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Ballet Pixelle _Circus Morphus_ Logo


Ballet Pixelle® has been bringing you professional innovative quality dance since 2006!  Our goal is exploring the interaction and intersection of physical and virtual dance & movement and blended realities.  We have performed in SL, as well as in RL Berlin, Bhutan, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Tokyo, Vancouver. We have performed live at the Berlin International Games Competition, at the Melbourne Dance Festival, and as invited guests at New School in New York City, among others.

Web site:
Wikipedia:  Wikipedia/BalletPixelle

Ballet Pixelle - _Circus Morphus_ Poster

Ballet Pixelle Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: “Circus Morphus”

We dance without a net! No HUDs or any other positioning or synchronizing devices! Come be surprised and make magic with us!
I try to forget, but I can’t forget the Circus. Really. ” ~Fellini

Showing on Genesia:
Friday April 19th @ 5pm slt
Friday April 26th @ 5pm slt

DRUM Logo.png


DRUM’s goal is to bring the world to you via the powerdrumming. Our aim is to have fun and to create incredibly beautiful rhythms – live. Members of the DRUM group have collaborated to create the unique sounds, drums, and animations that enable us to perform. Our performances are live and are subtly different each time – they are not pre-recorded music. The sounds are created right within Second Life. We then send them out and back in via stream in order to provide you with a lag free experience! We hope you enjoy our performances as much as we enjoy providing them. Right now our performances consists of 10 different drum cultures, Taiko (Japanese), Native American, African, Latin, Indian, Mallets, Stomp Wall, Rusty Barrel, African Ghost, Brazilian, and Steel Pan drums. To contact us to book a performance contact Dream Wrexan either inworld or email her at


Drum - Taiko

Showing on Urafiki:
Sunday April 28th @ 3pm slt

fly gearz final


What is FlyGearz? First and foremost, we are a group of like minded, steampunky, carefree dance oriented, party peeps! What kinda of party peeps, you ask? Think of your self as a passenger on board the magical Danceship “Alice II” where your in-flight entertainment is YOU; dancing like crazy! Spectacular choreography is the emphasis for every tune to match the beat and the mood. We’ve got your cha cha, samba, modern, jazz, rock-n-roll, electro swing dances and more! With 3,000+ animations on hand, award winning Choreographer, Jenna Dirval has you covered!

Showing on Genesia:
Monday April 22th @ 7pm slt
Thursday April 25th @ 7pm slt


Luxe Girls Burlesque Troupe

The Luxe Girls have been entertaining the members of Elysion since 2015. Their shows are most often a mix of individual and group acts around a given theme. Each dancer chooses her music, builds her own set and choreographs her dance. This makes for an entertaining and eclectic mix of acts because each Luxe Girl has her own unique talents to bring to the stage every month. The home Theater is at The Luxe at Elysion on Les Reves sim.

Showing on The Celestial Plain:
Sunday April 28th @ 11 am slt

mahal poster by lowkick


We are a group from Japan.
We have been performing for about ten years.
This is the 4th time in Fantasy Faire.
Our stage is simple and we want you to enjoy moves of dancers.

Facebook: (Japanese)
blog: (Japanese. Main articles are dance info)


fantasy faire 2019 poster

MaHal Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: Sound of Steps

When you hit something, you usually don’t hear any sound. This year we want to make the audience hear the sound of steps of dancers. I don’t mean we “actually” make sound by steps. When dancers’ moves fit well to music you will hear sound, I believe.
Enjoy magical choreos. We will enjoy too!

Showing on Genesia:
Saturday April 20th @ 7am slt

Misfit Dance & Performance Art logo

Misfit Dance & Performance Art

We are a unique Theater Dance Art & Entertainment Troupe in Second Life
Music ~ Dance ~ Costumes & Sets! ~ Think Broadway in SL! We present Full Production shows at our Theater. – eXpect the uneXpected. We are honored to be part of RFL Fantasy Faire for our 5th consecutive year!

Location – The Misfit Forest Theater

Misfits on Designing Worlds:

Misfits Show PlayBill Poster

Misfit Dance & Performance Art Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: Misfit Follies

Join us for our super fun & action packed 90 minute show that will take you on a topsey turvey Misfit Dance adventure!

Showing on Genesia:
Friday April 19th @ 2pm slt
Saturday April 20th @ 5pm slt
Monday April 22nd @ 9am slt
Tuesday April 23rd @ 6pm slt
Saturday April 27th @ 8am slt


Nouvelles Folies

Nouvelles Folies was formed in 2018 and is a group of SL performers that are not all that new to entertaining. With an ambition to make a mark on the SL dance scene with performances a bit out of the ordinary, we hope to bring you that little extra only passion and dedication can accomplish. So stay tuned…


Poster NF FF 2019 Gandalf

Nouvelles Folies Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: Tales from the Shire

Showing on Genesia:
Friday April 19th @ 10am slt
Sunday April 21st @ 10am slt
Friday April 26th @ 10am slt



Roxy of PARTICLE MAGIC is a performer and creator of particles and 3d wearable effects. She has performed shows all over the SL grid, across many genres Including FANTASY FAIRE 2018 previously, SL14B and in the PARTICLE MAGIC show room, for almost 3 years. She delights in using color, movement and powerful music to touch the very heat. So come early and be prepared to the watch the skies and be amazed.


