How to Play

KoH_HUD_Part1 BLOG 500Welcome to the Key of Hope Hunt, dear adventurer.

This is a quest in two parts. The first part will have you exploring the Fairelands as you collect items needed to create a Talisman that will grant you safe passage into the Valley of Ish’Nar. Once you have created your Talisman you will receive further instructions from the Bard Queen as to the task she has set for you. For now, be content knowing that your actions start you on a journey that will, if successful, save the Fairelands from certain darkness.

Before you can begin with the hunt, you must read a letter from the Bard Queen advising you of the items you need to collect to forge the Talisman. Explore the Bard Queen’s camp located in the ruins just north of Lumenaria to start your introduction to the game.

The HUD will look like this until you activate it at the Bard Queen’s camp:KOH Unactivated HUD Texture corrected

Your goal is to find 8 items scattered throughout the Fairelands. Completion of this assignment will reward you well with memories and mementos of your travels as well as allow you to come into possession of the Talisman that will grant you admittance to the Valley of Ish’Nar where even greater treasures await the successful hero.

Once you click an ingredient named on the HUD, it will give you a hint about the location of the item that needs to be found. Each sim has one item hidden on it. Some of the clues are easier than others, but challenges are what make life interesting. Remember the sims are large and it is often the case that when you stray off the path you are likely to find interesting things, including those elusive ingredients. Once you have located an ingredient from the list it will be crossed out for you. Please note, the hunt items do not give out prizes. You must collect all of them to complete your task and gain your end reward. When you have found all the hunt items follow the instructions given you in chat to learn what you must do next.

For extra help ask in FFC Fantasy Faire group chat. You can also IM Elizabeth Tinsley with technical issues. For help with finding items ask in the group.

Playing now will result in getting a voucher to redeem for the Final Chapter Hunt HUD starting on Thursday, April 25.TICKETchapter - BEFORE


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