Official Bloggers List for the Fantasy Faire 2012

Here is the complete list of the official Fantasy Faire 2012 Bloggers. Thank you so much for helping us promote the many creative talents that are donating their efforts to the Faire and to the fundraising efforts of Friends Fighting Cancer on behalf of Relay for Life. If you would like to see Bloggers who focus on items for Men, Petites, Tinies, Landscaping or Builds, please follow the links.

Blogger Blog
Adara Cascarino The messy little closet
Ai Hienrichs World of Ai Hienrichs
Aiko Ying ⊹⊱⋛⋋ Shopping Book ⋌⋚⊰⊹
AliceInChains Arun Vicio SL
Anigma Eulenberg Anigmatic
Anne Daumig Dressing In Pixels, Iconically Sexy, SL Fantasy Fashion
Arica Storaro The Blogging Elf
Asthenia Pinazzo Asthenia, plain and simple
Ayla Barzane (Qinan) Double Exposure
BellaStarr Fhang ohhmaiblog
Beq Janus Prim Perfect
Blair Leifstrom SL Fashion Digest
Bouncer Criss Pixel Phasion 4 Men
Breezy Carver Virtually CLassic Fashion
Caelan Hancroft Simply Stylish
Caoimhe Lionheart an chailín álainn
Carthalis Rossini Fade to Grey
Catlyn Sahara This Second Life
Cherry Appletor Fashion Bishes
Ciaran Laval Ciaran Laval
Cierra Emor Modelesque 3mor | Harajuku Couture Mannequin
Cindy Gedenspire Gedenspired
Ciss (Siss Criss) MD StyleWatch and Down the Rabbit Hole
clix renfew Creative Imagery Photography & Fashion Blog
Criistinaa chau My Fashion SL
Dagmar Haiku Eclectic Equations
Daniella Riaxik rockinchicas
Daybreak Vesuvino Stuff and Things
Deoridhe Quandry Prim Dolls
Desiree Debruyere acquisitive
Draakje Dailey Dailey’s Doodles
Dreamer Pixelmaid Dreamer’s Virtual World
Druuna Metall How do i look?
Eliza Mint Pixel Fashion
Elysium Hynes Sium
Emerald Wynn Emerald’s Eyes
Estrellita Gagliano SL Frees and Offers
Faithless Babii Pure Eggs & Spam
Freyja Nemeth Otherworldly
Gabe Bookmite Tragicly Styled
Gabriella Marshdevil Cinderella Fashionista
GIANDRA Button Giandra’s Fashion World
Halfwraith Caerndow Pips Freebie Fantasy
Harper Beresford A Passion for Virtual Fashion
Harvest Dezno Gorean Geek
Hideyuki Ichtama Style Genesis
Inuoko Shikami My Words Devour Souls
Jacqui Pobieski CrybabySL
Janire Coba My avi’s got talent
Jenica Landar Hey Girlfriend
Julianna Jonstone Fashion clinic
Julliette Bergan Hurricanes & Teacups
Kalia Meiklejohn SLShop-a-holic
KawaiiNicole Piers Rockin’ Chicas
Kiana Lexenstar Kiana’s Korner
Kimbra Iridescent Iridescent Rainbows
Kitty DeVaux Black Mirror In SL
Leela Qissinger Leela
Lelu Anatine Running in Heels
Lila Clemenceau UvaSL
Liliandra Baxter My Fashionista Heart
Lourdes Denimore Lourdes Denimore
Love Trill Fabulously Free in SL
Lua Vendetta Lua’s Secrets
luciana Button ~ ღ Luciana site ღ ~…
Luuna Yoshikawa Plante venimeuse
lyena Eyre Ka-Cho-Fu-Getsu
Madeline Zenfold I Will Fear No Evil
Maelenn Catteneo Look What The Cat Brought
Markski Glom Markski Glom
Michele Hyacinth Michele Hyacinth’s Weblog
Monica Querrien Moni’s World
Naniel Finlayson The messy little closet
Natsumi Kangjon Leyendas Urbanas de Second Life
Nestor Fareshore Inventorymaintance
Nicole Twigvald smileyorc
Perina McGinnis Today or Tonight
Phire Zuhra Style Genesis
prazillo Lemon ZILLO INSIST
Quella Quan
Ran Garrigus Otherworldly
Renee Lowenhart Fabulously Free in SL
Rylan Carling Ry-XX
Sakuradawn Lei Style Genesis
Salvatore Otoro Second Life Roleplay
SarahBear18 GossipGirl Lilac Rose
Sashakitteh Wildrose The Nightmare Blog
Sawa Gothly Sawa’s Style
Shangreloo Kuhn On the Loose in Second Life
Shayariel Teardrop Shopping with Shay
Skyler Solano Oh Mah Shizz
Softpaw Sommer Softpaw the Fairy Cat of Second Life Life and travels in a Virtual garden.
Sonya Marmurek Astalianda
Sookie Triellis Sookie’s World
Sorcha Irelund Fantastical Fashions for the Fantasical Role Player
Spencer Christenson Spencer Christenson
Starline Igeria & AnnaG Pfeffer Look for a Trend
Suriko Leimes The Bunneh Files
Suvi Breil El Blog de Suvi
Sylvia Olivier Sylvia Olivier
Terelyn Catronis Model Musings
Thedra Diesel Slook Virtual
Tristan Elan Its Only Fashion
Ursula Floresby Eclectic Equations
Villemo Inglewood SL Wanderer
VioletCrush Bravin violetcrushbravin2012
Vylna Daviau Eclectic Equations
Wildstar Beaumont Wild Words
Winter Viper {::: Orinoco Flow :::}
wise Sandalwood Ensconced In Velvet
YagoAlexander Resident Leyendas Urbanas de Second Life
YeriakTH Couturier Esencia Y

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