FF13 - Lumenaria - Map

Teleport to Lumenaria

Sim Sponsor:
[A] Solarium rynn Verwood

Featured Creator Stores:
[B] Dwarfins Judy Chestnut
[C] Garden of Dreams Kayle Matzerath
[D] Kittycat’s Creations Kittycat Ninetails
[E] ND/MD Skins & Shapes Alea Lamont
[F] Mythos Karalia Halostar
[G] Pyewicket’s Myths Pyewicket Tiger

Themed Stores:
[H] Old World Katrina Kristan
[I] Oran Inish karu
[J] *~ Dream Things ~* Pia Uladstron
[K] Panda Express Kioko Kumaki
[L] Luas AinaraLuas resident
[M] Quixote’s Dream Ceri Quixote
[N] ~The Library~ Dreamfantasia Nightfire
[O] ::{Elysium}:: Ophelia Dayafter
[P] 22769 Paco Pooley
[Q] Bare Rose June Dion
[S] Meeroos Levio Serenity


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