The Hippocampus

Story and pictures by Jackie Mondalimare

The Equylon’s friend from Meandervale wasn’t always as cheerful as when it was around his little companion. Every night, he had to return home, which wasn’t as nice as it may sound. The journey from the bright lands of Meandervale to the depth of Siren’s Secret was not an easy one. The deeper you dive into the waters of the ocean, the darker it gets – and the more dangerous. And so, the Hippocampus stops by the light house every evening before it begins the journey through the depths of the sea.

picture by Jackie Mondalimare

While the light house doesn’t light up his way through the water, as it only enlightens the surface, the soft light does make him more hopeful as he prepares to dive down. He uses this moment to look over the wide waters and search for anything that might mean danger from above – not only once has he involuntarily made contact with pirates and huge birds looking for a meal. Bathed in the warm light, he finally closes his eyes and slowly sinks into the water, opening them almost immediately once he feels the cold wet all around him.

Now, one has to know that the Hippocampus by all means is not defenseless – his jaw is so strong, it could sever someone’s head. And while his hooves turned into fins over time, he can still kick anything that threatens his life and shove it meters away from him.

And so the journey through the ocean begins, deep down to the very ground. He passes sunken boats, eerily hovering in the depths, once grand and glorious, have they found their end in the dark mystery that is Siren’s Secret. Many a tale is told about the monsters lurking behind the great rocks, only to pull ships into darkness and consume the passengers’ souls. Some of them are said to have hands as many as a centipede has feet. Others supposedly have dozens of rows of teeth in the gigantic abyss that is their mouth.

The Hippocampus wouldn’t know, he’s lucky enough to have never met any of those beasts. But it’s not always the big monsters that are the most dangerous. Tiny sirens, so small you can hardly see them, linger in the algae to lull everyone in with their beautiful songs of pain and sorrow, to drain them of their blood before they leave them to die in the darkness.

When the Hippocampus finally reaches his home, he is greeted by others of his race, they are hiding beneath the ruins of an old ship and rotting walls of what might have been a house centuries ago. In shifts, they guard their little nest, one after another, so the others can rest before the next day full of dangers awaits.

picture by Jackie Mondalimare

And even though his path is that dangerous and he could be murdered any second, the Hippocampus goes through the awaiting pain and sorrow to escape this life for just a few hours each day. When he reaches the surface, he stares to the light house in awe, wondering what may lie beyond the borders of his home, the borders of the ocean. Wondering if there is someone to take care of him, someone who can protect him and offer him a life without sorrow.

picture by Jackie Mondalimare

This amazing Hippocampus was made by Jade Wolfenhaut and will soon be available as a ridable for her store Pacific Sunrise. Visit her on Siren’s Secret, the Fantasy Faire sim, and join her group to be notified as soon as it’s released! You can also find everything else she currently sells on SL Marketplace, simply click here and you’ll get right to her store!


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