus & The Fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen

In the Shadow of Mt. Olympus:

In the shadow of Mount Olympus the Terpsicorps Dancers await, ready to enchant you with tales from ancient Grecian myths and legends. Here you will find Gods, mortals, demigods, and heroes! Please join us for a show brimming with tragedy, comedy and so much more. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see some of your favorite Terpsicorps dancers bring these stories to life!

Saturday April 24th @ 1 pm – The Fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen

Friday April 30th @ 7 pm – In the Shadow of Mt. Olympus

Theatre 6

Theatre 6 is located on the oxygeno2 region in Second Life. :oxygen: is a destination sim created by Justice Vought and SixDigital. We have several event venues, weekly music events, special events and festivals, bi-monthly burlesque shows, bi-monthly real life art shows. :oxygen: is also home to The Chocolate Factory – an experience based on the movie Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory as well as Once Upon a Time – a tribute to The Greenies.


Regular theater:

Theatre 6 Presents: Goddess

Our show for the Fantasy Faire this year has 9 acts which tell the story of some of the Goddesses of Mythology.


Saturday April 24th @ 11 am



Virtuoso is a Performance Development Group with members of all skill levels.
We are a Professional Enterprise producing and performing themed main shows and showcases.
Virtuoso is a full Production Team covering Choreographers – Support Dancers – Music Technicians – Stage Crew and Front of House Hosts.

VIRTUOSO Fountain Theatre

Journey Academy of Performing Arts – JAPA

Virtuoso Presents: Beatix Potter Tales

The Director has brought together some of the most famous tales written by the well known childrens author – Beatrix Potter. Her tales have been edited slightly for political correctness and to fit the flow of dance in the show. All the music was selected by the Director, and the sets created by him to ensure a cohesive experience of the show. Choreographers have each interpreted the music in their own unique way.

Saturday May 1st @ 1 pm slt

Young Dreamers Advertisement

Young Dreamers’ Dance Troupe

The Young Dreamers’ Dance Troupe are a grid-celebrated organization. We have performed at community celebrations in Antiquity, Cocoa Bay, TradeWinds, Musical Note Mall, and Willowdale, as well as in the Second Life Birthdays and for charity events such as the Relay for Life’s Fantasy Faire, Lighting the Way for Autism, and the Creations Park for Parkinson’s Research.

Young Dreamers´Present:Young Dreamers’ Gold!

This show will demonstrate our favorite dances of the past, giving you our best of the best, as well as some new things we hope you will enjoy.

Saturday April 24th @ 3 pm

A RFL of SL Event

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