The Official Blogger List 2013

This is the complete list of the official bloggers for Fantasy Faire 2013. We are extremely grateful for your help in promoting the creativity and the talent the creators are putting into the Faire to aid in the fundraising efforts of Friends Fighting Cancer on behalf of Relay for Life.

The * marked ones wanted only early access to the Faire and will blog and report on their own, the rest are open for review copy suggestions from the creators.

– Aanikaa Resident (Bellissimo Fashions)

– Adalineb Resident (Maybe May)

– Adara Cascarino (The messy little closet)

– Adora Whitesong (Silks Girl)

– Ai Hienrichs (The World of Ai Hienrichs)

– Aledia Underby (Opulence)

*– Alex1985 DIabolito (That Guy’s Blog)

– Amalia Foxtrot (GLANCE)

*– Ametheyst Beebe (Pixel Vanity)

*– anakaliasworld13 Sparrowtree (Wonderland Vixen)

– Anigma Eulenberg (Anigmatic)

– Aria Christen (little side project)

– ariadenise Bellic (Aria Denise Thinks)

*– Arica Storaro (The Blogging Elf)

– Arora Zanzibar (Rags to Riches)

– Asthenia Pinazzo (Absolutely Asthenia)

– Autumn Amaranth (Constellations)

*– Bainfinch Resident (Advocacy Exchange)

– Bodza Mubble (Floating Clouds…)

– Bouncer Criss (Pixel Phasion 4 Men)

– Brooke Amorosi (Shipwrecked)

– Caduceus Lorakeet (Virtual Narcissism)

*– Caitlin Tobias (Cait’s World)

– Carthalis Rossini (Carthalis Rossini)

*– Charisma Jonesford (Pixel Tinkerbell)

– Cherylblossoms Resident (FashionGeek)

*– Chic Aeon (Chic at Phil’s Place)

– Ciaran Laval (Ciaran Laval)

– Cindy Gedenspire (Gedenspired)

– Clarysa Damiano (ClaryStyle)

– Cora Pomilio (Cora Pomilio)

– Dailyinsanity Resident (The Daily Bubble)

– Daniella Riaxik (Simply Dani Riaxik)

– Danielle Livadi (Style Never Goes Out)

– Darkley Aeon (Guerilla Avatar)

– Darkyn Dover (EXPeDieNTe-SL)

– Deoridhe Quandry (Prim Dolls)

– Desire Strangelove (My SL Closet)

– Dreamscaped Dagger (Dreamscaped Designs)

– Druuna Metall (How do i look?)

– Dyana Serenity (Dyana Serenity)

– Eliza Quixote (Eliza Quixote)

– Elysium Hynes (Sium)

– Estrellita Gagliano (SL Frees & Offers)

– Freyja Nemeth (Virtually Otherworldly)

– Ginger Krokus (Ginger Snaps)

*– Gorgeous Yongho (JuicyBomb)

– Hushed Afterthought (Simplicity)

*– Inara Pey (Living in a Modemworld)

– indigoskye44 Resident (Pretty Little Pixels)

– Inuoko Shikami (My Words Devour Souls)

– Irina Strazytski (Dark Chest of Wonders)

– Isabelle Requiem (Haute Mess)

– Isabelli Anatine (Once upon a time in Second Life)

– JaseyRae Petrovic (Ruffles & Frills)

– Jolie Wonder (Jolie & The Wonderworld in Second Life)

– Joonie Jatho (Joonie’s Journal)

– Jules Solano (Swagged Out)

– Julianna Jonstone (Fashion Clinic)

*– Kaelyn Alecto (Sweet Sexy Crazy)

– Kara Trapdoor (Kara’s Korner, Second Life Adventures)

– Keely Mistwood (She’s got the look!)

– Kimbra Iridescent (Iridescent Rainbows)

– Kismet Faith (Confessions of a Second Life Shopaholic)

*– Kitty DeVaux (Black Mirror in SL)

– Laurie Teardrop (Laurielle)

– LeahJane Cazalet (Strike by Night)

*– Lelu Anatine (Running in Heels)

*– Lila Clemenceau (Hello Lila Dreams)

– Liliana Aluveaux (Behind These Emerald Eyes)

– Lola79 Hienrichs (Dead as We)

– Lourdes Denimore (Lourdes Denimore)

– Lua Vendetta (Lua’s Secrets)

– Luciana Button (Luciana Site)

– Lucie Bluebird (Bluebird’s Song)

– Maci Restless (Cupcakes, Fashion, and Ramblings.)

– Michele Hyacinth (Michele Hyacinth’s Weblog)

– Mischa Moyet (SL Destinations R Us)

– Monica Querrien (Moni’s World)

– Morgana Hilra (So Hawt SL)

– NamiNaeko Resident (The Rosie Posie Blog)

– Natalee Oodles (Style Minions)

– Natsumi Kangjon (Urban Leyends)

– Nestor Farshore (Inventory Maintance)

– Nicole Twigvald (Smiley Orc)

– Phire Zuhra (Style Genesis)

– Punk Rae (The Dead Bunny)

– Quan Lavender (Quan’s Travelogues)

– Robi Deutsch (GLANCE)

– Roxi Bluewood (COSMOPOLITAN)

– Salvatore Oto (Second Life Roleplay)

– SarahBear18 GossipGirl (Lilac Rose)

– Sawa Gothly (Sawa’s Style)

– Shadow Rothmanay (Mode à tout prix)

– Shangreloo Kuhn (On the Loose… in Second Life)

– Shayariel Teardrop (Shopping with Shay)

– She Infinity (Sheaxxx…io)

*– Sileny Noel (Broke By Payday)

– Skyler Solano (OhMahShiZz)

– Softpaw Sommer (Softpaw the Fairy Cat of Second Life)

– Sonya Marmurek (Astalianda)

– Suvi Breil (S.B.)

– Sylvia Olivier (Sylvia Olivier)

– Synful Ghost (Eccentric Usagi)

– Tamzin Xigalia (Vitabela & Flickr)

– Thedra Diesel (SLook Virtual)

– Tigist Sapphire (Ticklemetummy)

– Tyra Eiren (eldiablovistesecondlife)

– Ursula Floresby (Eclectic Equations)

– Vanity Mirror (Second Life À La Mode)

– Villemo Inglewood (SL wanderer)

– Vylna Daviau (Eclectic Equations)

– Wicca Merlin (…fashion addicted…)

– Wildstar Beaumont (Wild Words)

– Willow Zander (What IS Willis Talking About?)

– wise Sandalwood (Ensconced In Velvet)

– Xari Xofan (All That Glitters…)


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