Live Auction

The Live Auction will take place in Valley of Ish’Nar at 4pm SLT on Sunday, April 28th. After the auction there will be a dance party in the same location to celebrate the revealed valley and to enjoy its beauty. Come join us in Valley of Ish’Nar!


– A unique textured commemorative version of a Magnificat boat, decorative and sailable, by Alia Baroque.


– A smaller version of the DragonSpire, from Khyle Sion’s 2013 sim, “The DragonSpire”

- The DragonSpire - by Khyle Sion at ~Refined Wild~ - FF2013 -

– Yuale Nura Jail by Searlait Nitschke.

{RW} Yuale Nura Jail - FF 2013

– FaireChylde by rynn Verwood.

FF13 - Fairechylde Auction Picture

– Collection of the most-loved creations of Epic Toy Factory by Mayah Parx.

– Parts of the Lotus Valley Dream build by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee.




– One of a Kind Dwarfins by the Dwarfins Team.

One of a Kind Dwarfin Rorek Rockbeard

One of a Kind Dwarfin Rinn Rockbeard

– Titan’s Hollow build by Elicio Ember.

– Crimson Fields build by Laufey Markstein.

– The Plastik Skin Megapack by Aikea Rieko.

Auction Item- Plastik

– Lumenaria Sim Build by Kayle Matzerath.


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