Video Clips:

ROXY of Particle Magic Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: PARTICLE EXTRAVAGANZA SHOW

Showing on Genesia:
Sunday April 21st @ noon slt
Thursday April 25th @ noon slt


Royal Cabaret

Royal Cabaret Performers create and perform custom choreographed dance shows, cover band concerts or tribute concerts or a meshed combination unique to our group. We perform them as a traveling show at your venue, event or group land. We encourage members to learn, stretch their talents and give support to those learning. All of our shows are unique with almost all of them being customized to our clients wishes.


Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: Myth & Magic

Different genre of fantasies as told by music and dance, special effects and sets built to enhance the dances.

Showing on Genesia:
Thursday April 18th @ 4pm slt
Tuesday April 23rd @ 4pm slt
Wednesday April 24th @ 4pm slt

Sky Fire Logo


Sky Fire is one of the premiere particle performance duets in Second Life, having performed for the 5 years in venues large and small. Sky Fire features creative interpretation of music in each performance.


Showing on Genesia:
Wednesday April 24th @ 6pm slt

SLCS Alpha Logo

Second Life Cheerleader Squad (SLCS)

SLCS is Second Life’s oldest and largest Professional Cheerleading group, performing at venues and events all over the grid. We raise large amounts of RL cash for charity, with over 10000 usd raised for RFL so far. We are a Family friendly PG group, and LOVE to preform!


2019 SLCS Group Pic 1

Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: Cheer for Fantasy

Thursday Theme – Angels: Us SLCS Angels are descending from heaven to bring you a show filled with love and joy and ready to bless you with our angelic kisses.

Saturday Theme – Faeries: The little hardworking Faeries,living on a humble and peaceful island isolated from the world, are here to tinker your fantasy into life, be prepared for a performance filled with pixie dusts

Friday Theme – Pirates: AWRRRR Mateys, beware of the high sea pirates of SLCS as they are anchoring near the island of love and seeking out treasures, stealing your golds, and donate them to Relay For Life. ARRRRR.

Showing on Genesia:
Thursday April 18th @ 6pm slt
Saturday April 20th @ 2am slt
Friday April 26th @ 7pm slt

Terps Corps ARTWerks logo

TerpsiCorps ArtWerks

We are a creative arts group focused primarily on SL dance and visual art exhibits.


TerpsiCorps ArtWerks Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: Fantastic Fairy Tales

Showing on Genesia:
Saturday April 20th @ 1pm slt
Saturday April 27th @ 1pm slt


Royal_CTS_of_SL.5 firering

The ChangHigh Sisters

The show support various fundraising organizations in SL and we have been an essential part of many super great events on the grid all them years. We work for Love, Light and live on EARTH. With more than 11 years on the grid and 250 shows behind us, we are truly real in virtuality. A most amazingly unique performance, unlike anything else in SL.


CS FF Poster Final

The ChangHigh Sisters Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019:

We are 3 sisters, performing a fire circus dancing show of Light, Life & Love, with acrobatics, trapezes, fire equipment, rolling balls, walking elephant and various advanced tools, all mixed and combined into a spiritual symphony of beauty, goodness and wisdom.

Showing on Genesia:
Saturday April 20th @ 11am slt
Saturday April 27th @ 11am slt

The Night Theater

The Night Theater

The Night Theater aims to bring to life little pixel stories of music and dance using the tools we have in Second Life to create moments of magic, only possible in here.
We have been around the grid since December 2013, performing shows at different events such as: We have been involved in various projects as RFL, The Dance Queens Dance Galaxy, The Scifi Con with Milkyway Cabaret 2015+2016, Fantasy Faire 2015+2016, 2017 & 2018, SL B12+SL B13 and One Billion Rising. We have also guested LEA in the fall of 2015 and early spring 2016 where we held The Festival of the Wicked for Halloween 2015 among other things. And we are proud to be part of Fallen Gods Inc. annual Birthday and Yule celebrations.


Bergatagen Poster

The Night Theater Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: Bergatagen

A tale of old Swedish lore, of mythology and fairy-tale creature that are all things but sugar sweet.

Showing on Genesia:
Thursday April 18th @ 1 pm slt
Friday April 19th @ noon slt
Friday April 26th @ noon slt

The Night Theater Presenting at Fantasy Faire Wootmas 2019: A Cheer for the Elves Encore? 

Showing on The Secret Islands of Snow:
Monday April 22nd @ noon slt



The Chilli Pipers are Bagpipes with attitude. Drums with a Scottish accent. A blazing rock band and a show so hot it carries its own health warning. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers have been rocking the world from New York to Beijing with musicianship of the highest order and a passion for pipes that will leave you breathless. The Virtual Red Hot Chilli Pipers was established in August of 2009.

Showing on Urafiki:
Saturday April 27th @ 1pm slt

Young Dreamers Temporary Advertisement

Young Dreamers’ Dance Troupe

The Young Dreamers’ Dance Troupe have been performing for many communities, as well as appearing multiple times in the Second Life Birthday celebrations, over our 8 years of existence, and have raised money for the Relay For Life, Child’s Play, and Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. We hold classes every Friday weekly, with one meeting at the beginning of each month, where we learn about not only how to create performances but about different dance styles and their history from around the world. We work to create different performances each season, as well as for specialty (such as Lighting the Way, the Fantasy Faire, and the Second Life Birthday).


Young Dreamers’ Dance Troupe Presenting at Fantasy Faire 2019: I Have A Dream!

Our show is a celebration of different fantasy themes, encouraging dreaming and creativity in every person.

Showing on Genesia:
Monday April 22nd @ 5pm slt

A RFL of SL Event

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